Series / Cavemen
So easy, a... well, you know.

"You might think the show is slightly cutting-edge because it doesn't have a Laugh Track, but I'm willing to bet that it does. It's just that unfunny."

In 2002, GEICO unveiled its new ad campaign characters: cavemen. GEICO's slogan was "It's so easy, a caveman could do it!", which would immediately offend a caveman who was just walking by. Becoming incredibly popular a few years later, ABC decided that it was enough to warrant a half-hour sitcom. However, it quickly became infamous as one of the biggest bad calls in television history, as the show proved to not only be a one-joke premise that was unfunny, but also offensive as it had white characters behaving in minority stereotypes, and had the misfortune of being one of many scripted shows affected by the 2007 Writer's Guild strike. It was cancelled after only six episodes.

The series, like the ad campaign it was based on, centers on three cavemen who live in a modern apartment, as cavemen were integrated into Homo sapiens as a separate sub-group.

Tropes from the series included: