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Headscratchers: Degrassi
  • Ok where the hell is Worf and Data?
    • Isn't this joke just a bit late? 1. STNG has been off the air for forever. 2. Degrassi has dropped the Title: The Adaptation title design.
  • Riley is in denial about being gay and even after he admits it, he stays in the closet. Thats understandable....until you remember that Marco's boyfriend Dylan was an out Hockey player, and didn't seem to suffer any real persecution. What did Degrassi become less tolerant in the last five years?
    • We still don't know Riley's family situation.
    • If anything, Riley can admit it but still doesn't want to believe it. There are plenty of men and women who know they're gay but almost refuse to show it because of their own personal opinions of gays, family reactions, peer pressure, etc. Maybe he tries to think of himself as to be as masculine as possible, and doesn't want to let anybody think otherwise. Also, Marco didn't exactly have smooth sailing in school when it came to his sexuality. Linus and Jay, for starters.
    • Yeah, it was disappointing that "Beat It" didn't go into his background any. We know he's homophobic and self-loathing but we don't know *why*. Is it family, or some other influence? Really, this is a good example of how the show's writing has gone down-hill. Compare Marco's arc to Riley's. We saw Marco's school life, his family life, his social life and were able to really able to understand and empathize what he was going through(the scene where he tells his mother is one of the biggest Tearjerkers in the series). With Riley, we're just told that he's gay but he's a jock and jock+gay=gaygnst. I'm sorry to go off on a rant, but it was such a waste of a potentially award-winning storyline.)
    • They took large strides to fix this in season 10:While earlier on he does still do the same crap, after visting the gay and lesbian aliance he relazies that he's actually self-homophobic, and finally comes out of the closet.
  • So... did Degrassi just stop having middle school students attend too? Because if I recall the first seasons everyone was 13-14, now it's between 16 and however old Spinner is these days.
    • That was just a plot device to show the Grade 7s and Grade 8s together. Later on, they just started focusing on the Grade 9s-Grade 12s.
    • They stopped having Grades 7 and 8 sometime within the last two school years. It's heavily implied that the current Grade 10s were at Degrassi (but offscreen) in Grade 7, which after the retcons would be the 2007-08 school year.
    • Implied heavily? I always got the impression that in Season 8, the current Grade 10 students were just starting out at Degrassi. Personally, I always assumed that they stopped having Grades 7 and 8 somewhere between Seasons 5 and 6.
    • The two known reference points are: 1).The current Grade 10s were at Degrassi for Grade 7, and 2). The uniforms introduced partway through the present school year have a different colour for each year, totalling four. That leaves a two-year window. Staying In-Universe and ignoring any retcons necessary to keep up the two-seasons-per-school-year-but-always The Present Day thing, either the current tenners or freshmen were the last to enter as Grade 7s.
    • How old is Spinner now anway, like forty? Seriously he's failed high school how many times in a row?
    • Spinner only got held back the once because of the time missed during chemotherapy. He graduated in season 8 I believe, but because of his connection to the Jane, the Studz, and the Dot (and therefore a main character, the obligatory Degrassi rock band and a staple of the series) he's still around.
      • Actually, he was held back because of the time he missed being expelled. He deliberately kept up his school work during chemo so he could graduate with Jimmy.
    • Chantay would have had to be in 8th grade when she first appeared in season four, unless she got held back a year off screen. Either that or they just don't care about Chantay. I mean really, what has she ever done?
      • They retconned that. Chantay was originally in the same class as Darcy and company.
  • By the way...what gives with Declan completely ignoring his sister 100% of the time to be with Holly J, then sending her off to the Hamptons, then calling her "dramatic" and ignoring her issues while she was being abused. Granted she did contribute a bit to the drama...but Holly J basically ends up calling him on not being there for her at all. I thought Declan really cared about his sister and then in the first couple season 10 episodes he was a total jerk ass to her.
    • On top of that, Declan didn't even get upset when he learned someone was BEATING his sister. The one girl he cares about more than anything (until Holly J rolled around, it seems...) What happened to "If your not happy I'm not happy...", Declan? The writers tried to save him from complete Flanderization by adding in Holly J's line stating Declan wanted to beat Bobby up, but it didn't help.
    • Declan wasn't ignoring his sister 100% of the time, you get the sense that they spend a lot of time together and the things Declan was doing with Holly J were couple activities. While he only has one sister, Fiona was deliberately sabotaging both of them like she's done plenty of times before. I do think he was upset about the Bobby incident, but Fiona put makeup on her eye and then showed up to school makeup-free, what is he supposed to think considering her overdramatic background?
    • Declan gave her a fair shake until she planted that full-on lovers' kiss on him. His reaction the next morning wasn't a rejection of her but an intervention - she needed to realize he has a right to a relationship with a girl who's not his sister, and maybe find herself a guy who isn't her brother, for the sake of her own sanity. As for what happened when she did, he's a High School senior not a mental health professional.
  • Because it has to be said... Spinner and Emma, who have only personally interacted a handful of times in the series, deciding they're each other's true love? Talk about coming out of left field, and it's also a slap in the face to the fact that Spinner/Jane and Emma/Sean are two of the most popular pairings in the fandom.
    • ...yes, but a crush a 7th grader has on another 7th grader being turned into an ending romance makes no sense. Emma/Sean may be popular but most people don't think it through, its kind of like Sav and Anya in that people really want it but it isn't good for either character to go back to. My comments have nothing to do with how left field Spin/Emma is, or my feelings for Spin/Jane, just I saw some of the tweets sent about how the movie 'ruined the memory of Sean/Emma' and I cringed at how insane that sort of thought process is. Spinner/Emma was a last minute hook-up for two long running characters, Emma's many love interests in the show were all bad picks for her, Spinner/Jane seemed to work, but Spinner's settled and Jane has the world ahead of her. If it wasn't for Spinner/Emma I would be entirely okay with Spinner and Jane breaking up, with the thought maybe Jane will come back to him. At least it isn't Craig/Ellie... which isn't saying much, I grant you.
    • I'll take Spinner/Emma because this is the first time I've liked Emma in a while.
    • It's not just the relationship coming out of left field that's the problem. It's one thing if they get married in a drunken blackout and wake up completely horrified. It's quite another to have them suddenly decide they're in love with each other. The only times they interacted beforehand were 1. When Spinner bullied Emma and Manny for five seconds day one 2. During Emma's science fair project in season two 3. When Emma tried to order a bacon cheeseburger that one time at The Dot (the last one a set up for the movie). These happened in three episodes over the course of nine seasons. True, people don't often stay in middle school relationships, but at least Semma had more buildup than Spemma.
