Comic Book: Magneto

"I have been known by many names. Max Eisenhardt. Erik Lensherr. Magnus. Magneto. Each name marks its own sin, and one day I will answer for those offenses. But not today. Only my actions...what I do in the name of all mutants...hold any real meaning."
Still the Master of Magnetism
Once the deadliest, most feared mutant mastermind on the planet, MAGNETO is no longer the man he once was. After falling in with Cyclops and the X-Men, Erik Lehnsherr became just one more pawn in another man’s war. But now, determined to fight the war for mutantkind’s survival on his own terms, Magneto sets out to regain what he’s lost…and show the world exactly why it should tremble at the sound of his name. Magneto will safeguard the future of the mutant race by hunting down each and every threat that would see his kind extinguished—and bloody his hands that they may never be a threat again.

Launched in March 2014, the Magneto solo-series follows after the events of Uncanny X-Men #16 and picks up after a Time Skip, where Magneto is one of SHIELD's most wanted and doing what he can to protect the mutant race by going to limits that the others wouldn't.

2014 series provides examples of:

  • Anti-Hero: Magneto
  • Badass Long Coat: Wears one to hide his suit.
  • Big Bad: Red Skull for the March to Axis tie-in.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: Extremely graphic compared to most other X-Men comics out as of late.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Because he can't go toe-to-toe with most others due to his broken powers, he straight up ambushes and kills without fanfare.
  • Fantastic Drug: Mutant Growth Hormone. Magento takes it himself, but he had it made using his own blood.
  • Final Solution: Red Skull's plans for mutants. He's also extended it to Inhumans as well.
  • Freudian Excuse: The S-Men, Minzee in particular, lost their homes and family due to Magneto or mutant actions.
  • Heel-Face Brainwashing: Magneto does this to a bunch of clones of the Marauders.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Magneto kills a man by tearing out his fillings and "replacing" them with street signs.
    • Used rusty nails to deal with a bunch of armed men. No one got out with a few all over.
  • It's Personal: Minzee lost his family due to the Acolytes attacking him while being led by Magneto years ago. When they meet again he wants blood.
  • Never Hurt an Innocent: Averted. We get a look into a past incident during one of Magneto's rampages, and meet with a victim who decides to work with Magneto so that this trope goes into effect.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Samuel just gave Magneto soup while under an alias because he seemed down on his luck. The SHIELD agents have the authorities kick the people there off the land and are trying to bring him in for questioning when he clearly doesn't know a thing.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: Magneto doesn't play around. No second chances, no warnings, nothing.
  • Paint It Black: Magneto has switched from his White costume to a Black one to mark his change in mindset.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Red Skull, the S-Men, the Purifiers...
  • Power Incontinence: When Magneto was doused with the Phoenix Force's Flame he had his power altered and fluctuated. He gets aroud this by using MGH made of his own genetic material.
  • Unwilling Roboticisation: A vagrant is made into a cheap knock-off of an Omega Sentinel and forced to kill mutants. He's put down by Magneto.
  • Villainous Rescue: When the combined forces of the X-Men and the Avengers are falling before a gang of hero-hunting Sentinels, Magneto puts together a team of A-list villains (and the Hobgoblin) to fly to the rescue. And it is glorious.