Dirty Kid

Near opposite of the Dirty Old Man or Dirty Old Woman, where a kid is ridiculously young, but still has some signs of... "interest".

What's most notable is that often, kids or babies are allowed to cop a feel, simply because it's said that they don't understand what they're doing.

Note that there seems to be some level of Double Standard, since most of the examples seem to be male.

See also Kidanova, which deals more with the romantic aspects, as opposed to the sexual ones.

Not to be confused with The Pig Pen, who is filthy in a different way.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • Anya, one of the three Token Mini Moes in Gravion. Best exemplified in the episode where she and some of the older maids have Eiji trapped in a game of Strip Poker.
    • Brigitta as well when it comes to Eiji's "physicals". The only one not an example of this trope is Cecile.
  • In Kill la Kill, Mako Mankanshoku's younger brother Matarou knows the teenage Ryuko Matoi is sexy and is always trying to peep at her bathing or changing clothes.
  • Aladdin from Magi – Labyrinth of Magic likes groping breasts a bit too much...
  • All of the boys in Maicchingu Machiko Sensei fit this trope but particularly Kenta, who is often the ring leader of the boys and works out several plots to grope, disrobe, or otherwise act pervy to the eponymous Miss Machiko.
  • Rabi from Majokko Meg-chan had an arsenal tricks aimed at catching his "big sister" disrobed, from yanking the sheets off Megu's bed in the morning to using a fishing rod to lift her skirt.
  • Momoka from Mawaru-Penguindrum. She went missing as an elementary schooler. Her Diary is very detailed and specific about how her future life would have gone. This includes sexual activities with her prospect Victorious Childhood Friend, Tabuki.
  • In Minamoto Kun Monogatari a nameless young boy loves to caress Hanada's (one of the love interests of the protagonist, Terumi) breasts and ass on a day to day basis. The mother regularly scolds him but only when Hanada unintentionally gives him the cold shoulder (after she had sex with Terumi) he became meek and finally started acting his age.
  • In Mushoku Tensei Rudeus is very much this from infancy to his teen years due to being the reincarnation of a rather dirty otaku. This is largely overlooked by others not because he's a child, but because he's a Greyrat, everyone of whom has weird tastes.
    • Ars as an infant is noted to always feel for the breasts of whoever picks him up. So long as they're female it's fine, but if it's a man he immediately starts crying.
  • Shin from Shin-chan.
  • Tantei Gakuen Q gives us Kazuma Narusawa, who somehow got a hold of the exact measurements of the teenaged Megu's Gag Boobs...
  • Johji from the Death-T arc in Yu-Gi-Oh!.

     Comic Book 
  • Jose, Von Reichter's clone-son from Cybersix is a depraved rapist trapped in a 7 year old's body. Even in the Lighter and Softer animated series he often gets rather... grabby around beautiful women.
  • Konstantinopel from De Kiekeboes is also less innocent than in his earlier appearances. He is in love with an older woman in Schiet Niet Op De Pianist and at times intentional makes sexual remarks.
  • The main character of Le Petit Spirou. He goes towards a magazine store to buy adult magazines, is in love with his math teacher. Hell, even just looking at the front art gives you a brief indication that he's sexually attracted to older women.
  • Titeuf of the comic book named after him. Quite often, he makes sexual remarks and makes works that have sexual references (whether or not intentional).


  • Curtis one of the three killer kids from Bloody Birthday is very perverted, he spies on his friend's older sister while she changes, looks at pornographic magazines, and he murders a couple after watching them have sex.
  • In telling his origin story, Don Juan De Marco claimed to have started out this way (but he was lying).
  • Freddie from Splash was a pervert even as a child.
  • Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He complains, at one point, about having "a fifty-year-old lust, and a three-year-old dinky." In a subversion, Baby Herman is really that old, he just looks like a baby.
    • The character he plays as in the shorts may have elements of this, though, with Roger finding an adult magazine (complete with centerfold of Jessica) in his carriage at some point.


  • In John R. Powers' The Last Catholic in America, we're introduced to one of Eddie Ryan's fifth-grade friends, Felix "The Filth Fiend" Lindor, thusly:
    Felix Lindor had enough dirt in his mind to apply for statehood. He had to have gone through puberty during his preschool years because he was already a dirty old man by the time he got to the first grade. He constantly made snide remarks about “Dick and Jane,” and once when we were talking about “Superman,” Felix told me what he’d do if he had X-ray vision.
    • In the sequel, Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?, Felix the Filth Fiend returns, this time attending the same high school as Eddie. Of course, since he's now a teenager, his character doesn't really qualify for this trope, but Eddie, the narrator, does mention:
    Felix the Filth Fiend Lindor started taking an interest in the opposite sex the moment he realized which one he was opposite. Before he was old enough to attend school himself, he was already hanging around playgrounds with his pockets full of candy. In grammar school, during a civics class, the nun once asked Felix what would be the first legislative act he’d pass if he were a congressman. Felix said he’d outlaw slacks.

     Live Action TV  

  • Frederick Crane, on Frasier, grew up in a state of mutual adoration with Daphne Moon. Taking after his father with the ladies, Frederick exploits her maternal streak when he hits puberty, and hugs perhaps a little closer and more intimately than is appropriate. The only person not to notice the change in Frederick's focus is Daphne...
  • One episode of House featured a young boy who was quite...interested...in Cameron, pinching her butt and attacking Chase when he displayed his "interest" in her as well. Turns out, the father's testosterone cream had rubbed off on his kids, causing his eight-year-old son to experience puberty and all the psychotic hormone changes that brings.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Lily is a kindergarten teacher; in the pilot episode she comes home with a painty handprint on her (white) shirt. Three guesses where.
    • A later episode shows Lily and Marshall debating names for their upcoming child, looking for something gender-neutral that Lily won't associate with an obnoxious kid in her class. They settle on 'Jamie', but the next day she comes to the bar angrily with similar handprints, and says "NOT JAMIE!"

     Video Games  

  • In the Eden level of Dragon's Lair II, the Cherubs—who look no older than kindergartners—seem a little too interested in climbing around on Dirk, tickling him, holding him down and spanking him.

     Western Animation  
  • The South Park kids, though they suffer from Ping-Pong Naïveté (not Kenny, he's dirty though and through!).
    • Clyde Donovan is also a honorable mention; he held a speech about lesbian cheerleaders and ditched the World of Warcraft battle to read Playboy.
  • Bart Simpson seems to swish back and forth. Sometimes he is well aware of sexual topics, other times he is innocent as a normal child his age would be.