      • The lack of build-up was a problem, but the chemistry the two had on screen wasn't bad. In fact it was better then Emma/Damien entirely, a lot of Semma, and... I'm not going to start Kelly. Spinner and Emma during Holiday Road was sweet, and during the cheering up bits of Takes Manhattan it worked. The overall time frame of the movie isn't expressed, which is a problem. I would think a few weeks/a month, due to how time usually works on Degrassi. I'm sure if they had the time they could have explored the pairing better, but it isn't bad. Just isn't great.
      • One of the MANY problems that I have with Spemma is the fact that it took Spinner two seconds to get over Jane - and all for the poster child of the Jerk Sue (who cheated on TWO of her boyfriends I might add). And about the time frame, the movie took place over a few days.
  • The building. The official Hand Wave for the exteriors being completely different from The Eighties series is that it was remodeled in the interim. But...if you know even a tiny bit about architecture, the new series' building is older. Since they're so fond of school mergers in the Back Story (maybe Toronto is in real life?), why not just say it was merged in The Nineties and they kept the "Degrassi" name but the other school's building?
    • For that matter, why would they keep the "Degrassi" name? Wouldn't it have made national headlines and be notorious as Canada's most dangerous school by now?
    • Not really. It's not that rare for schools to have that much violence and what not, especially in the Toronto area(this troper has family who live in the suburbs and quite a few schools have reputations for herpes outbreaks and nobody blinks an eye).
      • On top of that, since this WMG appeared Snake did mention something about needing to improve the school's reputation in the community.
    • On a related note: Look at "Back In Black", the scene where Jay and Alex are talking next to Jay's car. The news van has the call letters WBU-3 but the ladder in the way makes the U look like a J. 1)Nice Getting Crap Past the Radar, and 2) The shooting made the news in the States (nationally? Or just in the Buffalo/Rochester local area?)
  • Why did Sav (and Eli and Adam) go through such an elaborate ruse to get his dad's truck? It would've been easier just to find an almost-right starter in a junkyard and make it work in the hearse.
  • How exactly is it that hooking up with Emma is the worst thing Jay's ever done to Sean? School shooting ring a bell?
    • The writers seem to believe that somebody wronging their precious Emma is the worst sin one can possibly commit.
  • What was up with that fake Toby at Spinner and Emma's wedding? If they couldn't get the real one, they shouldn't have thrown that fake one in. That just seems disrespectful to the character. Why not a fake Jimmy or Marco while they were at it?
    • The actor wasn't available and they felt he was important enough to Emma's life that he attend, so they improvised?
      • That's still a pretty flimsy excuse. After all, there were several characters who were important to Spinner that weren't there (Jimmy, Marco, Kendra). Why no doppelgangers of them? I realize that Emma doesn't really have many friends and maybe they wanted to pad the bride's side, but still. Toby was one of the originals and at one time, he WAS important to the show. He deserved better than that.
      • Deserved better? He was an obnoxious bland character who was thrown off quickly because he had a personality as interesting as bread.
      • Many people did find Toby interesting, even after he became Out of Focus after Season 2. Even people who aren't fans of the character have to admit that it was stupid and kind of an insult to use The Other Darrin for a character who was one of the originals and stayed on the show for seven seasons.
      • For such a Long Runner it's actually surprising there haven't been more cases of The Other Darrin...
      • Emma had 2 cases of The Other Darrin: she was originally played by Samantha Morrison in 1989, then Ashlee Henricks in 1990-1991, and finally Miriam McDonald starting in 2001
  • Spinner and Jay being expelled, but not Alex, or anyone else for that matter? Mrs. Hatzilakos' "zero tolerance for bullying" that came right the hell out of nowhere? Then why wasn't half the school expelled as well? Because EVERY SINGLE STUDENT bullied Rick in Mercy Street.
    • She got the zero tolerance policy because everyone had bullied Rick. She didn't become principal until after the shooting, and damn sure wasn't going to let Spinner and Jay slide when they were clearly some of the worst of the bullies. As for Alex, she never got caught, because she never came forward, and no one ratted her out. It's not that she was considered less a threat, it's that she simply went under her radar.
  • Here's something that Boycott The Caf pointed out: Why does Darcy have a problem with Mia being a cheerleader because of having a kid, if she has no problem with Manny on the team who had an abortion? It's only bad if you let the kid live or something?
    • Wasn't Darcy going to another school when Manny had the abortion? If so, she's at most heard "Manny had an abortion" as a stale, whispered rumor; even as Darcy's belief system leads her to bouts of censoriousness, it may also compel her not to act on uncertain grounds.
    • Maybe the majority of the student body didn't know about the abortion? Perhaps they thought that Manny simply had a miscarriage.
      • The abortion happened three years prior to the Mia incident and Manny was in the process of helping Darcy get through a rape, so all things considered I would think Darcy would be cool with Manny at that point, abortion or not. She did have that one comment about Manny having no self-respect, which might have partly been a result of the abortion thing.
      • Except that the Mia incident happened before Darcy was raped.
  • Dylan goes to the same college as the guy that raped his little sister. That has to be awkward, right? So why does it seem that he does not care about this in any way?
    • Dylan isn't a very important character, they didn't put a lot of time into his plots. Also he went
      • I just think it's odd, Dylan wanted to physically assault the guy Paige was dating for being three years older than her, but while she was going through her rape trial against a guy who is not only on his campus but about five feet away from his building judging by how quickly Paige was able to stagger over to it. His level of violent protective brother-ness seems to be completely inconsistent.
  • Adam in relation to the school as a total. How is it that he continues to pass? It should be widely known that he's transgender by now. Someone must have mentioned it to somebody, especially the bullies or Bianca. Plus didn't he go to school as a girl once? Also, no offense, but his actress does seem pretty feminine in both appearence and behavior (I swear she was wearing lipstick a few times for example).
    • Everyone on a major network TV show is wearing stage makeup. For one of the guys to look like he is is a fail. As for how Adam carries himself, part of his character is that while he's always felt like a boy, he's still not very good at coming across as one yet.
    • In the same vein of this, I've noticed something about how Adam's being treated. Remember My Body Is A Cage? The bullies outright tortured him about his transgender status. However, in later one seems to care. I'm not saying he needs to be teased about it, but I have a hard time believing that bullies like Bianca and Owen are just going to stop being mean.
