Quotes: Degrassi

"This is supposed to be the best years of our lives but it's just been one disaster after another. This school is cursed."
Ashley Kerwin

Raditch (knocking on the MI Lab door): Excuse me, they were wondering...if you could go into (Rick's) e-mail, look for warning signs.
Snake: Of course. NOW the groundbreaking 20/20 hindsight policy kicks into gear!
Raditch: Look, I have a whole school to run. Seven hundred students-
Snake: -And you talked to this one three times in the past two days! Do you remember a word he said?!
Spike: (holding a sobbing Emma): Could you guys do this some other time!?

"25 years of Degrassi memories. Like what, the fire in The '80s or the time all the school's computers got stolen in The '90s?"
- J.T. Yorke

Ashley: "I'd never get tired of London, y'know, but I got tired of missing home. Tried some schools there, but I couldn't find anything quite like this."
Jimmy: "Yeah, I guess it's kinda hard to find a school with such a unique combo of...shootings and gonorrhea outbreaks."
Ashley:(laughs)" OK, yeah, some bad stuff happened here, but some good people are here too..."

Griffin: Y'know, all these rappers glamorizing gang culture? You're the antidote.
Jimmy: I was shot in the back by a trivia nerd covered in yellow paint and feathers..

"Everything in this school happens to this band, their friends and their stupid coloured jeans."
Bruce the Moose

"It's only a matter of time until the next school scandal comes to a boil. Hang in there."
- Clare

Principal Simpson: "It's called Degrassi Community School. Emphasis on 'school'".
Chantay: "Well, for some of us the emphasis is on 'community'."

"High School sucks. Spend time here with people who don't."

Of course, nowadays it’s a very different show (from Degrassi Junior High), same heart but a lot flashier!
-Stefan Brogren

I don’t think we realized it at the time (of Degrassi Junior High), but there was nothing else like it. There was no 90210 or Dawson's Creek. It was one of these things where it was the only show where there wasn’t a parent coming in and solving the problem for the kid—like Different Strokes or The Brady Bunch. The genius behind what Linda did was to go, “No, these kids have to make these terrible mistakes and they’re going to have to live with it.
-Stefan Brogren

Once Degrassi, always Degrassi
- Various actors, regarding Dylan Everett's departure after his character's suicide.