Series: The Rick Mercer Report

Canadian comedy news program (2004-) airing on CBC hosted by Rick Mercer. Each week's program involves satirical news commentary, sketches, parodies of ads and TV shows, and interviews with political/entertainment figures of the day. In addition, there are longer segments of Rick visiting various people/places across Canada. These segments often highlight ordinary Canadians who do extraordinary things, from Paralympians to the Rangers to giant pumpkin growers to circus performers to lobster fishermen to RCMP trainees.

The tone of the program is quite kind towards the politicians it mocks. Over the years, probably every major Canadian political figure has gone on the show, obviously for the positive publicity of being seen as a comic good sport. Memorable instances include Rick having a burger with Jean Chretien, skinny dipping with Bob Rae, having a sleepover at 24 Sussex (with prime minister Stephen Harper reading bedtime election regislation), having Pierre Berton to demonstrate the correct way to roll a joint of marijuana, or getting every member of parliament to participate in a spoof of the Budlight dude commercial.

The show is a spinoff of sorts from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, where Rick was one of the co-hosts. Unlike 22 Minutes or Royal Canadian Air Farce which derives a major portion of comedy from impressions of public figures, The Mercer Report tends to get the real life public figures to come and make fun of themselves.


  • Canada, Eh?: Rick loves playing this trope.
  • Canadian Politics: Often joked about. This show has invited many prominent politicians, including previous and current Prime Ministers.
  • Everything's Worse with Bees: Rick was once visited a bee farm and was covered with over 400 live bees. He said it was one of the scariest things he'd ever done for the show.
  • Face Cam: Mercer's infamous rants (read on).
  • Groin Attack: The Revenue Canada/Capital One parody Knee in my Package.
  • Human Interest Story: The segments of Rick travelling to events (often in small towns) and participating in whatever is going on. Arguably a highlight of the show.
  • Meta Phorgotten: (A fake ad for George W. Bush): "Some say the glass is half empty, others say its half full. George W Bush says 'that's my glass, keep your hands off my glass or I'll break it and cut you with the glass.' George W Bush. He'll cut ya."
  • News Parody
  • Parody Commercial: one or two an episode, always just before a real ad break.
  • Rant Comedy: A staple of the Report, carried over from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, is "The Rant." Rick has even ranted about how to rant.
  • The Slacker: Not being trained to do lifting and other work requiring strength, Rick often leaves it to the real people to do it.
  • Stepford Smiler: Invoked in this Parody Commercial about Canada's Liberal Party.