Recap / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 04 E 04 Teenagers From Outer Space
According to Erma Bombeck, all teenagers are from outer space!
-'nuff said!

"We are the supreme race! We have the supreme weapons!"
—We have the supreme pizzas!

Film watched: Teenagers from Outer Space

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 presentation has examples of:

  • Behavioral Conditioning/Harmless Electrocution: Joel uses this on his robots to get them to stop saying "NBC Mystery Movie!" whenever they see a flashlight.
  • Running Gag:
    • "TOR-CHA!"
    • People being trapped in those huge '50s car trunks.
    • Characters singing certain songs to themselves.
  • Speed Sex: When Derek stands up from kissing Betty on the grass, Joel yells "Done!"
  • Take That!:
    Leader: We are the supreme race! We have the supreme weapon!
    Crow: Ah, turn Rush Limbaugh off.