Feel the wrath of the wicked Wedgie Woman!

A classic prank, in which some poor sap gets their underpants forcibly yanked up and wedged between their butt. A staple of schoolyard bullies it is also sometimes incorporated into the arsenal of tricksters and similar comedic fighters.

Variations include:
  • The Melvin, in which the undies are yanked up from the front.
  • The Atomic Wedgie, in which the undies are pulled over the head.
  • The Hanging Wedgie, in which the victim is suspended from an object by their underwear.

Subtrope of Groin Attack and Amusing Injuries. Watch out for the Negative Space Wedgie.


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    Films - Animated 
  • Eight Crazy Nights: When going to apologize to Whitey and running into Whitey's deer friends, Davey gives himself a wedgie to prove to them he's really sorry.
  • The Ant Bully: Main character Lucas is a victim of one to the extent that he complains he's running out of unstretched drawers.

    Films - Live-Action 
  • The Mask: The title character gives a gang leader an atomic melvin.
  • Scary Movie: Buddy gives Cindy a massive wedgie after they become friends in the second movie. Buddy also receives a hanging wedgie from a ghost later on in the movie. Happens again in the third film to one of the girls in the escalating pillow fight.
  • Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey has the protagonists give Death Himself a Melvin to distract him while they escaped. Later on, as a Call-Back, Death gives the Big Bad one as well.
  • In the television film Safety Patrol, bully Kent Marlowe and his safety patrol crew give wedgies to Red and Lucky after reciting the phrase, "Wedgie airlines leave on time." Later, Kent personally spins Red through the air by his underwear before both Red and Lucky are given hanging wedgies on a lamppost.
  • In Pudsey the Dog: The Movie, George is given an atomic wedgie while trying to defend his brother and sister from a bully. After Pudsey knocks the bully over and George's sister comments on the dog's bravery, George wonders aloud why the dog gets all the credit. George's sister tells him to ask her again when he's not talking from inside his own underpants. She then helps him out of the wedgie.
  • Anger Management opens up with a local bully giving a wedgie to an unsuspecting kid. Later, the bully's wedgie victim roller skates off into the distance while laughing at another child's misfortune and taunting them, before cutting away to the film's present setting. While he roller skates away you can see his stretched out tighty whities hang over his shorts.
  • In the film Funky Monkey, Michael receives a devastating wedgie from Seth while the former is trying to impress a girl he likes. His underwear is made visible to her, much to his embarrassment.
  • When Ian is trying to impress two bullies thinking he downloaded a bootleg concert onto his iPod in The Spy Next Door, all that plays back is static noise which infuriates the bullies, resulting in them giving him a super wedgie and also stuffing him into a trash can.

  • Pontius Feeb of Mike Nelson's Death Rat! relied on these in high school to defeat bullies, he put one on the antagonist in the backstory, and he uses one to defend himself against attacking Danes in the story proper.
  • Captain Underpants: The Wedgie Woman, the titular villain of the fifth book, accomplishes this through Prehensile Hair. Shown in the Trope Image.

     Live-Action TV 
  • In the episode "Meet the Parrots" of Happy Endings, Penny tries to give her new baby bro Dave (Penny's mom and Dave's dad are together now) a wedgie, only to discover he isn't wearing any underwear.
  • Seinfeld: The episode "The Library" has Elaine, George, and Jerry discussing the wedgie. At the end, George is given an atomic wedgie by an old gym teacher-who he had gotten fired for giving him a wedgie in high school.
  • iCarly: Near the end of the episode "iHate Sam's Boyfriend", Carly, Sam, and Freddie get back at Sam's boyfriend Jonah, who had previously tried to kiss Carly, by hooking him on the "Wedgie Bounce," which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and leaving him on it for two hours straight.
    • Sam gives Freddie a wedgie near the end of the episode "iWill Date Freddie", under the guise of coming up to hug him, much to Sam and Carly's amusement.
  • Scrubs:
    • In the second season episode "My Kingdom," JD is a victim of a hanging wedgie, courtesy of the surgeons.
    • In the fifth season episode "My Missed Perception," The Janitor gives The Todd a "four-story atomic wedgie" off the side of the hospital using The Todd's banana-hammock underwear.

