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Franchise: Degrassi
Degrassi is a Canadian drama that follows the lives of a group of teenagers who lived on or near De Grassi Street in Toronto, Ontario. The early Degrassi series were produced by the small production company owned by Kit Hood and Linda Schuyler, Playing With Time Inc.

Began with a short film called Ida Makes A Movie, which was adapted from a children's book of the same name (which was about talking cats!). From there, the small production company created The Kids of Degrassi Street, which included a couple of after school specials. Starting with Degrassi Junior High it went Darker and Edgier, taking on many Soap Opera tropes and adding Loads and Loads of Characters with a ton of Very Special Episode topics within every episode, the result being the Trope Maker for the Teen Drama genre.

The title is a Line-of-Sight Name. After the first few shorts were sold to the US, PBS wanted an umbrella title for all of them. So they named it after the main filming location.

The current version of Degrassi, produced by Epitome Pictures, airs on Much Music (original version) and on VRAK.TV (dubbed in French) in Canada, and is rebroadcast on TeenNick (and in syndication) in the United States.

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