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Trivia: Degrassi
  • Adored by the Network: In the U.S., TeenNick loves showing marathons and has done so throughout the run of the series. They've even began airing reruns in syndication across the U.S.
    • MuchMusic treats it as their flagship drama, especially since their only first-run Canadian dramas are it and Epitome stablemate The LA Complex.
  • Channel Hop: From CTV to MuchMusic to MTV Canada.
  • Fake Nationality: Both Melinda Shankar (Alli Bhandari) and Raymond Ablack (Sav Bhandari) are of Indo-Guyanese, not Pakistani backgrounds.
    • More directly, Shannon Kook-Chun is South African and plays Zane with a generic North American accent with no evidence whatsoever that Zane's anything but Canadian by birth.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Degrassi is one big game of Canadian Hey, It's That Guy!. Quite a few young Canadian actors, especially those who've been on The Family Channel, tend to end up on Degrassi in one way or another. The opposite is true as well. These people can play One Degree of Separation like nobody else. Watch Degrassi and enough of these shows and it starts looking like Canada's only got about thirty youth actors total. That's a trope of its' own now, in fact.
    • River Pierce was The Core's editor and Ellie's boyfriend. Kim Carlisle was a guest at wedding that Craig's band played and also Alex's shorttime girlfriend. Oh, and Question Mark was Ellie, Paige and Marco's roommate at one point! And Lily Randall is hawking Purple Dragon soda. Ray also made fun of Terri in season 2.
    • And why is Marshall holding up the Dot?
    • And Derek/Lucas was a bratty primadonna actor starring in Jason Mewes's directorial debut. And his step-mom, Nora, is also Declan's mom! And why is Lizzie a boy?
    • And what's with Sadie being such a bitch to Mia?
    • And when did Wilder become a Goth?
    • And Karma is the new media immersion teacher.
    • This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of Degrassi's Hey, It's That Guy!-eyness
    • To elaborate, both Jake Epstein and Michael Seater were in The Zack Files, which also had Robert Clark as the main character, and Shadia Simmons as a side character. Robert Clark is Daniel Clark's (Sean) younger brother. Daniel Clark guest starred on The Zack Files for one episode and was in Juno , as was Ellen Page, and Ellen Page was in Regenesis, which also had Michael Seater in it. Ellen Page was also in a movie called "Ghost Cat", which had her as well as the guy who played Dean, Paige's rapist. But Wait, There's More! Jake Epstein was in Charlie Bartlett, which also had Dra... Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) in it, as well as Lauren Collins (Paige) and Jonathan Malen. Lauren Collins was in Life With Derek for a few episodes which, of course, starred Michael Seater. But John Ralston, along with the above mentioned Robert Clark and Shadia Simmons, were also in Life With Derek, and he was in the Strange Days Movie. As well as that, Kate Todd, along with several others mentioned earlier on this page, was in Radio Free Roscoe and guest starred on Life With Derek. Ryan Cooley, whom you all know as J.T. Yorke, also had a guest spot on Life With Derek, as well as it featuring guest spots from Paula Brancati (Jane on Degrassi), and Raymond Ablack (Sav on Degrassi). AND A.J. Saudin (Connor on Degrassi) was in ''Vacation With Derek! Additionally, Kit Weyman played the best friend of Life With Derek's titular character; you may know Weyman better as Sully on Degrassi, a.k.a. the guy that mocked Ashley for being gothic, wanted the "MP3" that Spinner stole from Jimmy, and was the reason Manny became a whore. But I bet you're asking who is Jonathan Malen and where does he connect into all this? Well, There's still more. Noah Reid was in Strange Days and Degrassi, and also guest starred with Michael Seater on Naturally Sadie (which, as mentioned before this troper went on a tangent, stars Charlotte Arnold a.k.a. Holly J on Degrassi), a show which also had Miriam Mcdonald (Emma on Degrassi) guest star for one episode, and Shenae Grimes guest star on several episodes. Anyway, before Strange Days and wayyy before his guest spot on Degrassi, he [Noah] voiced the title character in Franklin. Jonathan Malen had a voice guest spot on Franklin, and he also starred in "Prancer Returns" along with Robert Clark. And no, this isn't over yet. Noah Reid had a guest spot in the show "Soul Food" (along with Aubrey Graham who as well had a guest spot on "Soul Food" literally only a few episodes