Funny / Rhett & Link

  • The Tragedy, or the true story of how Link broke his pelvis.
  • Rhett and Link's Most Embarrassing Moments are exactly as the title describes, and equally funny.
  • "Caption Fail". It's Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • In "9 Craziest Snowmen on The Internet", Rhett brings up a picture of a half melted snowmen and calls it the "Do you believe in climate change now!?" snowman.
  • In "Dumbest Crimes Inspired by Movies", Rhett mentions someone who was inspired by Back to the Future who drove their car at 88mph.
    Link: What year did he land in?
    Rhett: The strange thing is Link that it actually kinda worked, because he created a portal to Advanced Tax Services in Pensacola, Florida! *shows a picture of a car crash in a tax building*
  • Link and Rhett decide to get wet.
  • In their let's play of Twisted Metal, Link plays as Axel, who he thinks looks like Skeletor. You should know where this is going.
  • "The Ultimate Texting Competition: Rhett vs Link", in which the duo have to type out rhymes on their phones (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, and part of their Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs. Geek song) in different ways for each round—it gets funny at least in the next 3 rounds, anyway.
  • In "Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?", their alternating between scientific and conspiratorial theories regarding the fates of ill-fated travelers through aforementioned area culminates in Rhett dressed as an elderly sailor and talking in a consistent "wheezy old man" voice about Joaquin Phoenix.
  • What Your Fridge Says About You
  • Link proves why he shouldn't be trusted with sharp objects.
  • They ended their "Strange Ways to Open a Cereal Box" episode by having sumo champion Yama body slam one. When this failed to actually open it, Yama proceeded to... simply make them the cereal by hand.
  • In the final minute of their Extreme Ice Bath Challenge, Link is shivering so hard he can barely string two words together... until he suddenly exclaims that there's a can of Sprite in his tub.
    • Even funnier is that Link's surprised allows both of them regain a measure of coherency.
  • In the "Will it Chip?" segment of GMM S13 E21, Rhett starts - and can't stop himself - from Freudian Slip after Freudian Slip after trying a chip made from a yak's private parts. The entire crew is busting up off-camera by the last one, and Link jumps back and forth between Actually Pretty Funny and Flat "What.".
    Rhett: I mean, based on expectations coming into this, will it chip?
    Link: No!
    Rhett: Would you rather just have a straight penis?
    Link: Don't do that again!
    Rhett: I'm sorry!
    Link: But since you asked: no.
    Rhett: Okay, alright! I'll join the bandwagon: will it penis? I mean—
    Rhett and the crew are busting up laughing
    Link: What is wrong with you!? ...that's another episode, man!
    Rhett: Write that one down!