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"I was a rodeo clown for six years. You're gonna hafta step it up, shorty!"
Jan, Mr. Deeds

This is not the Joke Character, as those are characters that are purposefully bad, nor is it the Lethal Joke Character, which is when a Joke Character utimately has some hidden utility. This is simply a character that just looks and acts silly without being a bad character. They may look wacky, have cartoonish attacks, and a goofy voice, but otherwise they play as well as any other fighter.

Keep in mind that, in order to be considered a fighting clown, a character has to be either:
  • In a serious fighting game, a normally silly character, or
  • In a silly fighting game full of wacky characters, a character even wackier than the other fighters.

If a game runs on Rule of Cool, this guy runs on Rule of Funny. Basically, fighting clowns are those fighting game characters that stand out from the roster because they're sillier than the rest of the cast without being a Joke Character. Look for them in any fighting game — you'll usually find at least one character that stands out due to this (unless the role of the game's silly character is already filled by the Joke Character).

Many a fighting clown uses Confusion Fu as his/her/its fighting style and/or is an Improbable Weapon User.

See also Lethal Joke Character. Compare Mechanically Unusual Fighter, which is about the actual mechanics rather than the character's whacky appearance (although the two may overlap) and Beware the Silly Ones.


  • Tekken has tons of these, and then some. Debuting in 1, we have:
  • Voldo and Dampierre in Soul Calibur.
    • Voldo is equal parts creepy and silly. After having spent so long in complete darkness, his eyes no longer function properly and his skin is pale-white. He also dresses in what can only be described as "some sort of bondage gear" and is the only character in which crab-walking (crawling face-up on one's hands and feet) is a large part of their fighting technique. Apparently he's gotten so good at it that he can easily and rapidly cover ground with it.
    • Practically all of Dampierre's moveset places him squarely in this trope. Some attacks cause him to land face first into his "Poker Bluff" stance and a particular kick can put him into the "Fake Pain" stance - both at random. To the uninitiated, this makes him seem like a throwaway character as it puts him in undesirable situations - until one finds out that's how he launches his most powerful attacks. If he wasn't silly enough, he has a throw were he spanks the opponent (regardless of gender), a Russian kick dance that causes him and the opponent to go up in the air, and moonwalks whenever you move back with him. And his One-Hit Kill involves him conning the opponent. In Soulcalibur V, his One-Hit Kill is replaced with a super move where he gives his opponent a kancho.
  • Faust (formerly Dr. Baldhead) and Robo-Ky in Guilty Gear.
  • Super Smash Bros. may have several, but Wario and Mr. Game & Watch especially. Mr Game & Watch fights by pulling out random equipment from his own games, pulling out things like turtles, flags, buckets, keys and other mundane things. Wario fights using a random assortment of wacky attacks and odd abilities, such as chewing on the opponent, punching them in the groin and farting.
    • As of the newest games, there's the Villager and the Wii Fit Trainer. The former uses a variety of tools and actions from his source game to do battle, such planting/growing trees, digging holes, and picking weeds, and his ability to store virtually anything in his Hammerspace pockets has been taken Up to Eleven, allowing him to Catch and Return even energy projectiles. The latter's moveset consists entirely of weaponized exercise routines and yoga poses, one of which has inexplicably gained the ability to gather the energy of the sun into a deadly projectile.
  • Most of the original Street Fighter characters have deeper motivation for fighting. Zangief, on the other hand, is a bear wrestler in a speedo who dances with Gorbachev in his ending.
  • In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom there are four of these characters. One in the Tatsunoko side, and three in the Capcom side. On the Tatsu side we have Hakushon Daimao, a fat, comical genie that comes from a comedy anime instead of an action/mecha one, looks much more cartoonier than his other fellow Tatsunoko characters, fights with a hand on a stick, and one of his supers involves farting on the enemy. On the Capcom side we have Viewtiful Joe, Roll, a robot modeled after a little girl who fights with a broom, and Frank West, a photographer whose attacks involve baseball bats, supermarket carts, zombies, among many other things.
