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Dramatic Reading
The following paragraph is to be read in your most IMPROBABLY EPIC tone of voice.

We all know it can be fun to read terrible fanfiction, but what about having them read to you in a dramatic, booming voice, just so that all of the Narm can be fully appreciated? This is where the Dramatic Reading comes in. You can expect almost every bad fanfic that becomes infamous to have at least one dramatic reading, and often other media such as published books can get dramatic readings if they're sufficiently infamous.

A subtrope of Audio Adaptation.


Non-derisive dramatic readings

Closer to Audio Adaptation, but usually based on (Web)comics, so they still need the pictures.

Examples from fiction:

  • In A Clockwork Orange, Alex and his goons break into a writer's house. Alex mocks the writer by reading his work-in-progress in a "sort of very high type preaching voice".

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