Grossout Show

"Now was that funny or just disgusting? I don't know, I'm asking."
Slap T. Pooch, Oh Yeah! Cartoons

Animated show that relies heavily on ugly animation, displeasing concepts and extreme close-ups of things such as hairy, warty green tongues, stink-line-laden sewage sandwiches, and toilets that haven't been cleaned in a long time.

Pioneered by John Kricfalusi with The Ren & Stimpy Show, this type of show dominated children's animation in the late 1990s. The animation house Klasky-Csupo and the studio Spumco specialized in animation of this style. Many of these clones failed to realize, however, that the success of Ren and Stimpy was also due to excellent writing, not just the presence of icky, stinky things. However, most of these clones would eventually develop their own loyal followings thanks to their other unique concepts.


Anime and Manga
  • Ippatsu Kikimusume, aka Miss Crisis Moment, is this trope in four-minute chunks. Kunyan survives each life-threatening situation by executing a preposterous escape plan that Crosses the Line Twice, often to the point of horror. If you watch this, you will be grossed out. You will also learn physics. (Check one out on YouTube if you dare...)
  • Kyoufu no Kyochan, a parody of "Obake no Q-taro" written by the comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto, the series is about a kid and his ugly critter (with a strange likeness with Butthead). You better not hurt the kid or Kyochan will grow arms on his head and feet on his mouth to rip off your guts ! Episode 1
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt features monsters themed around poop, vomit, boogers, breast milk, and semen. The show literally kicks off with said poop monster and in episode 5 everyone picks their nose.
  • Earlier volumes of Pocket Monsters relied on this trope. The series has since lessened though, just becoming a Widget Series.
  • Digimon even more so, which is hardly surprising considering that it began life as the trans-Pacific equivalent of the Garbage Pail Kids (opposite Tamagotchi's Cabbage Patch Kids). Remember, the original stable of Digital Monsters featured a giant lump of yellow feces with arms, a slug with big, veiny eyeballs and teeth whose special attack was throwing smaller lumps of feces, a Rat Fink lookalike that's actually made entirely out of pink brain tissue and a rotting carcass kept alive by crude bionics inspired in equal parts by Hideaki Anno's hideously melted movie version of the radioactive God Warrior, Hedorah the smog monster and Tetsuo. That kills people by puking on them.
  • There's a... charming series of shorts in Japan known "Burutabu-chan" AKA "Poop Genie". It's about, well, just read the title. Or watch it.
  • Shin-chan relies quite heavily on toilet humor.
  • Hen Zemi manages to do this while keeping most everyone and everything as Puni Plush as humanly possible; it's the things they talk about that make the viewer want to retch...



  • John Waters in the 1970's is practically the Trope Codifier. Female Trouble bragged about this review from Rex Reed: "Where do these people come from? Where do they go when the sun comes down?"
    • Pink Flamingos are two groups of people striving to be the filthiest in the world. Enough said. Then there's Female Trouble and Desperate Living.
  • The Vomit Gore Trilogy. To quote one review:
    "Even hardcore horror fans might be inclined to take a break from their hobbies after watching a girl abused, vomited on, a spider sewn into her vagina, decapitated, then her hollow head used as a vomit glass. Other pleasantries included here are ejaculation of blood, an endless disemboweling, and siamese twins cut apart with a saw."
  • Hanger, where almost all the characters look deformed, and there's things like profuse lactation, a coat hanger abortion, puppies microwaved and eaten, rape through a colostomy bag hole, tea made from used tampons, a dirty diaper fight, torture via unwashed vagina, force feeding of feces, and a penis roasting.
  • Year One. A movie about two cavemen who randomly stumble into the Bible stories, but with numerous disgusting scenes, such as Jack Black eating poop, and Michael Cera peeing all over his face.
  • American Pie does this from time to time, mainly with any scene involving Stifler. In the first movie, he drinks a glass of beer with cum in it. In the second one, he gets peed on. In the third one, he eats dog shit.
  • Land of the Lost, more specifically its 2009 The Film of the Series incarnation. Rather than being a kid's show as it's source was, the film opted to go for a much more "adult" audience with sexual humor throughout. Described by Will Ferrell himself as being more of a parody of the original than an actual remake.

  • A fictional example: Since the Nightside is inimical to the internet due to AI Being A Crapshoot and the prevalence of Haunted Technology, Rule34 applies to television. One particular show "The John Waters Celebrity Perversion Hour" has had John Taylor hiding behind the sofa like the Daleks were coming.
  • The Barf-O-Rama series of children's paperbacks was based on this trope.
  • Captain Underpants, a series where just about 95% of the characters, plots, and events have something to do with Toilet Humour.
  • The Australian children's novel The Day My Bum Went Psycho (Butt in North America) and its sequels, Zombie Bums from Uranus, and Bumageddon: The Final Pongflict. The titles should be a dead giveaway.
  • Although much, much more than a show or your average book, James Joyce's Ulysses make use of gross out comments with frightening normality. It's about all that happens in a life of a man for 24 hours, anyways.
    "The bard's noserag! A new art colour for our Irish poets: snotgreen. You can almost taste it, can't you?"