    • Bianca at least seems to have more on her plate, she didn't hunt down Adam, just took shots if Adam was in range of her. Owen got sidetracked by Zane and Riley. As for the rest of the school they don't exist, the entire school is filled with holograms that look like other students walk the hall. There's not enough of Adam's interactions to the general populous to show if the school is still after him for his gender. He's seen with Connor and Wes (who don't care), Drew (brother), Fiona (New Yorker), Clare (doesn't care), and Eli (really doesn't care). Since the last Adam Plot was more a Fiona Plot, there's only so much screentime to devote.
  • Does Adam know much about binding?. Why did he wear nothing above his binder in My Body Is A Cage?; you're supposed to wear them under a shirt. Also, why does he use ace bandages under his binder? That's why you layer your clothing.
    • It's possible that he doesn't have access to that kind of information. What kind of Web filtering do YOU think Audra Torres would put on the household computers?
    • Some of that is 'show don't tell' for story, the scene of Adam binding was more effective than just 'saying' he binds. And Adam can't bind on screen without a shirt on. As to the reveal in school... that was to move the plot along. However until the shirt rip Adam's outfit was convincing from a distance and with the vest there were three layers on there.
    • In Now or Never, Adam talks to his therapist about chest reconstruction because he wants to be more appealing to Katie. The therapist teaches Adam about binding vests and other safer options. It gets resolved that he simply did not have all the information about proper binding techniques yet.
  • Remember that counsellor that helped Darcy through her rape? Where did she go? You'd think the school would catch on that these kids need some sort of therapy (especially Mr. Simpson, who's seen how bad this school can get since he's been there so long).
    • Well, the counselor was very actively helping all of the students after the shooting, and was shown given group therapy sessions to help them. Plus she was also there for Paige.
    • What I mean is, where is she now for the kids in the new season?
    • She's still at the school, she hasn't been put into major use lately (she showed up when Holly J was worried about her academic future).
  • Is it just me or is Degrassi trying to copy Twilight with this whole Eli/Clare/Fitz thing?
    • At first, that's what it seemed like.... but now it seems as though it may end up being a complete Deconstruction. I mean, for one, Eli's possessiveness and Fitz's almost stalker-like attitude are portrayed as being bad, and not ideal like in Twilight.
    • That's true. I guess what really bugs me is the fact that most of the fangirls don't see it that way.
    • I wouldn't say they're copying Twilight, so much as both Twilight and Degrassi are using the same cliche story about a girl torn between two dark troubled hot guys. Twilight wasn't the first to make it, it's one of the oldest romance novel plots in the book.
    • True but it is kind of funny when you consider the fact that Clare is a huge fan of Twilight/Fortnight. Do you think the writers did that on purpose? ...Oh yeah and, whatever it is they're copying, the fangirls still bug me. I'm just saying.
    • Imo, it's got painfully obvious that they're mooching off of Twilight with the whole ECrap / EClare thing. They're trying to play it both ways with using them as a shameless cash cow while at the same time saying these creepy, abusive relationships are unhealthy, at the expense of the already declining quality of the show. Or maybe they really have just pulled a Tara Gillesbie and are justing trolling us.
    • Now that Clare's other love interest is named Jake, it's hard not to think they're copying Twilight.
  • Ashley going on about how bad she felt for Mia, JT's girlfriend of approximately five minutes, after he died. Did it completely slip her mind that JT was her stepbrother's best friend?
    • I'm pretty sure neither the characters nor the writers even remember that Ashley and Toby are stepsiblings after season 2.
  • Why was Holly J hopping on a plane so soon after starting her dialysis? On that note, she's pretty active for someone who was still in the process of going through dialysis.
  • Okay. So, Clare knew about Julia - about the argument, that it was only a year ago, how Eli is still (kind of) grieving. I'm assuming that she knows Julia died in a car accident after a big fight with Eli. So why did she act so violently when Eli was in the hospital? It was quite close to what Eli could have experienced before, and no matter how mad Clare may have been, Eli was obviously having abandonment issues. Could she not have let him down a different way? Its like opening old wounds!
    • Um, he's a psychopath who crashed his car on purpose in the hopes of getting her to unbreak-up with him, and after trying to spend the weekend alone with her on the anniversary of his ex girlfriend's death, plus the hoarding issues, and the fact that he tried to get a guy arrested for arson just for being kind of an asshole. He's a bath tub full of batshit crazy, and claps for her realizing when to get the hell out of there.
    • Claire has to take care of herself first and foremost. If she came to me for advice I'd recommend she look into changing schools. Eli can be saved, but not by her; he needs professional help, probably as an inpatient for a while.
  • A couple in Degrassi Takes Manhattan; first, the drive from New York to Toronto would take at most twelve hours on the most direct route (I know, I've done it and it took me nine). You'd think that three honor roll students would figure this out, and not have to worry about "driving all night". Second, and related, is the fact that they were driving backroads; the most direct route from New York would be the Interstates 80, 81, and 90, not a two lane road. Probably just this very traveled troper being pedantic, but...
    • But this way it's simply more dramatic!
    • 80 and 81? Into Pennsylvania? That's shorter than taking 87 north to Albany, and then a straight shot west on 90?
  • Spinner's mom saying that his dad would have been proud of him in Degrassi Takes Manhattan. Um, his dad would have been proud of the fact that he gt wasted and married a girl he barely knows? Seriously?
    • Maybe it was more of an outrageously sarcastic insult about his dad rather than a strange compliment to spinner.
  • I find it very hard to believe that Anya's mother never mentioned Anya's age/school to Dr. Chris. From what I know, cancer doctors like to get to know their patients to make them more comfortable, since they usually spend a lot of time together. Out of all the times that Anya's mother must have visited Dr. Chris, I think it's highly unlikely that she would never mention her daughter once.
    • When Anya and Riley were trying to find out if Dr. Chris was gay or not they said they were in university so whenever Anya's mother mentioned Anya's school he probably assumed it was university and Anya's age never came up.
  • Is there any reason why Sav told Alli that Drew was going to be the drummer for the recording demo he was sending in to the music program? All he had to do was record Drew's drum part, and that was it. Why did Alli need to know any of that?
  • If Fiona wouldn't be Owen's friend in real life then why is she his friend on Facerange and reads his statuses?
  • How is Sav not able to recognize Keke Palmer when he first meets her on the street?
    • Later in the episode he looks up her music online because he had never heard it before. He's also not the target audience for the movies and TV shows Keke has been in.
      • This troper had no clue who she was until she was on the show.

  • Why is it they made a huge deal out of Anya going out with with Dr. Criss, but when Charlie (probably) slept with Fiona, nobody batted an eyelash? Not to mention the fact that Fiona was heavily implied to be a virgin up until that point.
    • Because Girl on Girl Is Hot. That, and the fact that everyone expects Fiona to be impulsive, while Anya (well, everyone) is supposed to be less impulsive than Fiona...I guess.
