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Nausea Fuel: Web Original
  • This Is Why You're Fat contains such healthy delights as the Bacon Doughnut, Deep Fried S'Mores on a Stick, a Sloppy Joe on a Krispy Kreme, and many other creations that will make you never want to eat again.
  • Mortasheen has a huge chunk of this, given that it is a dark comedy Bio Punk take on the Mons genre, but one that is especially nauseating, even for the series, is the sheer Squick that is Pustulump
  • User 927. If you don't know who he is, I'll tell you. Back in '06, AOL accidentally released the archived search results of several thousand of its users. They were are anonymous, but a lot searched their own name, address, or social security number. Anyways, User 927 was one of those, and had effectively the creepiest search habits ever. If you want to know what they are, look for it yourself. It even inspired a play!
  • 40 pizza rolls eaten in a few minutes. After watching this, you may never want to even look at another pizza roll ever again.
    slowbeef:It's like you're in his lap! And he's eating the pizza rolls off you!
  • Enter Happy Tree Friends. one where the little anteater attempts to use a mind-control device on the ants he intends to eat. The ants reverse its effects so that they control the anteater, and then proceed to force him to brutally torture himself.
  • Enter Retarded Animal Babies, who not only cross the line thrice, they screw on it each time.
  • Lotus Breast, a photoshopped image combining a woman's breast with the holes of a lotus bud. Search for it at your own risk.
  • Das Blau Waffel. Don't eat anything when you look at it.
  • The Biggest Pimple in the World. Barf bags are mandatory here. Now, what this unfortunate soul has to suffer through? You feel for him at the same time as you're SUPER grossed out. Warning: Do not watch if you've eaten in the last hour.
  • In the Doctor Steel Christmas Special, Santa gives the little girl a "Polly Pukes-a-Lot" doll.
  • Some of the more mangled or unintentionally faecal entries on Cake Wrecks.
  • The purpose of shock sites.
  • The Mermaid Problem page here on TV Tropes. In particular, the image there.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd's style of analogies for video games is built on this trope.
  • The Team Fortress 2 fan video Sniper Soda is about Sniper urinating into a soda can (because all his jars of urine are full), and Scout accidentally drinking it.
  • In We Are Our Avatars, GG cuts open his hand during a drug trip and offers his "skittley blood" to a demon with Blood Lust and a vampire, with predictable results. The in-universe and out-of-universe reaction ranged from morbid fascination to a sense of uneasiness.
  • A lot of SCP Foundation articles, particularly what they do to SCP-231-7. Regularly. And whatever you think it is that Procedure 110-Montauk is - it's worse than that. Oh, and by the way, there's a note on the letter on that page, reading "Don't believe it when they say they're trying to save her. Why would they bother? They've got exactly what they want exactly where they want it." You may vomit when ready.
    • The SCP Foundation has a lot of it in general, but the crowning example has to be SCP-835. It shows you exactly what kind of things the [DATA EXPUNGED] tags are hiding.
    • SCP-198. It's a shape-shifting, teleporting cup that fuses with your hand if you touch it. Once it does, it will make you undergo rapid dehydration and malnutrition unless you drink the fluids it provides...which are your own body fluids, urine, feces, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Drinking anything else won't stop the dehydrating effect and there's no way to remove the cup.
  • The Brain Scoop Since it deals with taxidermy, this is to be expected, but the grossometer warnings at the beginning of videos containing gore has proven YMMV a lot
    • Especially nauseating are the moments when, in the middle of skinning or gutting an animal, Emily will suddenly talk about food
  • A good number of Creepypasta. Sometimes relying on this trope is recognised as an example of a bad Pasta. Other times, it's used to utter effectiveness.
    • The Cleansing is a particularly nauseating one... As well as Nightmare Fuel.
  • Filthy Frank has its own page.
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