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Groin Attack: Video Games

Played for Comedy

  • A selectable move from the movelist in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw. It is also part of what is known in earlier versions of the game as a "super dirty" move where your character scratches the opponent's nose getting him to turn around in pain, then your character delivers a painful-looking punch to the nuts. If you're playing a one-on-one match, the super dirty finishing move can go into slo-mo and adds to the pain with an appropriately loud THWACK!, which, to a lot of people, will sound significantly more painful in the 2008 version. You can even do the same to the referee if you have the right moves equipped. You Bastard. (*giggle*)
    • Since then they have introduced Create a Finisher, where it is possible to have a finisher consist of 9 groin shots followed by a Stunner or some other move.
    • Starting from WWE '12, you can now create your own highlight reels to save for posterity. Cue the sepia-tone, slow motion montage of devastating nutshots set to triumphant music!
    • In Wrestlemania XIX for the GameCube and Wrestlemania2000 and No Mercy for the Nintendo 64, no groin shot is illegal, and every hit to the groin is accompanied by an audible [DING!].
  • Johnny Cage's signature attack in Mortal Kombat, other than his trademark Shadow Kick, is essentially a special move version of this, in which he does the splits and plants his fist directly into his opponent's balls. He can't do this on female opponents from MK1 to 2 though since they don't have balls to break (except in Shaolin Monks and MK9), though.
    • Cage also pulled this move on Goro in the movie... Which is even funnier as it's subverted just the tiniest point when Johnny runs from the ring, up the stairs, and has to pause, wincing in pain and shaking off the hand he punched with, and hissing "Damn! That hurt!"
    • In Shaolin Monks, the move is extended to a fatality. He punches them in the groin several times, mugs for the camera, punches the groin for a bit like a speed bag, and then does one final monster punch that pulverises the entire pelvic region, effectively cutting the opponent in half. It can be seen here and here.
      • Returns in all of its nut-smashing glory in Mortal Kombat 9, where it is also incorporated into his X-Ray move. Behold, as his punches rupture his enemy's groin muscles! As a plus, the regular version and the X-ray even work on the ladies now! No more gender discrimination!
      • There are also other characters who deliver Groin Attacks in 9, so it's not just restricted to Cage this time. Smoke's death in Story Mode even is preceded by one, which is quite possibly one of the lousiest ways to go out.
    • His daughter, Cassie, inherits his tenacity for giving people nut shots in Mortal Kombat X.
  • In Combat Arms, on April 13-22, 2009 - shooting someone in the groin would kill them in one-hit, but was later nerfed to only occur when the fatal bullet (or melee attack) would hit the groin. Male characters cause a humourous death animation in which they squirm on the ground, holding their crotch, complete with a groan of pain. The game notifies you of this by having two walnuts pop up on screen, one having been broken, and the kill is shown to other players as the killer's name, the weapon which killed, a picture of a squirrel chewing on a nut, and the victim. The killer even laughs a bit after they get the kill. Female characters will be killed in one hit also, but lack a humourous notifiers to anyone. Read up on it here.
  • A Renegade Interrupt in Mass Effect 2 to obtain information in an interrogation for Thane's loyalty mission has a colourful threat to do this and a bit more.
    I'm done being patient. Give me a name, or I'll cut your balls off and sell them to a Krogan! note 
    • When you run into Conrad Verner on Illium, he's parading around in a cheap copy of Shepard's N7 armor. If you think being a Paragon lets him off easy, but don't want to go full Renegade and shoot him in the foot, there's a very satisfying midpoint - knee him in the groin.
    Asari Bartender: Ha! Kick him in the quad! Sorry, my father was a krogan.
    • Garrus does this to 'Fade' upon interrogation in his loyalty mission.
  • As is one of Sophitia's grapple moves in the Soul Calibur series. "I'm sorry!" (She can use it on other women, but she aims for their abdomen rather than their groin and doesn't apologize afterwards.) The attack is called "Widow Maker".
    • Seong Mi-Na can do a groin strike with her spear. This comes in two variations; the first is simply an attack, the second is an attack throw where she then proceeds to lift the character up and throw them behind her.