    • Dr. Chris cared about the age difference. Fiona and Charlie do not care about the age difference.
    • Fiona is a high school senior and Charlie is a college student. That age difference is only a few years at most, which is not as big of a gap as a high school senior and a fully certified doctor.
    • Fiona had probably already turned 18 when she and Charlie met, even though she made no secret about still being in high school. Maybe it would've been better if she hadn't shoewd up at Charlie's work in her school uniform, but it must be close to Degrassi anyway since it's right across the street from the Dot.
  • OK, this one is starting to bug me: Are the drama teacher and Fiona aware that Eli's play is a thinly-disguised Hate Fic about Clare? Seriously, this was the same drama teacher who witnessed their relationship in Season 10, and Fiona obviously knows as well. Most people in the school seem to at least know that Clare and Eli had a nasty breakup (not sure how many people know the details though). So with that in mind, do the drama teacher and Fiona know or care that the upcoming school play is going to be bashing a student?! In the most recent episode, Clare mentioned to Alli that the Clare Expy in the play is named "Clara", which should make it even more painfully obvious that Eli is bashing Clare in his play. And Fiona has no problem with this? And really, Degrassi supposedly has a zero tolerance policy! If anything, this would definitely be a situation where the drama teacher should invoke this and make them use a different play.
    • This is made even more infuriating when one remembers that their drama teacher is also their English teacher, you know, the one who actually called Eli out on his graphic story Stalker/Angel because she was afraid he might actually act it out and hurt Clare? Evidently, going through a difficult and borderline violent breakup and unwisely going off an anti-anxiety drug regiment indicates that someone is totally well-adjusted.
    • Fiona knows because she said something about it in a recent episode. I don't know if the teacher knows. She may find out at the play's opening. That could be a plot point for a later episode.
    • Fiona knows, she just really doesn't care. In one of the episodes Clare is taking notes for her article and starts commenting about how Eli's play is a gross misinterpretation of their relationship. In response Fiona kicks her out of the room. She doesn't even entertain the idea that Eli's play might be unfairly portraying Clare.
  • Ok, in a recent episode, we found out that Holly J was given up for adoption in 1994. She was implied to have been born in either 1993 or 1994. But she's supposed to be two years younger than Emma, who was born in 1989. Um, what?
    • Writers Cannot Do Math + Retcon most likely.
      • It's also very possible that thanks to the Retcon, Emma and her entire class was born in 1991 and is now the Class of 2009, Pagie's would be born in 1990 and is the Class of 2008 as a result. Peter's class is most likely 1992 now and the Class of 2010, as everyone mentions everything that happened during senior year as "last year", which would be the 2009-2010 school year. The Heather Sinclair being born in 1988 but graduating with Pagie's class (which is possibly retconned to be 2008) could make sense, Heather's probably a Brainless Beauty. Nothing been said outright, but it's the only way some of the events or couples throughout the show make any sort of sense. Otherwise you get 17 year old JT dating 13 year old Mia, 16 year old Emma dating 13 year old Peter, and the worse yet is 17/18 year old Johnny dating 12 year old Alli and taking her virginity...squick
      • It was recently stated that Heather is 6 years older than Holly J.
      • This is either a Retcon or horrible continuity. Heather was originally the same age as Paige and company, who are three years older than Holly J.
      • It's a Retcon. After Season 9's graduating cast (which was following the math of Season 1's timeline) the loss of the original cast let them retcon it to current time, as they started putting 2010 in as the year. Adding an extra two years to for Holly J's and Heather's age gap. (I know that only accounts for five years, not six, but Fiona could be rounding.)
  • So Anya didn't get into her last resort college because she was on cocaine during her interview. But Paige managed to get in to Banting University even though she was high at her interview! What's worse is that Banting is an Ivy League school! How does that work?
    • As the Dean of Admissions told her during her first interview, Anya also didn't get in because her grades were less than stellar, she didn't have a lot of extra-curriculars, and she applied really late so they didn't have room for someone who didn't deserve to go there. Also, Paige wasn't at an official college interview, she was just meeting casually with a friend of her mother's while at a college fair at Degrassi. And since Paige did have great grades and a ton of extra-curriculars, the friend was probably a little lenient.
      • This troper maintains that Paige got into Banting because she had connections. There was NEVER any indication that Paige made good grades before.
      • I don't know why Paige would be delusional enough to think she could get into the "Harvard of the north" without good grades. Maybe she didn't have a 4.0, but I doubt she got worse grades than Anya. When her character was first introduced we learned Anya struggles with dyslexia and she was repeatedly shown getting Ds and Fs.
  • What is wrong with Ms. Dawes? I'm pretty sure she must have been on acid or something while watching Eli's play, because there's no way anyone would think that ending was intentional. Every single other audience member was looking around uncomfortably except for her. The fact that Eli was practically having a nervous breakdown on stage went completely over her head and she spent the rest of the night raving about how wonderful and "meta" the play was. I think we should all go ahead and confirm the Boycott The Caf theory that Ms. Dawes doesn't actually know anything about drama or English, she just likes watching high school students make out with each other and then she goes home to her many many cats.
    • You're forgetting the part where she approved, from what i could gather, an almost ENTIRELY NEW SCRIPT with a BRAND NEW "TWIST" ENDING EXACTLY ONE DAY BEFORE THE PLAY WAS TO BE SHOWN. And what does she say "The show must go on." No no NO! You can say that if say you're leading actress suddenly got sick 2 hours before the play or something that can't be helped. This however could be helped, but wasn't. And in turn, made it look like Dawes was thought of Fiona as a close minded loser with no imagination or creativity.
    • Actually, you'd be surprised at how many plays do that sort of thing now (especially when a high school drama club is involved). It's not too much of a stretch for people to think it was intentional, and besides, he did advertise a big twist ending (which a "happy ending" would not have been). With the way he kept hyping it up, it may have even been in mentioned the program. So the rest of the audience probably shrugged it off after a few awkward moments of "wait, what?". Who knows, maybe Dawes even suspected that something was up (since Eli had already told her how the original ending was supposed to go) and played up the whole "meta" thing to keep everyone else from freaking out or maybe she just chalked it up to Creator Breakdown. I do agree that her methods are unprofessional though (borderline sadistic, even). Anyway, intentional or not I personally thought it was a great way to end the play (especially considering how disastrous it could've been after so many last minute changes). But then again I'm a sucker for post-modernism...
    • To be honest, Ms. Dawes always seems like she might be on acid...
