Western Animation / Rotting Hills

A five-episode animated miniseries made by Nelvana that aired on YTV. Each episode is only 5 minutes long, and was shown between regular programming.

10-year-old Clark McWeeble has just moved to Rotting Hills, a place formerly known as Restful Hills until it was overtaken by zombies. His dad, who orchestrated the move in the first place, is quite excited about it and remarkably oblivious to anything abnormal about the place. Clark is understandably upset about the whole ordeal, but luckily for them the zombies turn out to be the friendly neighbourhood kind.

As he adapts to the place, Clark gradually befriends a zombie girl named Zoe and her undead dog Buddy. They have a few adventures; at least, as much as you can fit into a 25-minute series.

All five episodes can be viewed here, although episode 2 is mislabeled as #3 and vice versa.

Higher quality uploads of episodes 3 and 4.

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