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The Housemates series by Coneycat is a series of Crossover Fanfics integrating the character Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the setting of The BBC show Being Human (UK). From the second story on, the Avengers and other Marvel characters such as several X-Men, Doctor Strange and the Fantastic Four also show up.

This series has been going continuously since 2011, with no ending in sight.

You can find the series here or here.

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     Installments in the series (so far) 

  • Monsters: A Thor and Being Human crossover (Also found here)
    Loki falls to Midgard, where he learns there is more than one way to cope with being a monster.
  • The Loves and Hatreds of His Frightful Home (Also found here)
    Loki has been living quietly in Totterdown, Bristol, for some time when his brother and the Avengers learn of malicious supernatural activity in the area. Initial suspicion falls upon Loki, and he and his housemates find themselves working to prove Loki's innocence, repair his relationship with Thor, and incidentally deal with a threat from the mists of time.
  • Brotherís Keeper (Also found here)
    Nick Fury has been replaced as director of SHIELD, and under new leadership the agency is secretive, paranoid, and making bad decisions. Loki's gone missing, and Thor is more concerned with looking for his brother than fighting supervillains.
    The two situations turn out to be connected, in complicated ways that embroil the brothers, the Bristol housemates, and the Avengers in a web of intrigue that reaches across realms. The question is, how many superheroes (and their friends) does it take to change a lightbulb — or the fate of the world?
  • And Your Little Cat, Too (Also found here)
    All Thor wanted to do was pay a visit to his little brother in Bristol. Surely he could do that without attracting the wrong kind of magical attention. Right? Wrong.
  • Sink Or Swim (One-shot, also found here)
    Bristol is in the middle of a heat wave, even the dead housemates are uncomfortable, George won't come out of the basement, and Mitchell has decided a trip to the beach is in order. Loki, however, has never learned how to swim in his own form, and doesn't much want to. (One-shot)
  • Clockworks and Cold Steel (Also found here)
    There is more than one beginning to any story. This one, it is true, started when a young soldier, alone in a wood in France, encountered monsters.
    But it began again when another young man, on holiday in Scotland, went for a walk at the full of the moon.
    When, on a dark night in an unfamiliar house, a young woman fell on a flight of stairs.
    And once more, when a lost and desperate creature let go of the end of a spear.
    These were the beginnings of the larger story, but within it there were others. This one began with a newspaper article, a faulty boiler, and a cup of tea in a snack bar.
  • Phil Coulson Does Not Snuggle (One-shot, also found here)
    From a norsekink prompt requesting Loki and Coulson, snuggling. So that's pretty much what this is!
  • The Wool-White, Bell-Tongued Ball of Holidays (Also found here)
    Loki and his Bristol housemates do not usually celebrate holidays. Thor is clueless about Midgardian observances. And the Avengers are pretty much a bunch of outcasts without families to celebrate with. Tony Stark has a plan to change all that.
  • Loki Odinson and the Hogwarts Housemates (AU to the rest of the series, also found here)
    Loki Odinson, younger son of a high official in the Ministry for Magic, has never had a real friend and hopes that will change when he starts his first year at Hogwarts. Then he learns something that makes even that hope seem impossible.
  • Lonely Way Back Home (WIP, also found here)
    Written for a prompt on Norsekink asking for a universe-swap involving canon/god!Loki involuntarily changing places with a much saner, supernatural but not-a-god!Loki. It's also a crossover with The Avengers, in an unfriendly way!

The overarching storyline goes like this:

After letting go of the Bifrost at the end of Thor, Loki lands on Midgard, to be exact in the dustbins of a certain home in Bristol. He is taken in by the housemates Annie, Mitchell and George - who know a thing or two about what it means to feel like a monster - and in their care slowly works to overcome his issues of self-hate, destructiveness and loneliness. During that process he comes to realize that his magic can be of help against the various superpowered threats that Earth confronts occasionally. As Loki understands and accepts that he is needed and even loved, he develops the potential to be a genuinely good person. Together with his British friends he gets involved with the Avengers (who form despite everything), reconciles with his brother and family, and learns that sometimes, accepting to be different can make all the difference.

In this way, the world gets saved from ancient evils, much action and fun and heartbreak is had by all, and you, the reader, will never look at rhinos with the same eyes again.

For tropes pertaining to the characters of Being Human (UK), see here.

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