    • Then there's a very special throw, from the right, where she knocks her opponent down, jumps on top of them, and plunges the zanbatou into the nether regions. She even addresses this in the third game. "Bye bye."
      • Not as bad, but Kilik can do this with his staff too.
      • He also has a move where he swipes his staff into their knees to knock their legs apart then jerks it upwards.
    • The latest games separate the two attack animations (the male and female) into different inputs.
    • Dampierre from Broken Destiny has his back throw, the "Distinguished Il Capitan", where he pushes the opponent to the ground, raises his/her legs, then repeatedly mashes him/her there before delivering one strong kick to that same area.
  • Scarface: The World is Yours plays up allowing the targeting of the groin. In a sub-mission, a hotelier asks Tony Montana to find tranvestite hookers moving in on his territory. Found a suspect? Time for a knee to the crotch!
  • Numerous wrestling games allow this as an option, from punches, kicks, and headbutts down there to specific groin claws.
  • One of Isabella's stealth kills in Velvet Assassin has her stabbing Nazis in the balls.
  • Of the Oddworld series, the second game, Abe's Exoddus has Abe catapulted from an exploding building, landing on a mammoth-like creature's tusk. The pain is obvious from his facial expressions.
  • The Wii game Deadly Creatures has one of the most horrible, cringe-inducing versions of this. You, the player, are a scorpion. The enemy target is a human being named Struggs and an abominable excuse for a person. To defeat Struggs, you have to crawl into his pants and sting his boys. Three times. Combine the fear of arachnids with the Groin Attack, and shiver with the consequences.
  • Played straight and subverted in Tekken Tag Tournament. Combining various guys with Nina Williams (whose in-game crotch-kick actually has this effect if it manages to hit as a counter) causes this scene to play out between them... but if you couple her with Bryan Fury, she'll perform the kick, only to have him laugh it off. Seeing as Bryan Fury is a reanimated cyborg ex-cop, it's possible that he's got 'Balls of Steel'...
  • In every Tekken game since Tekken 3, wrestler King has also had one of these: on a downed opponent (male, female, animal, machine, whatever), he can grab the ankles, lift and open, and dive. Head first.
    • He's also got the Manhattan Drop as part of his chain-throws. Supposedly, it's a knee strike to the tailbone, but...
    • Anna Williams also has a standard throw where she flips an opponent over her and performs a groin kick as they land.
    • Kazuya has a Groin Punch, which inflicts major hitstun.
    • Asuka can do a knee kick that, if done up close, stuns the victim (no matter the gender) and causes him/her to stumble back in pain, bending over with his/her hands on the stomach.
  • The arcade version of Battletoads features a rat-like Giant Mook called General Vermin who is easily double the height of the playable Toads. Unfortunately for him: his crotch is right at eye level of the enterprising amphibians, and they defeat him by grabbing a big ol' handful of his tobacco pouch (causing his one good eye to open very wide) and hammering away at it until he goes down. (Another type of Mook is named Gonnad, but this is just a coincidence.)
  • Conkers Bad Fur Day
    • The battle against a giant, living boiler with balls of brass, if only because Conker replaces his normal frying pan attack with a pair of cinder blocks and only uses the frying pan as part of the finishing blow where he smacks his balls off of him.
    • While fighting Ooga Buga by having Conker's newly tamed therosaur tackle Ooga Buga in the groin to get him to drop his loincloth so he could bite his butt about 3 times until he has removed enough to not allow his loincloth to come back on and expose his biggest secret, which is the fact that he actually has a very tiny "bone."
  • Done very, very often in God Hand. One of the main character's Roulette attacks is "Ball Buster", which can only be used on male opponents (and doesn't work on a castrated male early in the game), but does a good amount of damage and stuns them. Villains can also do the crotch shot, however - one boss's ultimate attack is a combo targeted at the hero's groin. The game's mood, one may surmise, is "silly", with a laugh track usually accompanying the blows (though to be fair, how often does a hero pull off a groin shot on a luchadore gorilla?).
