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Rhett or Link at the beginning of nearly every Good Mythical Morning episode

Rhett & Link are entertainers who primarily use the Internet to display their talents. They like to call themselves "Internetainers."

Charles Lincoln Neal and Rhett McLaughlin first met on the first day of first grade in Buies Creek, North Carolina, when they were held in class during recess as punishment for writing profanity on their desks. They quickly became best friends. Throughout their childhood and adolescence, they went to the same schools and even dated some of the same girls (not at the same time, of course). During their college years, they both pursued engineering degrees (civil for Rhett, industrial for Link) and shared a dorm room. They also made videos with a VHS-C camera and played them at their weekly Campus Crusade meetings.

Today, Rhett & Link are among the most successful entertainers on the Internet. They have written songs about the strangest things, and they have made videos on the strangest subjects. Their most successful operations involve making bizarre commercials for small businesses all over America. They have two main YouTube channels, one for their main videos and the other for their ongoing talk show, Good Mythical Morning. They also have a third and a fourth channel, featuring more footage of GMM (called Good Mythical More) and making-ofs/real-world footage respectively. They sell their own albums, T-shirts, coffee mugs, and even original shoes through partnerships with Tweak Footwear and DFTBA Records. They even receive sponsorships for some of their videos. In 2011, they had their own TV show called Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, which aired on IFC.

But they have not forgotten their roots. Though they both now have their own individual homes and families, they still hang out like when they were children, and they even made a documentary of themselves searching for their teacher from first grade.

They also appeared in Epic Rap Battles of History three times: as Wilbur (Rhett) and Orville (Link) Wright, as Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi (Rhett) and Leonardo da Vinci (Link), and as Lewis (Link) and Clark (Rhett).

Rhett & Link albums include:

  • I'm Sorry, What Was That? (Live in the Living Room)
  • Secret Songs
  • B-Sides
  • Up To This Point

Rhett & Link webseries include:

  • Rhett&LinKast: Originally a traditional video podcast, later became a live stream.
  • Good Morning Chia Lincoln/Good Mythical Morning: Spiritual Successor to the Rhett&LinKast, a morning talk show.
  • I Love Local Commercials: Later developed into the IFC television series.
  • The Future According to Rhett/Link's Golden Advice for Single Guys
  • Seaborne and Roach: Two private eyes on mundane stakeouts.
  • Superhero and Sidekick: The misadventures of a superhero and his sidekick.
  • Caption Fail: A sketch, followed by two reenactments of the sketch using YouTube's auto-transcribe captions.
  • Viral Boom: On January 17, 2007, Rhett and Link stayed up for 24 hours to make 24 potentially-viral videos.
  • Great American Road Trip: Sponsored by Alka-Seltzer, Rhett and Link traveled the country sampling local cuisine.
  • The Mythical Show: A 30-minute variety show made in the summer of 2013, consisting of several segments including GMM-style conversation, a music video, and skits and stunts performed with other YouTube users and celebrities.
  • Middle School Musical: Middle-schoolers reenact popular stories in musical format.

Rhett & Link's media contain examples of:

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