     Professional wrestling 
  • It is 'illegal' in professional wrestling to use articles of clothing for extra leverage, so naturally you will see someone trying to keep their pinned opponent folded over by yanking on their tights about once a month.
  • The standing wedgie is known as "The Polly Star special" in reference to a certain luchadora fond of the insult to injury.
  • The Undertaker's last ride is distinguished by from a regular power bomb by giving the other wrestler a Melvin before dropping them. He does not have to grab underwear per se, but most professional wrestlers wear some variant of Underwear of Power.
  • Christina Von Eerie received a wedgie, along with various other forms of abuse by ODB in Pro Wrestling Bushido. Derek Drexl also gave her one prior to a spiked pile driver at a North Western Wrestling Alliance show. In that case, Von Eerie would get a measure of revenge by yanking him off the top turnbuckle with what must have been a particularly painful wedgie.
  • At the 2015 WWC Euphoria, Angel Fashion used a wedgie the way most wrestlers would use "short arms" and "Irish whips", to pull Mike Mendoza toward him as he attempted to create distance and then whipped him into the ropes by his trunks.

    Video Games 
  • Bully allows you to do these, natch. They're not useful in a fight, but damn if they're not funny to pull off, especially on Prefects.
  • Several SpongeBob SquarePants games feature a mini-game called "Underwear Bungee Jumping" in which SpongeBob deliberately hooks his undies on a hook and bounces up and down.
  • In some The Sims games, if your Relationship Values are low enough, you can give or receive a wedgie. Getting one is likely to surface as a fear when your Sim has an enemy.

  • In Grrl Power Maxima gives Harem a ripping wedgie as "military discipline" after a poorly-received prank, leading to a painful chain reaction where all five versions of Harem keep injuring each other, to Maxima's amusement.

    Western Animation 
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Local bully Sperg is feared for his "deadly" wedgies.
  • The Mask had the titular character give Lt. Kellaway an atomic wedgie at least Once an Episode.
    • Occasionally he did it to other characters as well, in fact, it was almost his Signature Move.
    • It might be something built into the titular mask itself, as a psychiatrist using it gave people wedgies in such a way that their underwear got twisted into a makeshift straitjacket.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • In one episode, Eddy decides to open up a wedgie booth as a scam; Kevin takes to it with glee and suspends Ed and Double D from a tree. By the end, Eddy gets Laser-Guided Karma and gets suspended from the tree by his underwear himself.
    • In another episode, Eddy gives Jimmy an atomic wedgie... resulting in Jimmy launching an extremely convoluted revenge plan.
    • Eddy again receives a unique wedgie when Kevin attaches Eddy's boxers to the back of Kevin's bike and begins dragging him around the cul-de-sac.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: Jerry Rassic in the episode "Operation: B.U.L.L.I.E.S." lured Numbuh 4 to the titular Bully Island with the intent on getting revenge on him for receiving a "permanent" wedgie back in first grade, which Numbuh 4 doesn't even remember. Numbuh 4 subsequently runs afoul of a massive Wedgiesaurus Rex, which gives him a massive amount of wedgies, all of which Numbuh 4 knows by name. By the end of it, his undies have stretched to four times their normal size.
  • In an episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Terrence delivers an unpleasant one to Mac.
  • Ben 10:
    • In "Tourist Trap," Grandpa Max gets a hanging wedgie from one of the Megawhatts.
    • In all of their appearances in the original series, JT and Cash would give Ben a hanging wedgie, only for Ben as XLR8 to return the favor.
  • In an episode of The Powerpuff Girls, Snake of the Gangreen Gang delivers a painful one to an innocent child.
  • Kid VS Kat is very fond of this trope and uses it often, even with Coop wedgie-ing himself in "Flea Brains."
  • Duck Dodgers: In "The Green Loontern," Dodgers uses a Green Lantern Ring to give the Cadet a hanging wedgie.
  • The Simpsons
    • "When Flanders Failed" has Bart hanging from a basketball hoop by his underwear after trying to defend Lisa from bullies with his "touch of death".
    • In "A Star is Burns", Patty and Selma give a hanging wedgie to Jay Sherman for badmouthing MacGyver. Apparently, this has happened often enough that Bart can recognize the cause on sight.
    • "The Wandering Juivie" has a gag where a tough kid is lifting two smaller kids by their underwear like lifting dumbbells.
  • I Got A Rocket: Virtually everybody in the show receives a wedgie at least once, usually at the hands of the bully sibling trio called The Duckies. Main character Vinnie alone receives dozens of wedgies over the course of the series, including atomic, hanging, and wedgie vaultings, in which he is slungshot into the air by his own underwear.
  • Fairly Oddparents
    • In an episode entitled "Dream Goat!", Timmy receives an atomic wedgie from Vicky after freeing Chompy the goat from captivity. The mayor and a couple of police officers show up and mistakenly believe that Vicky has kidnapped the goat while Timmy apprehended her. One of the officers refers to Timmy as "Underwear Over Your Head Lad" and Timmy is celebrated throughout the town by people wearing hats resembling his briefs. Chompy also gives Vicky a wedgie at the end of the episode.
    • Timmy, Chester, and AJ are seen getting wedgies from the bully Francis elsewhere in the series.