  • In the MMORPG Kingdom of Loathing, Turtle Tamers can learn this as one of their special attacks, the "Kneebutt" (viz. "Headbutt"). The can-can dancers can kick you in the can, can, can. You're going to be walking funny for a week.
  • One of the distinctive features of the Fallout series is the ability to target attacks at specific regions of an opponent; one of these is the groin (which elicits all sorts of silly comments from characters). If this attack is used on a super mutant, it will respond with "Ha ha ha, we do not share that weakness!".
    • Interestingly, at least one super mutant in Fallout 2 is susceptible to groin shots. Snipe Marcus the (friendly) super mutant in the groin from the edge of the map, watch him say "Oof!" and fall face-down, leaving the scene (thereby freezing it), roam around on various errands for several game-days, and return to find Marcus, still face-down in brokencrotched agony. Good times.
    • Subverted again when it comes to women; shooting a female character in the groin will cause critical damage and most likely kill her, prompting a message: "Character's childbearing operations have been compromised" and "She takes it like a man. That is to say, it hurts like a motherfucker."
    • Found also on the "wanamingo" alien monsters in Fallout 2, where the location is designated the "groin socket."
    • This move actually serves a useful purpose, as a Critical Hit on the groin almost always bypasses armor and deals a lot of damage.
    • Fallout: New Vegas' 9 iron and its unique variant have a special move called "Fore!", where this happens. Adding to its effectiveness, it's also the weapon's power attack (so you charge at the enemy and do more damage when you use it). You can also cripple the enemy's torso with such a blow, leaving them reeling from every additional hit they take. Finally, the attack knocks enemies down when it connects for understandable reasons, which means you can stand above your stunned and twitching enemy and tee off using their groin until they die from having their pelvis hammered into paste.
  • In Bulletstorm, the "Mercy" skillshot consists of shooting an enemy in the nads, then shooting or kicking them in the head while they're stunned.
  • The Def Jam Fighting Game series has Redman's Blazin' move, wherein he grabs the opponent by the throat, hoists them up, and lands about twenty punches to the groin. He then drops them, looks around, and kicks them there once more. (It works on male and female opponents.)
  • The balls are just one of the many places that you can shoot people in the John Woo game Stranglehold, either with your normal crosshair or with Precision Aim. Too bad there isn't an achievement based on it, though. At least there's a trope image...
    • says there is one, though you only need to kill one opponent in multiplayer with a groin shot to achieve it.
      • It's a Downloadable Content achievement, so wasn't included in the initial retail release.
      • Another title from Stranglehold publisher Midway Games has a Shout-Out to the aforementioned Penny Arcade comic. Blitz: The League II has an achievement/trophy called "Testikill" where the player has to perform ten low blows to the testicles on opposing quarterbacks — and when it happens, it happens in gruesome detail.] (NSFW, obviously)
  • Oni
    • Konoko learns an attack called the "Willow Kick," a thrusting kick to the groin (which probably wouldn't count as comedic if the struck villains didn't do the classic "Crotch Clutch" reaction). The attack, however, is so slow (and easy to block or interrupt) that it's nearly worthless.
    • Female enemies take damage from willow kicks. However, they do not perform the crotch grab reaction and do not suffer the stun effect.
    • There is also another attack in which when you get on top of a downed enemy you can kneedrop him in the groin. That's Gotta Hurt.
  • Not even a Mario game is safe from this: in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, after you gain the ability to cause your partner to be buried into the ground or be shrunken by smacking them over the head with a hammer, you can do the above to Mario and then attempt to perform a high jump, which involves Luigi jumping on top of Mario and using him as leverage. Naturally, since Mario is shrunken, this'll fail, but during the brief moment while Luigi is on top of Mario's head, you can make him jump with the expected results. Not only is this hilarious in itself to begin with, but you can also keep juggling poor Luigi for as you like AND also get coins out of it for as long as Luigi has more than 1 HP left, which he keeps losing as his brother lovingly pounds the everloving crap out of his crotch hard enough to keep him suspended in midair.
    • Also, this is how you actually defeat Digga-Leg in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Power Star is actually contained within his crotch, and you actually have to smash the glass dome located where his crotch would be.