Live-Action TV
  • Fear Factor, despite its name, is best known for having contestants eat things like live insects.
  • I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! was a Reality Show crossed with this.
  • Kenny vs. Spenny rarely avoids this trope, particularly in the humiliation round.
  • Laura en América: one episode of this show is particularly infamous for this. Its name was "Lo haría todo por dinero" ("I'd do anything for the money"). People from the public was challenged to do the most disgusting things for money. Among the challenges there were: to stay naked in a bathtub with frogs (US$ 30), eat a whole habanero-like fruit (US$20), to kiss an unknown person (US$ 30), dress up like a baby and crawl (US$ 20). The most memorable part? Lick the armpits and feet of a bodybuilder who had not taken a shower in 48 hours.
  • Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is what you get when you make a reduction of Grossout Show and cannabis. The 11-minute pan sauce that remains is...unique.
  • Kids' show Round the Twist almost got banned for this, including inappropriate material such as death, nudity (including references to genitalia - an entire episode is built around one character gaining a "whirly willy" that functions like a propellor), underwear, incest (Kissing Under the Influence), mild sex references, and relying on your typical gross-out humor staples. There's even one episode where a gelato machine takes human form and basically sneezes the stuff out, and another where two characters have their brains sucked out and shot halfway across town, forcing those brains to bounce their way back to the lab.

Tabletop Games
  • About the only example of a Tabletop RPG in this genre: Low Life, where among the playable races there are worms, roaches and walking piles of poo.
  • FATAL most certainly falls under this category, intentionally or not. In no other Tabletop RPG will you have detailed rules for rape or a need to calculate oriface sizes.

Video Games
  • Boogerman is a platform game about a slovenly superhero with powers such as snot projectiles, killer burps, and rocket-powered flatulence.
  • Postal 2 features plenty of pissing and vomiting. Three objectives actually require the player character to urinate.
  • Limbo of the Lost. It's very surprising to find such a macabre game that, in only its first half-hour of gameplay, throws worms pulled out of ears and snot at you as integral parts of puzzle solving.
  • Stupid Invaders an adventure game based on Space Goofs that's even more gross than the show, with moments like Gorgious knocking out a redneck with a hammer made out of dung.
  • The Binding of Isaac is very generous with this when not making Biblical references — giant mounds of poop are a common obstacle, there's a boss called Peep who spreads toxic urine everywhere, and pretty much anything involving Isaac's abusive mother is given a Gross-Up Close-Up.
  • Meat Boy and Super Meat Boy don't go as far as Isaac, but the games do revolve around a skinless boy who leaves trails of blood wherever he goes rescuing a girl made of gauze from an evil Mad Scientist fetus.
  • Earthworm Jim. For starters, some of the levels are made out of snot and intestine.
  • Yoshi's Island does this for the frog boss. The rest of the game isn't gross though.
  • The House of the Dead: OVERKILL has Varla Guns having her brain replaced with the brain of Clement's mother, causing her to vomit and then mutate into a giant, disgusting creature. After defeating her, Clement climbs inside her vagina and back into the womb (thankfully we don't see it). And then in the PS3-exclusive chapters, we have the boss of the strip club chapter, and the skinless zombies in the slaughterhouse chapter.
  • Conkers Bad Fur Day has a level where you have to go into a poop factory, then go to a nearby farm where you have to prune three cows, so the factory will be filled with their diarrhea. Your next mission involves you rolling a ball of dung up a mountain made of dung, so you can break open an entrance to the boss (who is a singing pile of shit).
  • Gobtron. You play as a huge pink monster whose weapons are his snot, spit, burps and farts. The "level select" screen shows an intestine with cysts as the upgrades section.
  • Engacho! is a very Japanese game where you can be killed by slobber, Nose Nuggets, hairy armpits or Dung Fu, all of which are rendered in detail.
  • Saya no Uta is this trope in the form of a depressing horror story, without an ounce of comedy at any point. Basically, the main character undergoes experimental brain surgery, which leads to his senses being warped in such a way that he perceives viscera covering every inch of the world. People appear to him as slimy, disgusting monsters, and the only being who looks human is actually something horrible in real life.

Web Original
  • Several YouTube channels are dedicated to popping zits and cysts.

Western Animation