Creator: Ian McKellen

I had enough trouble living up to one legend. Two would be too much to hope for.
Ian McKellen, on turning down the role of Dumbledore.

Sir Ian Murray McKellen (born May 25, 1939) is a Shakespearean actor, widely known for his roles as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, Magneto in X-Men (get over it), the title character in his 1995 Setting Update adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III, Number Two in the remake of The Prisoner, a certain polar bear, and the Great Intelligence in the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special. He starred with Derek Jacobi in a series called Vicious, a gay Dom Com about a long-partnered male couple.

He's also openly gay and an ardent supporter of gay rights (averting Nobody Over 50 Is Gay), advocating it to the exclusion of other causes. Indeed, when the Conservative and pro-Section 28 Local Government Minister Michael Howard asked for an autograph from McKellen in 1988, McKellen instead wrote, "Fuck off, I'm gay".

He's also authorized to perform marriages, as he officiated the September 2013 wedding of his friend Patrick Stewart to Sunny Ozell.


Alternative Title(s):

Ian Mc Kellen