  • So according to Marisol, Katie basically goes out of her way to "avoid drama". Also according to Marisol, Clare "is drama". Why? For printing a two-three (cant recall right now) page paper on getting over a break up instead of 100 words or less in an effort to try to impress such a supposed overachiever like Katie? But its perfectly alright to be friends with a FTM transgender cuz there is NO drama involved there whatsoever, even when he wants you and you let him down gently, then turn around and try to get with his brother who has turned violent after being beaten up by three gang members cuz of some guy his ex accidentally killed. No way there's drama there either right?
    • Maybe she was referring to Clare's emotions, which actually are pretty dramatic. She kind of has a tendency to lose it. Remember when she took it upon herself to expose the evil principal Shep? Remember when she had a Heroic BSOD when her parents weren't getting along and she went to school dressed all emo/slut? Remember when she freaked out at Eli after their breakup because he wasn't pining over her like she thought he would? All pretty dramatic, and those are just a few instances. Katie, on the other hand, stayed calm in her respective situations, even when she saw Drew beating the hell out of some guy.
      • (op here)Point 1. She did not "take it upon herself to expose the evil Shep" as I recall it was Alli and dave's(?) idea to include the part where he calls her a little bitch. Point 2, how could katie POSSIBLY know anything about clare's personal life, like her super christian parents that brought her and darcy up with strong christian values all of a sudden (to her) wanting a divorce, I'm not sure how the average 15-16 year old would take that (but personally as a 22 year old living at home cuz, of college, with parents fighting all the time, i hate it. Point 3, this is the only one that K Atie could have possibly been around to even know about, and Yet she does not completely shut her out UNTIL said 2-3 page paper. The point i was making has nothing to do with how well or poorly Clare and Katie act emotionally in situations, but the fact that Katie was described as going out of her way to be AWAY from drama. And yet throws herself in it with possibly dramatic situations with Adam and DEFINITE drama with Drew.
      • I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge that Clare was (directly or indirectly, it doesn't matter) the reason for the whole kerfuffle at the school dance with Fitz and Eli, you know, the entire reason they have all those strict new rules? Katie probably didn't want Clare bringing another poisoning/knife/stink bomb into her newspaper room. And about Drew, Katie didn't actually know anything about him, all she heard were some rumors, and even they weren't specific, so no, she didn't know there was definite drama with Drew. The whole thing with Adam was the B plot for only two episodes so I'm not seeing the drama there. She probably would've been mistaken for intolerant for not hanging out with him.
      • But a plot line involved girls shutting Drew out because of his reputation with Biancca, which means the entire school knows what he did in the boiler room, which means Katie probably knows that Drew was a part of that drama, too. On the other hand, Katie's been at Degrassi for longer than Clare has so she'd definitely know what happened with The Shep (but only that he called her a bitch and got suspended for it). Though, I'm pretty sure she was just referring to all the Clare/Eli drama since Katie basically put Clare on the paper to force her to cover Eli's play as a caddy revenge scheme for Clare being annoying. But that all still doesn't explain why she's hanging with Drew, who is also drama. That's pretty undeniable given the whole thing with Marisol.
  • So why exactly are Drew and Owen friends? Owen has hazed him, thrown his brother through a door, was buddy buddy with the guy who beat the crap out of him while holding his brother to make him watch, tried to rape his ex-girlfriend, and then ratted him out to his mom. Now they are BFFs????
    • Even better question: When Anya tells Riley that she's going to prom with Owen instead of him, why does Riley not seem too bothered? I mean, Owen is the guy who harassed Riley and Zane for being gay last season and now Riley's best friend is dating him. Does Riley not mind? Did Anya and Riley ever have a conversation where she informs him that Owen has (out of nowhere) changed his ways? Are we just supposed to assume that such a conversation took place at some point?
  • I know Degrassi Community School stopped trying to be like a real high school a long time ago, but you'd think they'd at least have the common sense to call out the graduates' names alphabetically. Seriously, Sav BHANDARI gets called after Riley STAVROS? What, is Mr. Simpson just calling out the names at random? Is he only calling out students whose names he actually remembers? This plus the fact that, for some reason, prom is to be held after graduation really bugs this troper.
    • This troper has been to high school graduations in which the students weren't called in any particular order. It's not THAT unlikely.
  • OK, Drew is officially an idiot. He finds out what Bianca's desperate situation with Vince the gangster is, and decides that he's going to solve it simply by telling Vince to stop. WTF is Drew thinking?? In what universe can this go right?? Seriously, it's like Drew was thinking that the meeting would go like this: Drew: Hey! You're not going to bother me and you're going to let Bianca go free because I say so. Vince: Gosh darn! I have to say I'm kinda disappointed, but *sighs* if you say so. I'll send you both flowers later this week to say I'm sorry. Well, make sure you and Bianca have an amazing time at prom man. Drew: Gee, thanks!' Seriously, it's like Drew thought that it would happen like this. Now it looks like someone is going to fucking die because of Drew's stupidity.
    • Keep in mind he was planning on fighting Vince until Katie told him to try using words. Drew wants to fight Vince at this point. He purposefully implies that Vince should go to the Degrassi prom if he wants to resolve things physically. At the same time, who wouldn't want to try talking this out over getting in a fight where someone has to die in order for things to get resolved?
    • I think he was doing fine talking with Vince until he decided to answer his phone and give the impression that he was going to prom with Bianca right in front of her angry abusive boyfriend. If he really did want Vince to show up at prom so they could fight, Drew probably should have been Genre Savvy enough to expect Vince to bring a gun to a fist fight. He also didn't need to look so smug while he was saying it.
  • What was the point of introducing Jess in season 10? So far, her only plot lines have involved kicking Alli out of the Big D Dance Crew and getting a crush on Drew. Since Drew asked Jess out in season 10 and later had a date with her in season 11, it seems that there should have been some explanation regarding why he never asked her out again and went straight for Katie afterwards.
  • In season 11, Bianca is constantly looking for an excuse to avoid Vince. What happened to the Big D Dance Crew? Wouldn't running a serious dance crew be a pretty good excuse to be busy at school most of the time?
    • Somehow I doubt Vince would let her spend time in a dance crew instead of pushing for him or doing "other" favors. All of her other excuses appear to be beyond her control. Even though she purposely got detention Vince couldn't prove it, and it wouldn't be beyond belief for Bianca to claim that being a student representative was mandatory. She could say that since she accrued so many detentions, if she showed the new students around a bit they wouldn't go on her permanent record or something.
  • How did Clare and Jake's parents SERIOUSLY not notice that they were dating or interested in each other? Both parents seem to be very involved in their children's lives and extremely in tune with their feelings. So...what?
