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Mark of the Supernatural
A unique physical trait a character possesses marks them as being magical or supernatural in some way like being an alien or a shapeshifter. This could range from having mismatched eyes, to unusual hair or eye colours, to any other odd features. These traits can be part of a Glamour Failure if they give away a character's true form.

Related to Distinguishing Mark.

If the trait is supposed to denote evilness, it's a Red Right Hand.

Supertrope to Mystical White Hair and Supernatural Gold Eyes.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Descendants of Darkness, gate keepers can be identified by their different colored eyes. Wakaba has an orange right eye and a brown left eye.
  • Neko from K has a green right eye and blue left eye in her human form, which makes her look far from normal. She's not, of course, and is quickly identified as a Strain, an individual with supernatural powers that were not given by a King. Her specialty is creating illusions and modifying the memories of the people around her with her presence.
  • In the manga Enchanter by Izumi Kawachi, if you become an enchanter, one of your eyes changes, turning deep red with a pinpoint pupil. Oddly, long-time friends don't seem to notice the change.
  • In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Lordgenome has spiral eyes, to signify his status as a user of Spiral power. Kittan also develops these eye spirals just before he dies, and Simon has just one in the Distant Finale.

    Comic Books 
  • The principal rival to Josie James in Archie Comics' She's Josie series is Alexandra Cabot, who is an unremarkable bobbed brunette with witchcraft powers. When the characters were adapted by Hanna-Barbera Studios into Josie And The Pussy Cats in 1970, Alexandra was remodeled into a raven ponytail with a distinctive white Skunk Stripe; however, the cartoon Alexandra has no magical powers. The success of the cartoon show compelled Archie Comics to Retcon their Josie characters, resulting in the current Alexandra having the distinctive Skunk Stripe and witchcraft powers.

  • In Empath: The Luckiest Smurf, the main character, who is a telepath and telekinetic, has a yellow star mark on his forehead to indicate this. All Psyches also bear this mark on their foreheads.

  • In 28 Weeks Later, the mother and her son have heterochromia. When she becomes a vector for The Virus, it serves as a clue to her and her son's shared biological resistance to the virus, and an indicator of when they become exposed but remain unturned: one eye becomes bloodshot like a normal zombie's infected would, the other remains clear.
  • The strange white cat in Mountolive's mansion in The Legacy has differently colored eyes, which is a first hint that it is actually a shapeshifter.

  • In Kristin Cashore's Graceling, all "Gracelings" have this as a distinguishing characteristic. It becomes important to the plot when you find out that one of the kings is missing an eye, and it later turns out that he is Graced with a very effective version of Charm Person, as it can work even second- and third-hand, via rumors.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Euron "Crow's Eye" Greyjoy hides a black eye behind an eye patch. His other one, called his smiling eye, is blue. There's an implied connection between his eyes and his magic.
    • Minor character Shiera Seastar has one blue eye and one green eye, supposedly due, in part, to her rumoured black magic.
  • In the Roger Zelazny book This Immortal, protagonist narrator Conrad Nomikos has heterochromia, among other odd features. But then he is probably a mutant and is definitely hundreds of years old. His unique appearance is an important plot point.
  • Farideh, heroine of Brimstone Angels, has one silver eye and one gold eye and her twin sister Havilar has two gold eyes because they are tieflings (humanoids with devil ancestry).
  • In Terminal World, all tectomancers have a large red birthmark in the shape of a six-pointed star on the back of their heads.
  • The main character of Ann Downer's Spellkey Trilogy has one green eye and one blue (which is a sign of magical power in that world).

  • In the world of Marus, as depicted in Adventures in Odyssey's Passages tie-in episode, different-colored eyes are recognized as a sign of prophecy. Interworldly interloper Alice physically goes from having brown eyes to blue and green, then loses them again when her time as The Unseen One's messenger is up.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Dungeons & Dragons: According to the 3E splatbook Races of Faerun, aasimar, humans with a good-aligned outsider (anything from an angel to a couatl to a god) somewhere in their ancestry, can range from being quite human-looking to obviously supernatural, but even the humanlike ones generally have at least one identifying mark that belies this. An aasimar descended from a solar frequently has vestigial feather patches at the shoulder blades, and one descended from a celestial serving a deity may have a birthmark in the shape of that god's holy symbol.
  • Wraith The Oblivion: While all wraiths are supernatural by definition, those wraiths who specialise in one of their magical arts (Arcanoi) generally develop markings that identify them as a practitioner - black eyes (Argos), stained black fingers (Castigate), never closing their eyes (Lifeweb), etc.

     Video Games 
  • In the Command & Conquer Tiberian series, people who have survived Tiberium exposure and have become mutated have green Tiberium crystals embedded in their bodies. They are often referred to as "shiners" because of the way the crystals glow.
  • MapleStory's Luminous starts his story off with two blue eyes, then one of his eyes turns red when he absorbs the Black Mage's energy.
  • In the Soul Series, Zasalamel has one normal-colored eye and one golden eye, possibly as a result of his immortality curse.
  • In Ragnarok Online, the pope of Arunafeltz and her twin brother have opposite-color heterochromia. Apparently, this was one of the reasons she was chosen as pope. The other reasons was her hair and skin color.

  • Among the Cubi of Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures , one reclusive, mysterious clan all have different-coloured eyes, along with wings that are both feathered and leathery. The trait can appear in other clans, and is regarded as a good omen. Since Cubi can shapeshift, this applies only to their default forms. Abel, a central character, has both traits, and his father considers them important to his plans.
  • In Doomsday My Dear the main character has one blue and one green eye because this is a trait of a carrier of the Blood Plague. Several other characters turn out to have this undesirable trait as the comic progresses.
  • All the Ravens (servants of the Raven) in Archipelago are inflicted with a left eye with a black sclera and a glowing red pupil, regardless of species. At least some of them can hide this to pass in normal society.

    Web Original 
  • Several human SCP items from the SCP Foundation have these.
    • SCP-073 has a mark on his forehead of unknown origin and Artificial Limbs (specifically arms, legs, shoulder blades and spinal chord).
    • SCP-040 has pink hair and a Black Eye Of Crazy (although she herself isn't crazy).
    • SCP-134 has pitch black eyes (which actually act as windows to another point in space).
    • SCP-076-2 has tattoos all over him of occult iconography.
    • SCP-239 has her radiation emitting grey eyes.

    Western Animation 
  • On Futurama the only outward physical difference between alien Leela and all the humans is she only has one eye. Subverted later though, as we learn that she's not an alien - she's just a mutant. Since mutants are an oppressed minority and aliens aren't, her parents left her as a Doorstop Baby at an orphanarium, leaving a note saying she was alien in order for her to have a better life.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender : After Zhao kills the Moon Spirit, Tui, Yue becomes despondent believing there's no longer any hope for her people. However, Iroh takes note of her hair color and recognizes its significance.
    Iroh: (in realization) "You...! You have been touched by the Moon Spirit!"

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