Degrassi is a Canadian drama that follows the lives of a group of teenagers who lived on or near [=DeGrassi=] Street in {{Toronto}}, Ontario. The early Degrassi series were produced by the small production company owned by Kit Hood and Linda Schuyler, Playing With Time Inc.

Began with a short film called ''Ida Makes A Movie'', which was adapted from a children's book of the same name (which was about [[PettingZooPeople talking cats!]]). From there, the small production company created ''Series/TheKidsOfDegrassiStreet'', which included a couple of after school specials. Starting with ''Series/DegrassiJuniorHigh'' it went DarkerAndEdgier, taking on many SoapOpera tropes and adding LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters with a ton of VerySpecialEpisode topics within every episode, the result being the TropeMaker for the TeenDrama genre.

The title is a LineOfSightName. After the first few shorts were sold to the US, Creator/{{PBS}} wanted an umbrella title for all of them. So they named it after the main filming location. In 1979 Toronto used all-caps, stamped street signs leaving it ambiguous whether the name was one word or two; newer mixed-case screenprinted ones appeared well after the producers had committed to "Degrassi" as one word.

The current version of Degrassi, produced by Epitome Pictures, airs on Family Channel in Canada, and is rebroadcast on Creator/{{Netflix}} in the United States.

!This franchise includes

* ''Series/TheKidsOfDegrassiStreet'' (1979-1986)
* ''Series/DegrassiJuniorHigh'' (1987-1989)
* ''Series/DegrassiHigh'' (1989-1991)
* Mini-documentary series ''[[http://degrassi.wikia.com/wiki/Degrassi_Talks Degrassi Talks]]'' (1992), 6 episodes
* The MadeForTVMovie ''[[http://degrassi.wikia.com/wiki/School%27s_Out%21 School's Out!]]'' (1992)
* ''Series/DegrassiNextClass'' (2001-present, [[OfficiallyShortenedTitle formerly called]] ''Degrassi: The Next Generation'' and ''Degrassi''.)
* ''TheLAComplex'' was [[WhatMightHaveBeen originally concieved as]] a SpinOff but was made a freestanding franchise, presumably so it could be sold to a U.S network outside the Viacom group.