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Western Animation: Glenn Martin DDS
Glenn Martin, DDS is a stop motion Nicktoon airing on Nick at Night created by former Disney exec Michael Eisner and Celevrity Deathmatch creator Eric Fogel about a dentist (voiced by Kevin Nealon from Saturday Night Livenote  and Weeds) and his family traveling cross country in their RV. It was only meant as a summer trip but since their house burned down, Glenn decided to continue the trip indefinitely.

It lasted 40 episodes and received negative, if not average, reviews from most critics.

Glenn Martin, DDS provides examples of:

G.I. Joe: RenegadesPrime Time CartoonGod, the Devil and Bob
G.I. Joe: ResoluteTurnOfTheMillennium/Western AnimationGo, Diego, Go!
Gino il polloWestern AnimationGod, the Devil and Bob

alternative title(s): Glenn Martin DDS
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