Nausea Fuel

For the sake of keeping your keyboard clean from barf, we let Ame take a look at the picture we had in mind for this page.

This is not Squick. Nausea Fuel is scenes and events that are specifically meant to be disgusting. While Squick only makes some people go "ew, gross" and is extremely subjective, Nausea Fuel is is created (and is often considered by everyone) to be sickening and horrifying.

For example, someone getting punched in the face and bleeding profusely is Squick. That same head getting crushed, graphically, is Nausea Fuel.

Paradoxically (or maybe not), Glurge can also find itself in this category.

Related to Squick, Shock Site and Gross Out Show. Eye Scream and Gross-Up Close-Up are subtropes of this. May overlap with Fan Disservice and Nightmare Fuel.