  • Ken Masters gets one of these in one of his Street Fighter endings... More specifically, the III one — and he got it courtesy of his five-year-old son Mel. And boy, did poor Eliza freak out when she saw this.
    • What makes it so hilarious is how effectively the whole scene is shown and paced. Ken is seen telling someone named "Mel" to attack, but we can't see this "Mel" and it's also the first time that someone named "Mel" is mentioned in the SF canon. Then the scene changes and we see Ken look as if he had been fatally injured, followed by Eliza's horrified screams... and only THEN we see who this "Mel" exactly is: the tiny little kid who barely reaches Ken's knees — and has punched his dad in the nuts. The punchline in itself is worth several lulz.
    • Makoto does this as the opening part of her ''Seichuusen Godanzuki'' Super/Ultra move, then punches them before sending them flying.
    • Poison has one with her super move "Poison Kiss", up close she blows her opponent a kiss to distract them, then bitchslaps them twice before winding up and driving her foot way up the opponent's crotch.
  • Before she became well-known in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, Kisarah Westfield, who came from an old ADK fighting/beat-'em up game called Aggressors of Dark Kombat, had two nasty groin-bruising attacks from within her fighting arsenal in AODK. Her first attack is an inverted atomic drop, in which she lifts her opponent up into the air before bringing them back down so that her right knee can strike their...sensitive place. Her second attack is a back mule kick and that she usually initiates it if an opponent tries to grab her from behind. Either way, both attacks hurt real bad and that they easily represent Kisarah's personality in being a tomboy.
  • Hong Yuli and Yoko Cindy Matsudaira, who come from the classic Konami PSX fighting game, Kensei Sacred Fist, had specialized in groin attacks, in which Yuli had a special move that enabled her to first strike an opponent in the groin with her own two feet while lying on the ground before attacking their stomach and face with a rapid assault of fast kicks while Cindy had a special move in which she would grab and lift an opponent's legs while they were on the ground so that she could then stomp on their family jewels with her own right foot. Strangely enough after the special move, Cindy would grab and hold herself from within a hug while making a sexual-like moan as if she had enjoyed it. Perhaps she has some sort of ballbust fetish?
  • Nearly any video game where you can target individual body parts will let you do this, like first person shooters. Perfect Dark in particular gave mooks a rather long death animation if you finished them with a shot to the pills, consisting mainly of them lying doubled over on the floor.
  • Metal Gear:
    • Starting with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, it's possible to punch held-up soldiers in the groin, which is an instant KO. Shooting them there is an instant kill.
    • If you bully EVA too much in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, she will eventually kick Snake in the groin - fatally. Naked Snake also gets shot in the groin by Ocelot in the very funny Secret Theater "Catlike Behavior". Why Ocelot was aiming at Snake's crotch (even in the actual game) in the first place does bring about many questions though. Seriously, give the guy a break - he's already sterile.
      • Using the Patriot's melee attack will randomly cause enemy soldiers to react as though they've been hit in the ghoulies. Not useful in the least, but very funny. Also, if the player decides to actually shoot a soldier there, they'll return in the Ghost River of The Sorrow, blood spurting, going "Ooooh! I'm worthless now!"
      • Volgin kicks EVA in the crotch when he's got her helpless on the floor after catching her trying to steal the Philosopher's Legacy. Obviously not played for laughs here, and it's definitely shown to be painful.
      • When you disguise Snake as Raikov in MGS3, you have Colonel-level clearance. This means all enemy soldiers will stop what they were doing to salute you whenever you come by, and their scrotes aren't gonna punch themselves while they're standing at attention. The fact they don't raise the alarm (and actually thank you for making them more alert) implies Raikov does this often.
    • Naked Snake ends up getting one of these from Cunningham when being tortured in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, namely with Cunningham placing his artificial leg directly on it.
    • Old Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots gets a groin-mangling death-grip to finish patting down soldiers for items, combining this trope with a fair amount of Ho Yay. Trying this on Ocelot's FROGs will get you an angry response, a smack across the face, and an alert. Strangely, the Gekkos (which are machines) seem to have this vulnerability as well, as there is a plate right between its legs that say "please do not strike this surface."
