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Although a lot of TV shows are made in Canada, particularly in Vancouver or the Toronto region for Live-action and Vancouver or Montreal for animated series, in order to be considered Canadian Content by the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) a TV show or movie must meet the following criteria ("Canadian" here means citizen or permanent resident):

1) The producer must be a Canadian.

2) A minimum of six points based on the following people being Canadians: Director, 2 points; Writer, 2 points; Leading performer, 1 point; Second leading performer, 1 point; Head of art department, 1 point; Director of photography, 1 point; Music composer, or Editor, 1 point each.

3) At least one of the director or writer, and at least one of the two leading performers must be Canadian.

4) If non-Canadians fill the positions of director and writer, or both leading performers then all other key creative functions must be filled by Canadians.

5) At least 75 percent of the total remuneration paid to individuals (other than the producer and key creative personnel) or for post production work must be paid to Canadians. And, at least 75 percent of processing and final production costs must also be paid for services provided in Canada.

Achieving Canadian Content (or CanCon) status is important as 60% of broadcast time on Canadian stations must be CanCon material. In particular, 50% of broadcast time from 6pm to midnight must be CanCon, although news broadcasts, local programming, and sports do count toward that total (provided a commentator and at least one athlete is Canadian).

More information on CanCon regulations, as well as a link to a full list of programming considered "Canadian" (it's a really long list) available here

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