Series / Trashed

"You didn't get two out of three right... WE'RE GONNA TRASH YOUR TV!!!"
Chris Hardwick

Short-lived MTV Game Show in which contestants gambled their "prized possessions" for the chance to win better ones. Losers got to see theirs gloriously destroyed.

The main game was split into two rounds of questions, which were asked in skit format in a manner similar to Remote Control. In each round, each team placed three personal items on the line for potential "trashing". The team in control selected one of the other team's items they wanted to see "trashed", at which point a category was revealed. Each category contained three buzz-in questions, and the defending team had to answer two out of three to save their possession from the hands of "Mark the Trasher", who would destroy it violently if they were unsuccessful. If the team saved their item, it could not be selected again, and that team then gained control and picked one of the opposing team's possessions for the next category.

The final round was the "Survival Round", in which each team had to sacrifice one of its own members for potential "trashing", while the other answered rapid-fire questions; losing the game meant public humiliation for the contestant in question, usually involving one of the victim's phobias.

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