YMMV / Glenn Martin DDS

  • Acceptable Religious Targets: The Amish in the first episode.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: The ending to the Salem episode, where Jackie's about to be executed for lying about her ancestor, Goody Price being a witch; the real Goody Price arrives to save her...using magic.
    Jackie: Goody Price? But I don't get it, were you a witch or a hooker?
  • Funny Moments: The show has its rare moments of good humor, such as when the crazy environmentalists chase after the Martin family on a Segway. When said Segway runs out of fuel, the environmentalist Beat for a second before immediately face planting against the street.
  • Les Yay: Wendy is implied to have a crush on Courtney.
  • Never Live It Down: The dog's anus is perhaps the first thing anyone remembers of this cartoon. Not helped by the fact that it was prominently highlighted in the ads promoting it. Its use of a laugh track also counts.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Pretty much any moment where blood and violence is brought into the show. It's made so much more creepy since it is done in stop-motion.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The common reception for the show, with many other's considering the show downright horrible.
  • Squick: The dog's enlarged anus, which served as a running gag throughout the series.
    • One example is in the first episode were a kid bites off Glenn's finger and forces him to stick his whole arm down the kids throat and into his stomach the retrieve it. He even sticks his hand 'out of the kids ass.
  • Uncanny Valley: Sadly applies to a lot of characters, especially Glenn's kids and some side characters.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: So much so that concerned parents complained to Nickelodeon about the show airing in the same time of day as other shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, prompting Nickelodeon to move the show to a later time slot.
  • The Woobie: Sometimes it's hard not to feel sorry for Glenn. All he wants is to be close to his family and be their role model. Sure he messes up constantly, but at least he tries (unlike other sitcom dads). Sadly, no one in his family seems to want his help in the first place (and sometimes even complain when he does and succeeds).
    • As The Mysterious Mr. Enter pointed out, the family has plenty of reason to resent Glenn given that he dragged them on a trip without asking to see a tree that only "he" cared about, which resulted in their home being destroyed.