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"This is The Tom Green Show,
It's not the Green Tom Show,
This is my favorite show!
Because it is my show!
If this was your show,
You'd probably like it more than I did,
That's just because it was your show,
But it's not your show!
It's The Tom Green Show!"

The Tom Green Show was a combination of a sketch comedy show and talk show, hosted by none other than Tom Green, a former stand-up comic, and a member of Canadian rap group Organized Rhyme. During the show, he is usually accompanied by two of his long-time friends: Glenn Humplik, his old friend from working in radio, who occupied the couch, and Phil Giroux, whose sole purpose was to sit in the window with a cup of coffee and laugh at random jokes. After a pilot was produced to sell to CBC, it eventually wound up debuting on The Comedy Network in Canada, where it ran for two seasons.

Within those two seasons, Tom Green became a notorious figure in Canada, whose brand of shock humor, surrealist humor and street comedy wound up disturbing many grown-ups while developing a cult following among teenagers and young adults alike. One particular headline-making incident involved Tom showing up on a late night talk show and presenting host Mike Bullard with the show's mascot, Racky the Raccoon (a dead raccoon he found).

Tom's following got significant enough that he was soon picked up by an American network, MTV, which gave Tom much more exposure. At the height of his fame, Tom even released a song free on his website entitled "The Bum Bum Song," which went straight to #1 on Total Request Live (which Tom himself personally retired no sooner then it did stating he "wanted to be fair to the other artists"). Tom would even lampoon his own public image when he did one show in Canada with Monica Lewinsky, and the show promptly wound up centered around Monica's interest in handbags.

This incarnation of the show ended with a one-hour special devoted to Tom Green's sudden diagnosis with testicular cancer, a much more sobering approach than fans were used to from Tom. The show halted production after that, but it returned in 2003 as The New Tom Green Show. Armed with a late-night talk show format, it lasted several weeks before being cancelled by MTV, since it wasn't the direction the network wanted to go in.

Tom went on to host a talk show in his basement entitled Tom Green's House Tonight, and currently tours as a stand-up comic.

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