    • Marvel vs. Capcom 3 brings Deadpool into the mix. While his moves are only slightly unorthodox, the voice clips that accompany them are hilarious... the first hundred thousand times, anyway. As of Ultimate, we also have Frank West returning, and lastly Phoenix Wright, who doesn't do anything you would expect from a fighting game character. All of his attack animations are of lawyery stuff, like reading documents. Even his level 3 hyper is merely accusing the opponent of a crime. They still do damage, though, and in the case of the latter it's the single most damaging move in the game.
  • The Joker in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Literal example and a good match. He fights using all kind of weird gadgetry, like boxing-glove-in-a-box-es and BANG Flag Guns.
    • He keeps this up in Injustice: Gods Among Us. He has silly weapons and deadly weapons, and uses his deadly weapons in a silly manner. His super move even starts by throwing a pie at the opponent's face. Despite his Monster Clown tendencies, it seems to be a completely ordinary pie, with the super animation, if it lands, having him clean it off... with a crowbar. And then when it's completely off and the opponent sees clearly, THEN he pulls out his gun, but waits a second before they realize what it is before firing. Then he finishes with a point-blank bazooka that he pulled out of nowhere to the face that ends up sending him flying as well. And if he wins, he douses his opponent with gasoline and watches them burn, but not before making a pun on the word fire. His partner-in-crime-and-maybe-love-as-well Harley Quinn is arguably even sillier, with much more of an emphasis on silly weapons and pulls out a giant mallet with no problem for several moves. There's also much less Black Comedy to go with her, she's one of the few villains who doesn't kill the opponent and just opts for a kick in the face and telling them to "lighten up".
    • Another literal example comes from the obscure Fuun Series by SNK. This guy is also named Joker and he's pretty much an Expy of DC's Joker, also using weird gadgetry such as huge playing cards and a top hat that spins around like a buzzsaw. His fighting style is the most comical and wackiest of the entire series, yet he can fight on equal ground with the rest of the cast, all while riding on roller skates.
  • In the Mortal Kombat series, we have Bo' Rai Cho (a pun on the Spanish word "borracho", which means "drunkard"), a pudgy Old Master who gets drunk in order to fight well and is Toilet Humour personified. He has an attack where he vomits on the enemy, and a fatality where he, yup, you guessed it, farts, only this time he lights his fart, which is so massive it engulfs the opponent in fire.
    • There's also Mokap, a guy in a motion capture suit who attacks by throwing little white balls at people.
  • Maria was a Lethal Joke Character in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. She fits this trope in Castlevania Judgment.
  • Akari in The Last Blade.
  • Goblins in World of Warcraft have always been a wisecracking race of mad bombers and mad scientists who are relatively weak in combat, full of AI characters who offer you fetch quests while being liberal with jokes. As playable characters, they can now be as capable and hardcore as any other race, and are now parts of Horde raid groups taking down every Big Bad that has ever threatened Azeroth.
  • The Dancing Banana from M.U.G.E.N. It looks and sounds like a joke character, but actually plays like a normal one. He does use bananas as weapons while spouting "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" noises, though.
  • Shannon from Ougon Musoukyouku is half this half Barrier Warrior, with her basic attacks involving attacking with cleaning implements, or doing things like dropping a tea-set on the enemy after tripping, and girly slaps and pushes, she can even call seagulls to help her in combat. She's still has effective as any other character, and doesn't has any problem in going against the witches or their familiars.
  • From the Touhou fighting games:
    • Suika Ibuki: A young-looking oni who is, at any given time, completely drunk. Her idle animation is swaying back and forth. Her crouch has her lying on the ground. Her dial-a-combo is a series of friendly pats. And so forth.
    • Suwako Moriya: What appears to be a little girl with a weird hat and a frog obsession (actually a god). She crouches on the ground be default and moves by hopping. Her dash has her move underground. Relatively normal attacks, though.
    • Mamizou Futatsuiwa: She's a tanuki boss, so most of her attacks involve hitting the enemy with her minions shapeshifted into various youkai or objects. Possibly an example in the shmup games as well; her patterns are bizarre.
  • League of Legends has over a hundred champions, ranging from the serious Blood Knight or The Atoner, to silly and goofy champions. Generally, the silliness is usually portrayed in their dialogue, with very few examples of 'silly' attacks.
