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Tabletop Game: FATAL
FATAL: "From Another Time Another Land" (formerly known as "Fantasy Adventure To Adult Lechery") is a tabletop Role-Playing Game published by Fatal Games in 2004. It's since become a major source of Snark Bait, due in no small part to its content and rules, which feature:

  • Extremely complicated and math-intensive mechanics and charts governing character stats, in-game actions, gaining experience and leveling, and combat. These can lead to questionable, if not outright self-contradictory, results.
  • Many game mechanics relating to body parts and orifices which are better left un-elaborated.
  • Themes of rape-fantasy, racism, misogyny, and GLBT hatred; lots of Toilet Humor; and generalized perversity. Even the cover art for the rulebook is NSFW. The original name is another blatant hint at its content.
  • Gratuitous spelling and grammar errors.

The game is best known because of a savage MST-styled review of the rulebook by Darren MacLennan and Jason Sartin on RPGnet. This led to a rebuttal by the creator and one of his contributors.

Because of the game's content, we're neither providing trope examples nor linking to the rulebook, which can readily be found if you really want to go looking. The game even has an official theme song.

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