later) and also voiced a character on the show Jane and the Dragon, which also had Alex House doing a voice, whom you might remember as Tim (Marco's rebound boyfriend after Dylan and him broke up) in Degrassi. Alex House was once in Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, which also had Shane Kippel in it, whom if you're reading this you know plays Spinner on Degrassi. On top of that, Alex house was also in a movie called Nonsense Revolution, which had Robert Clark in it as well, and he was also in a movie called the "The Safety of Objects", which had Charlotte Arnold in it, too. And no, I'm still not done... Robert Clark, Jake Epstein, Lauren Collins, Jonathan Malen, Charlotte Arnold, and Michael Seater were all in a show called "Real Kids Real Adventures", and as you already know, two of those people went onto star in Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, which also had Tony Munch (The Janitor) and Valerie Boyle (Principal Durst) in it. Valerie Boyle was a guest voice several times on Franklin, as well as being in an episode of Degrassi, and Tony Munch played Alex's mom's abusive boyfriend in Degrassi. As you all know, Degrassi also had Stacey Farber as Ellie, and Stacey Farber is now starring in the show "18 to Life", which also stars Michael Seater AND the woman who played Jane's mom in Degrassi. On top of all this, Lauren Collins and Pat Mastroianni were both recently in "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" (yes, that Sharpay. Also, Lauren Collins and Daniel Clark were both in "I Was a Sixth Grade Alien". And yes, we're finally done. In conclusion, it's only a matter of time before Robert Clark, Shadia Simmons, Jonathan Malen, and John Ralston appear on Degrassi.
    • By the way, If you understood all that, I applaud you.
    • BUT WAIT! Alex House was also on Dark Oracle, whose twin Cally appears in Degrassi.
    • Eli was also in one of the [1] sequels.
    • We don't need to wait to see John Ralston on Degrassi, he's now playing Miles Hollingsworth III's stern and possibly abusive father.
  • I Knew It: The plot of Bittersweet Symphony was hyped up as being shocking and unexpected. Which it would have been, if so many fans hadn't guessed that Cam was going to commit suicide months in advance.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The character of Eli was originally supposed to be an Expy of Rick Murray: a shy, quiet, suicidal maniac with a very Darkand Troubled Past who falls in love with Clare when he becomes his English partner and becomes dangerously obsessed with her, but they decided to take a different turn for his character.
    • Alex Steele, who played Angie Jeremiah in the earlier seasons, wanted to reprise her role for Season 11, who would later attend Degrassi as a freshmen, but since the show now focuses on a new set of young characters, dropping all of its older cast members from the '80s original and Next Generation versions and Pat Mastroanni, who played Joey Jeremiah (Angie's father), is no longer on the show anymore, they decided not to write Angie Jeremiah in for Season 11, but to write in a new character name Tori Santemaria for her instead.
    • A Spin-Off was planned following Manny and the others who moved to L.A to pursue entertainment careers; for business reasons Epitome chose to make what became The LA Complex a freestanding series instead.
    • According to a Much Talks Degrassi special, Cam's suicide was planned before they even cast Dylan Everett to play him, and because they liked him so much they almost dropped the entire storyline all together. However, they decided to follow through with it in the end.
    • Craig was first introduced as Emma's love interest but then became Manny's instead (presumably so that Emma could continue her long torturous relationship with Sean). A Degrassi Mini showed what the show would have been like had Craig dated Emma instead (she even gets knocked up like Manny did!)
    • In season 4, Toby and Kendra were going to have sex in an episode. The actress' family objected to the script and ordered their daughter off the show, which explains Kendra's disappearance.
    • There was supposed to be a storyline that involved Peter realizing that he was bisexual and developing feelings for Riley. This idea was later dropped when Jamie Johnston (Peter) left the show.
    • Drew Torres was originally supposed to be bisexual as well (presumably to be somehow involved in a Love Triangle with Riley and Zane), but was later rewritten as heterosexual instead.

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