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Franchise: Garbage Pail Kids

Garbage Pail Kids is a trading card series by Topps. The characters in the franchise resembled the Cabbage Patch Kids with variable humour and gross levels. Art Spiegelman, Topps consultant and Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, came up with the product idea after the success of his earlier creations, Garbage Candy and Wacky Packages. The concept originally began as an unreleased Wacky Packages title, but the management at Topps thought it would be a good idea for a separate spin-off series. Spiegelman and fellow cartoonist Mark Newgarden worked together as the editors and art directors of the project, Len Brown was the manager, and the first series of the cards was drawn exclusively by artist John Pound, released in 1985. Several additional artists and writers were brought in to contribute to the series, including Jay Lynch, Tom Bunk, and James Warhola, among others. This Needs Wiki Magic Love, if possible.

It received a movie adaptation in 1987 that was a colossal bomb.

Garbage Pail Kids featured some gross examples:

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