    • The thing is, they both seemed rather absorbed with themselves. I mean, some of it's understandable, in that Clare's mom just suffered through a nasty breakup and Jake's dad is likely excited at the prospect of finally finding happiness, but yeah, they really should have noticed the attraction between Clare and Jake.
  • Boycott The Caf raised this question the best, so I'm pretty much going to quote them. "Why would anyone think Fiona is classy? Because she's rich? Ever hear of Paris Hilton? Did Drew not hear about the time Fiona brought a pig to school and slept off a hangover in class?" Maybe Degrassi wants us to believe that being a champagne alcoholic is somehow glamorous. I was sort of under the impression that no addiction is inherently more upper-class. Honestly, Fiona is, for the most part, selfish, self-entitled, and kind of a snob to everyone that isn't one of her close friends. Where did this impression that she is some sort of posh, high-class, superior come from?
    • They're teenagers who probably haven't experienced a lot. A rich girl who's traveled the world would probably be pretty impressive regardless of whether she's really classy or not.
    • In season 11, Imogen tells Fiona's party guests that she is an alcoholic to protect her from a dare. It is revealed that no one, including Drew, actually knows about her alcoholism besides Adam, Holly J, Clare, and Eli. All Marisol and Katie know about Fiona initially is that she's a rich "lipstick lesbian."
  • Why is it every school play at Degrassi is always a metaphor for someone's relationship with someone else? Space Awakening was supposedly based on Declan and Holly J's relationship and Eli's play... just enough said. I did theater all four years of high school - while our director probably would have been open to the idea of putting together a student-written production, we did shows normal high schools do. I wouldn't expect the producers of Degrassi to have the budget to show the students mounting a production of The Music Man (more for music rights issues, not so much it being a big show to mount) - but couldn't they show the Degrassi students doing a production of, say, Our Town (another play I did in HS), The Pirates of Penzance or any Shakespeare play than always depending on student-written productions?
    • I was bothered by this too. I was part of my school's theater company all four years, and if the lead character was so self involved and pulled anything like what Eli pulled on stage he probably would've gotten his ass kicked. We took our plays very seriously. The whole student written play bugged me too, and I can think of a few reasons why it would never fly in real life. First, that's a whole lot of pressure to put on just one student. Second, all of the other students who may have had good ideas are going to feel short-changed and under appreciated. And that student who writes the whole thing is inevitably going to get the "it's MY play" attitude. Sorry Eli, just because you wrote it doesn't mean to get to treat everyone else like dirt and throw tantrums.
      • If Eli did anything like that at my high school and was clearly suffering a mental breakdown, our director probably would have just kicked him out of the show than deal with his nonsense. And that's not like it happens that frequently, in the 15 years our director has been doing shows at the school, she has only kicked someone out once and that's only because he was always off smoking weed instead of showing up to rehearsals.
  • Am I the only one who feels like Eli doesn't have bipolar disorder? I'm not a medical professional, but it feels to me like he has some other anxiety disorder and they just decided to slap the bipolar label on him so they would have an Expy of Craig for this season.
    • I see him more as having Borderline Personality Disorder (Frantic attempts to avoid real/imagined abandonment, parasuicidal behavior, inappropriate anger, mood swings, chronic emptiness, impulsivity, and an unstable opinion of himself and those around him), but as that can overlap with Bipolar Disorder, it doesn't negate that diagnosis. What is really maddening is that there was supposed to be an Aesop re him staying on his meds when they were giving him anti-anxiety meds. Presumably, those meds were actually SSR Is (or else he wouldn't have the withdrawal effects he was having), which would be actually more dangerous to take than not take if he was bipolar. Since they took so long to diagnose him, they probably didn't give him the right meds in the beginning (hence why he had such an adverse reaction at the beginning of the season). So how are we supposed to handle an Aesop of "Take your meds!" when the real Aesop is "Take your meds, but know that they may be the wrong ones!"?
    • The "Take Your Meds" Aesop is pretty poorly done on 'Degrassi.' Consider the fact that Fiona eventually switches from self-medicating on alcohol to actually taking her prescribed medication and does not actually seem to benefit from it at all.
  • How did Holly J escape the self-esteem seminar? The girls who were caught engaging in sexual conduct at Vegas Night were all sent to the seminar except for the one stripping in the theatre. She may have actually taken something away from the seminar and not given in to Declan.
  • This one bugged me since the moment it aired. In a Season 8 episode, Holly J. calls Mia "Juno," which at first isn't seen as that big a deal as the episode aired as the movie came out a little under a year after the episode aired and can be seen just as a Shout-Out insult, nothing new. However, note the fact that the episode takes place around September 2007, 3 months before Juno was released and four months before it was in wide release. Now, maybe it's just because I didn't really follow Oscar buzz back then but I didn't hear a word about Juno until after Christmas that year and didn't even see any trailers leading up to it's releases. It doesn't seem like Holly J. follows that sort of stuff either so I doubt she saw any commercials for Juno. What a goddamn continuity fail.
  • So why the hell wasn't the gangster plot a Bianca plot/character arc instead? It would have made a lot more sense—to see Bianca coming to terms with what happened in her past and learning to stand up to the gangsters that were on her tail, advancing and developing as a character. The entire reason there *is* a gangster plot is because of her, and it seems like making it about *HER* would be far more logical than making it about that idiot Drew.
    • The writers have a bad habit of focusing cetain storylines on the wrong character (case in point: Liberty's pregnancy storyline should have revolved around her, but it was all from JT's POV).
  • So what happened to Above the Dot? That seemed to be doing really well for the owner and I don't recall it being noticeably damaged when the lower level of The Dot burned down. Did the writers just forget about it or something?
    • When the lower floor go burned down, I think they took it for granted that the upper floor did too. Plus with Peter and Spinner both gone (I think Peter's gone?) there's not really anyone to run it, so maybe when they rebuilt The Dot they just decided to actually use their storage space. And Sav is the only person left from Janie and The Studs so there's no one to play there anymore either way. Really the whole concept seemed doomed for failure seeing as it was being run by a couple high school kids with no business experience.
    • They've used it a couple times since the fire, there was a dance there in the early part of Season 10 and it was where Anya saw the Army ad in the bathroom.
  • Another Eli's play rant: Are the students and staff at Degrassi really THIS STUPID to not realize Eli's play is based on real people and real events in the school? And an event I should mention that turned the school upside down and that the Degrassi staff would most likely want to put behind them?! If I were a TV writer basing a character on someone I went to high school with, that's one thing. Doing it right in front of your peers? Are the staff and students really this obvious to Eli's writing?
