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Creator: Malcolm McDowell
"The best thing I did was abuse myself when younger - I dabbled in everything, cocaine, booze, women - because now I don't have to do it anymore."

Malcolm John Taylor, better known as Malcolm McDowell (June 13, 1943-) is an English actor with a reputation for playing villainous characters, including his Star-Making Role of Alex in A Clockwork Orange, the title role in Caligula, the guy who dropped a bridge on Captain Kirk in Star Trek: Generations (and only took the part because the producers let him drop that bridge), Metallo in Superman: The Animated Series, and the villain of the Show Within a Show in Bolt.

Non-villainous roles include Major Gresham in Aces High and H. G. Wells in Time After Time. Somewhere in between are Harry Flashman in the film version of Royal Flash and Mr. Roarke in the remake of Fantasy Island.

He made his film debut in If..., and his performance in that film convinced Stanley Kubrick to cast him in A Clockwork Orange.

In 2013, he appeared in some Sprint commercials with James Earl Jones, reading Totally Radical SMS texts and social media posts, and making them sound awesome.

Works featuring Malcolm McDowell with their own trope pages include:

"I've taught you much, my little droogies."
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