    • Shaco is basically a demonic Serial Killer Clown. His fighting style and dialogue are mostly serious, except for his Jack In The Box, which lays a stealthed trap that stuns and attacks the first enemy (or group of enemies) to come across it and is shaped like... well... a jack in the box.
    • Lulu was raised by The Fair Folk and seems to have a somewhat tenuous grasp on reality. Her dialogue is pretty far out there, randomly proclaiming things such as, "Yup! That tasted purple!"
    • Kog'Maw is a creature from The Void, which is exactly as pleasant a place as it sounds. Despite being an Eldritch Abomination, however, he was basically designed to look like a big (acid-spewing) puppy dog.
  • Bonkers, of Clayfighter, is both a literal clown, and is the wackiest character in the game. From Balloon Dogs to Teeter Tots, he'll make you laugh and cry.
  • Peacock, from Skullgirls. She's a malevolent, violent Toon with a wicked sense of humor. Her movements are funny and exaggerated and she drops jokes and references left and right, but her attacks are nothing to be sniffed at. Peacock utilizes a moveset chock-full of deadly keepaway toys designed to make the opponent pull their hair out in frustration.
  • Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII is a robotic cat riding a robotic obese moogle. Though considered The Scrappy by many, his stats are nonetheless competent and he's the best permanent mage on the party shy of Cloud himself. He only has two Limit Breaks, but his initial Dice Limit is something of a Disc One Nuke... sometimes.
  • Quina Quen in Final Fantasy IX; looks like a human-sized Polly Prissy-Pants and wields a giant dinner fork as a weapon. S/he also has one of the best attack stats in the game, as well as the always game-breaking Blue magic.
  • In My Little Pony Fighting Is Magic, Pinkie Pie's attacks seen so far include waving a giant foam finger, inflating her body, licking her opponent and raining cupcakes on her opponent for her super attack.
    • In the show, there is an episode where the main characters get into a large fight against hordes of Mooks. Pinkie Pie starts off by blasting the bad guys with her Party Cannon, which is basically a cannon designed to fire out and set up a party on short notice. Assuming she hasn't changed the ammunition, she's basically blasting people with cakes and balloons. While work on the game began before the show, the episode made Pinkie Pies Fighting Clown style canon.
  • Kefka (fittingly) conforms to this role in the Dissidia: Final Fantasy games. Most of his moveset Robotechs unpredictably upon attacking, his walk animation is exaggeratedly silly enough to gain access to the Ministry of Silly Walks, and, in the first game, he would sometimes hum the game's victory music to himself! Hell, his character title is "Mad Mage."
  • Mad Clown in Super Punch-Out!! starts out being a clownish expy of Bear Hugger, but come his second knockdown and "Show Time," he quickly proves himself to be one of the most aggravating opponents you will ever face.
  • The Blacker Baron of Anarchy Reigns is funny and prone to being the Butt Monkey, and likes to work in Michael Jackson dancing for some of his attacks. He also possesses one of the most damaging attacks in the entire game.
  • The Sengoku Basara series features several competent warriors, each of which can decimate small armies without much effort, all while looking absurdly cool. And then, there's Yoshiaki Mogami, Hideaki Kobayakawa, and Sorin Otomo (as seen in gameplay videos of Sengoku Basara 3 UTAGE). In the case of Hideaki, he isn't even trying to attack his enemies! He's just really, really clumsy... and hungry.
  • Playstation All Stars Battle Royale has some pretty goofy cast members along side all the Badasses. Fat Princess (seen above smacking Kratos) is an obese Dance Battler that runs people down in her search for cake, PaRappa deflects projectiles by swinging his skateboard at them and raps for his ultimate attack, Sackboy controls space by imagining a fan into existence, which he then uses to blow cake and jam at his enemies and Toro copies half the Fighting Game pantheon's moves while replacing their Ki Attacks with mochi rice cakes.
  • Teddie in Persona 4 Arena. All other characters are either humans or things that look like humans. He's a colorful walking cartoon teddy bear, who makes funny cartoonish expressions while doing comical looking attacks. He does have a human form, but only shows it in win animations.
  • Meepo in his DOTA 2 incarnation is a short guy with nets that beats you up with a shovel and the help of his clone, also wielding shovel. Rubick's possibly this given the oft-improbable animations for his stolen spells.
  • J Stars Victory Vs has Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, with Gintoki Sakata and Taro Yamada having some properties of this as well.

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