    • I'm pretty sure it was being advertised as "based on a true story."
  • Everyone was ragging on Paige's temp job because it was demeaning and overly demanding. Um, pretty much all entry level jobs right after college are like, that so I don't understand what Paige- who dropped out after one semester- was expecting. For that matter that raises another issue; Marco and Ellie warn her if she quits she won't be able to afford rent money- well, hell they don't have any jobs period how do THEY afford rent money?
    • Ellie worked at the newspaper, didn't she? And as for Marco...I really have no idea.
      • I'm pretty sure the newspaper wasn't a paying job.
  • Why was Ellie cutting herself with a safety protractor? I mean, those things are made to be impossible to hurt yourself with. And are we really supposed to believe she made herself bleed that quickly with so little pressure and so dull an edge?
    • Probably because the show was trying to do a PSA about cutting, not a how-to video. They got enough complaints from parents about that episode as it was.
  • Way back in season 5 after Peter leaked the video of Manny exposing herself, shouldn't he have been arrested for producing and distributing child pornography? I know Manny didn't exactly look like a child anymore, but she was under eighteen and also clearly drunk. At the very least he should have been put on some sort of sex offender registry.
    • Peter's dad was a well-connected lawyer, remember?
    • I'm sure if Manny's family pushed the point and pressed charges, Peter would've been in deep shit. But, Manny presumably never told her dad about it- for obvious reasons- even after she moved back in and there was no one around to really hold Peter's ass to the fire. What I'm more confused about is how there was never any fall out after the incident with "Adams". This was a potentially life threatening event that the police had to get involved in and Darcy's over protective parents definitely found out about it.
  • In "Jane Says", Clare starts wearing Darcy's old clothes. How does she fit into them? Not calling her fat, but Darcy is very tiny and can't weigh more than 110 pounds.
    • Darcy was only anorexic looking in her last couple of seasons. When she first started out, she wasn't fat, but she was pretty much normal-girl thin, not Hollywood Thin. Also, Clare's way shorter than Darcy, and looks kind of awkward in her sister's clothing when you really look at her. Since the clothes really did look like clothes Darcy wore in earlier seasons, I'm willing to bet that they actually did put Shenae Grimes' clothes on Aislinn Paul for the shoot.
  • What happened to Fiona's medication? There was an entire plot line centered around Holly J encouraging Fiona to take her medication instead of using alcohol, but it never seemed as though the medication had any real effect.
    • Not to mention the fact that anti anxiety PR Ns are just as addictive if not more so than alcohol, if abused...that said, she was pretty much established as an alcoholic after that episode, and she's doing way better off the booze (certainly not any more of a drama magnet than anyone else in this school), so presumably she's either taking her meds or just doesn't need them anymore.
  • Why wasn't Darcy at least mentioned when Clare's mother remarried? The official story was that she was in Kenya for a semester. Even if she chose to stay longer and couldn't return for her mother's wedding, shouldn't she have at least sent a card or called? That could have been done without Shenae returning, just like Declan sent Holly J flowers in the hospital despite Landon no longer working on the show.
    • Because the writers can't remember anything that happened more than a season ago.
  • In season 10, Alli sent nude photos of Bianca to everyone in the school. First of all, how on Earth did Bianca's phone have EVERY number in the entire school programmed into it? Second of all, considering Alli's negative experiences with sexting, shouldn't she have had a bit more compassion or at least concern that she would get caught?
    • I'm sure it was sent to a selected group of people, and soon from one person to another, it got around the whole school. Showing compassion, yes, I can understand.
  • Why does it take a magazine article about sex for Jake to realize that having a sexual relationship with your step-sister is a bad idea? The entire plot of Nowhere to Run sets up the idea that Jake and Clare aren't bothered by their relation to one another and are willing to have a secret relationship. Considering it only takes two episodes to completely derail this revelation, one wonders how they came to it in the first place.
    • Pretty sure by the first two episodes, the writers and producers were sick of people asking when E Clare was getting back together and decided just to give the fans what they wanted.
  • In season 5, Manny mentions Simpson's rules for letting her stay at his house: "Nothing less than an A, NO ACTING WORK BEYOND THE DRAMA CLUB, no plastic surgery..." Yet in What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost, she's going out for Westdrive, despite still living at Simpson's house. Did Simpson just get rid of that rule? I'm guessing this is another case of the writers forgetting former plot points when it's convenient for them.
    • She earned his trust/talked him into it? Cracking down and making it stick is not a "Snake" Simpson strong suit. I suppose he can rent a woodchipper and downcycle all those uniform polo shirts into blow-in attic insulation...
  • What happened to Clare's parents splitting the house, both living part-time between their own apartments and the house where Clare lives?
    • I suppose that went out the window when her mom remarried.
  • So Katie's apparently been so dedicated to soccer, and her tryouts are one of the most important things to ever happen to her, but until this season soccer's only gotten a passing mention at best and she's spent most of her time on the newspaper and student government. Why is this? Wouldn't it make more sense for her to be doing more soccer-related things so this supposed dedication to the sport is more believable?
    • She did mention going to camp in Don't Panic but other than that, you have a point.
  • If Eli is too emotionally unstable to handle a relationship with Imogen, what makes Clare different? It seems to me that if his bipolar disorder is challenging his relationships, then it almost seems like the writers are agreeing with the fans who believe that Eli's continued issues with bipolar disorder are Imogen's fault and that dating Clare will spell the end of his troubles.
    • ...The whole point of the plot wasn't that Eli was too unstable to handle a relationship with Imogen. The point was that he and Imogen weren't in love with each other, or anywhere close to love. Love was sitting in Fiona's condo. Imogen had been chasing Eli for so long, when she got there, he wasn't what she had dreamed of. And Eli accepted this and moved on.
  • What is Katie's problem? Bianca, this time at least, didn't steal Drew away from her. In fact, she even stated that she didn't want to date him again until he ended things with Katie! If anything, destroying Bianca's car and humiliating Drew at the Pep Rally was unnecessary, all because her feelings were hurt. She needs to get over it.
    • Or at least blame Drew, who dumped her after having sex with her, instead of Bianca who basically did her best not to let Katie get hurt.
    • ...Because teenagers who just came outta rehab are logical, especially ones that just lost their virginity to a guy who apparently was really drunk and not in love with them. Yes, Katie didn't handle it well, nobody would at 17.
  • Why is a random hockey team being sponsored by Degrassi? I'm a little confused by that whole plot line.
    • The school isn't sponsoring the team, if anything the team's paying for the out-of-towners to go to school there. They're a pro team.
