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Western Animation: Chilly Beach
Chilly Beach is a Canadian animated series. The series is a comedic depiction of life in the fictional Canadian town of Chilly Beach, described by the producers as "a bunch of Canadians doing the stuff that Canadians do, like playing hockey, drinking beer, and being eaten by polar bears." Chilly Beach plays on nearly every conceivable stereotype that people have about Canadians in a satirical manner.

Chilly Beach contains examples of:

  • Ass in Ambassador: The local US consul is grossly incompetent and belligerent towards the local population, attempting to run over people in her limousine and referring to a Mountie as "that guy in the bellhop costume."
  • Bottom of the Barrel Joke: The characters watch a terrible reality show, prompting April to comment that the network is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Then Jacques changes the channel to a show that is actually called Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel.
  • Billy Needs An Organ: One episode had Dale's estranged brother show up out of the blue and mention that he needs a kidney. Dale is quite reluctant to go through with it, however, a guy gives him a shout-down for letting his brother die. As it turns out, Dale's incompatible with his brother. Frank, on the other hand...
  • Brainwash Residue: One episode has Frank turned onto a Were-weinerdog. When he's turned back to a human, he finds he still enjoys squeaky toys.
  • Bullet Catch: Parodied when in a skating performance circus (long story), a man jumps into the air while on skates and attempts to catch a bullet in his teeth.
  • Canada, Eh?
  • Chess with Death: See The Grim Reaper below.
  • Exactly What I Aimed At: Parodied. After Dale takes a shot at the net, he declares: "He shoots, he!...." and, after many ricochets, the puck inevitably just goes up into the sky, causing him to finish with "... just misses the cloud he was aiming for."
  • Falling in Love Montage: A lampshade was hung on this in one episode: "Would you like to have a romantic montage with me?''.
  • Famous-Named Foreigner: A Russian hockey player named Gogol.
  • The Grim Reaper: Death appears to take away Dale, who opts to challenge him. Then proceeds to annoy death by taking too long to pick what game they're going to play. Leading to this exchange:
    Death: "CHOOSE! or I shall choose for you!"
    Dale: [panicked] "Uh, hockey!"
    Death: "Very well." [summons a hockey rink and puck, then proceeds to slapshot said puck into the goal so fast it buns a hole through the net] "...By the way, hockey is what I would have chosen."
    Dale: "Aw, crap."
  • Man in a Kilt: The Scots-Canadian hermit decides to give the curling ice one final polish before a crucial game... so he lift up his kilt and pees on it. When someone reminds him that it's traditional to wear something under the kilt when there's a woman on the throne he sheepishly admits that it was laundry day.
  • Polar Bears and Penguins: A recurring character who was a polar bear with an English accent. His sidekick was a penguin.
  • 65-Episode Cartoon
  • Spinning Paper
  • Straw Feminist: April June is mostly a parody of this portrayal of feminism.
  • Worst News Judgment Ever: One episode had two spinning papers covering the local election, and a third announcing that "Small town can support three newspapers!"
  • X Days Since: One of the townspeople is changing a sign marked "Number of days Since Last Polar Bear Attack" from "0000" to "0001". He gets eaten by a polar bear and the number blows off.

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