  • What is the age breakdown at Degrassi? Maya is thirteen, yet Anya talks about turning eighteen during her senior year of high school. For students to turn eighteen during senior year, they'd have to be fourteen when freshman year started. I know kids could be coming in from schools with different rules and age setups, but based on Tori's confession that she is older than the other freshmen you'd assume that most freshmen are thirteen like Maya and therefore should only turn seventeen as seniors.
    • It could be a question of cut-off dates. Example—in my school system, the cut-off birthday is October 31st, with some exceptions. So it's possible for some kids to be 18 as of the end of senior year and others to just be 17, which would extend to some students starting freshman year at 13 and others at 14.
    • Maybe Maya skipped a grade?
    • It's very likely a case of when the characters' birthdays are. Maya's birthday would come after the school year started, meaning that she would be 13 when entering into High School. Meanwhile, Anya's birthday could come in the first few months of the new year, letting her turn 18 while still in her fourth year (that's what happened to this troper, who lives in Toronto).
  • Would it really have been so hard to bring Angie back? So what if Joey and Craig are no longer there? Simpson is, and it's not like the Simpson-Nelsons haven't had extra people stay with them before (Manny, Connor...).
    • I totally get what you're saying. I don't think it would be that hard for them to bring Angie back for the new season. Alex Steele, the actress who plays her, was on the show since the very beginning WAY before all the other new cast members came along. She's like a Degrassi alumni, despite being a very young actress at her age. Just because Pat Mastroanni and Jake Epstein aren't on the show anymore, doesn't mean that they can't write Angie back in. Think about it. What if Alex Steele did reprised her role as Angie instead of playing a new character? What would that be like? They don't have to put Joey or Craig back on the show. She would have to stay with either Simpson at his house or a relative that lives near by. I don't know why the producers didn't want Angie in for the new season, but I think they should really consider this as an opportunity for her to attend Degrassi.
      • You both act like 'here, it's Angie' and all their writing is done with. Angie didn't have a lot of background to the character, or foreground, or any ground. She was basically a talking prop for the early seasons to make Joey and Craig's home more homey. Degrassi writers have to make a character, introduce them, and then have them go somewhere in order for the character to work. They seem to have a plan with Tori (they just haven't sprung it yet), they have reasons for making her a pageant girl, and for her friendship with Tristan, and her being on-and-off with Zig. Some of that, yes, they could just drop on Angie. But then the question is 'why'? And 'fanservice' is not a valid answer for writing choices.
      • Her introduction could have been similar to Clare's and Ali's—a younger sibling constantly having to deal with the fallout of being in her brother's shadow, especially strong here because he's famous in-universe. There could be rooming complications with Connor. She could bond with Clare over what it's like to have a messed up older sibling (or, if the writers have forgotten Darcy, what it's like to love someone with bipolar disorder). Actually, it would have been really interesting to examine what it's like to be related to someone with a significant mental health issue, since the only people we really ever see dealing with the other side are friends or girlfriends. If it wasn't for NOHAMOTYO, there's a ton they could do with her.
  • Why are there kids from Florida on an ice hockey team?
    • Because indoor arenas?
  • Whatever happened to Wesley, one of Connor's friends or his girlfriend Hannah? Are they even on the show at all? What I really like to know is that will the show have more new characters in the future? I have a feeling like they're running a little short on new characters these days.
    • Running short on new characters? What about Cam, Luke, Becky, Mike Dallas...not to mention people like Katie, Mo, and Jake, who've only been there one season each. That said, Wesley was kicked off the show because the producers told Spencer that they'd pushed the character as far as he could go, story-wise. Which is bullshit, but hey.
  • Why is Drew back with Bianca? I've gotta to admit: Katie and Drew didn't exactly make a very cute couple in the first place, but I can recall in Season 11, Drew says that he wanted Bianca out of his life for good so he can be with Katie. I just don't get it. Why does he still want to be with her after all of the drama that happened with her ex and his gangbanger pals?
    • Because he wised up and realized that none of that was Bianca's fault.
  • In part 2 of the episode "Sabotage", Eli throws a surprise party for Clare's birthday. Almost everyone from school is there (including Alli, Dave, Imogen, Jake, Katie, etc.), but how come Jenna, Connor, or Adam weren't at the party? Adam was in on the surprise party plans, but he's not even there. Aren't they Clare's closest friends too or were they just not invited to the party?
    • For plot and scene make-up reasons they were probably trimming down the cast needed for the party. To just characters directly needed for Eclare and Bandurner plots. Adam probably wasn't there because it's Drew's apartment and Mama Torres is still mad, Jenna's still on triple secret probation after Alli's pregnancy scare, Connor... I got nothing.
      • Triple secret probation? What's that?
  • The scale of activites. We've never seen the Ice Hounds coach, the robotics team was way too small to have built the full-size FRC 'bot and have access to another for practice (and seems to have disappeared entirely), there has to have been a school hockey team for Owen to get into major juniors. Apart from that, the football field being as basic as a High School football field can be - although that makes sense In-Universe as The Shep no doubt intended it to be temporary until he could fund something more elaborate, and Hatzilakos' and Simpson's priorities lie elsewhere. But that makes the disappearance of robotics even odder since both of them have STEM backgrounds...
    • When it comes to extra cast, they need to budget for extra cast. So mentioning a coach without showing him is fine. If you haven't noticed they've been cutting back the 'on call' staff members like Pereno and the Coach for the past few seasons. When it comes to school activities... that's more cutting mention of non-important plot details. There very well may be a robotics club on campus still, but Clare (Journalism and fic writing), Alli (curing Cancer), and K.C. (Quiz Teams and Baby Daddy) are probably not on it anymore. Connor could still be on it, but he's got the quiz team and football team on his plate. I don't know what the specifics are for Canadian Junior Hockey teams, but since they are treated like pro teams he might not be on a school affiliated team (like, say, the Ice Hounds).
  • Adam's texting-and-driving death. He was driving to look for a signal - wouldn't he have stopped as soon as he found one since he could lose it just as quickly?
  • How does Miles wind up on the class trip to Paris - things like that are planned months in advance - when it wasn't known he'd even be going to Degrassi until very recently?
    • Miles has a rich daddy who probably has connections. It's likely that his dad just waved money around to get Miles on the trip. And since Miles and his dad don't have a great relationship, it's not hard to believe that he would push hard just to get Miles away from him for a while.

  • Alli said her birthstone was garnet in The World I Know and they celebrated her birthday at the end of the episode. Two episodes later Miles is throwing a pool party and the characters are all dressed for Spring. Did we time jump or is this show suddenly not set in Toronto, Canada?
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