  • In one mission of Sly 2: Band Of Thieves, you are playing as Bentley trying to lead a villain, using noisy sleep darts, to some Indian watermelon so you can make him go to sleep and steal his blueprints. Well, you can hit him in the crotch, and he'll usually not even come after you, or respond for that matter. Hilarity Ensues.
  • You get bonus points and messages such as "Sausage Stew" and "Nutcracker" if you hit your ragdoll's groin in PAIN. On ragdolls of both genders. (???)
  • While it doesn't deal any extra damage, the wide difference of heights between player characters and NPCs in City of Heroes often results in characters getting hit in the groin with everything from fists to baseball bats to swords and axes! There's endless amusement to be had out of making Stalkers at minimum height, what with their signature Assasin's Strike abilities ...
  • Prier of La Pucelle gets this as her very first Special Ability, euphemistically called Coup de Grâce. She also uses it in a cutscene in order to determine if a person looking like Father Salade is in fact Father Salade (he isn't) on the reasoning that the real Salade would know her well enough to dodge.
  • The ridiculously Darker and Edgier platform game Vexx has a large, goblin-like creature in one level who taunts you by holding a Plot Coupon out of your reach. A targeting reticule appears over his groin. No prizes for guessing what you have to do. After getting punched in the crotch, he doubles over and starts to whimper pathetically. Vexx is a jerk.
  • Although it won't actually damage them, firing a projectile at the groins of the guards in Beyond Good & Evil will result in them clutching at their crotch and squirming in pain, since their Powered Armor doesn't seem to include a codpice.
  • In Aliens Extermination, the Renegade Loader's weak spot is his crotch. It's supposed to be his arms but this works just as well. Video here.
  • Heavenly Sword's heroine has a whole subset of super attacks that target her (mostly male) mooks, including doing a jumping downward slash with her gigantic title weapon onto the delicate area, and grabbing a mook, leaping into the air, and dropping the mook down in a piledriver maneuver on their head with her hands on their ankles, their legs spread and her foot planted firmly on the man's crotch as she rams him into the ground. These attacks cause all the surrounding soldiers to fall down, clutching their groins in sympathy pain.
    • And the one where she slams a giant morning star into a soldier's crotch as he tries to crawl backward. *cringe*
    • Also there's part of the combo she does on the final boss, where she does a piledriver that ends with both her elbows in his crotch.
    • There's also a lampshade by Kai wherein she extracts a password from an enemy by pointing a crossbow at his groin and actually saying, "Maybe I'll hit your weak point For Massive Damage!"
    • Speaking of Kai, in some of her segments, she actually gets additional points if she shoots enemy soldiers in the junk.
  • Strangely, the groin is the "weak spot" of the final boss of Far Cry (PC version). He can take a few clips of assault rifle fire to the head, but shoot him in the groin and he kneels over dead after only several bullets.
  • There is a fight sequence in one of the Half-Life 2 episodes where Gordon and Alyx run into headcrab zombies in an underground room. Observant players might notice Alyx grabbing one of the unsuspecting zombies and bringing her knee up sharply between its legs.
  • In Dead Rising, one of grab animations from a female zombie shows her dropping to her knees and biting Frank's groin. If you let a male survivor die while you are in the same zone, it will sometimes show a death animation where a female zombie attacks his crotch and comes up with bloody chunks of flesh in her mouth.
    • That was spoilered, just to be safe.
  • In Dead Rising 2, if Chuck is knocked down during the fight against Amber and Crystal Bailey, one of the girls will approach and stomp on his groin.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wario's grab attack appears to be a low-blow. Fits him.
  • Happens twice in Disgaea 3, with Almaz as the unfortunate target in both times. This is because the universe apparently hates him.
    • Etna tells Flonne about an incident where she kicked a guy in the groin in chapter 5 of the first game.
  • One of the Joker's fatalities in "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe" is punching his opponent to the ground and slamming the heel of his shoe into his opponent's groin. Ouch!
    • That isn't a Fatality, that's his standard win animation. So even if he doesn't kill you, he'll make you wish he did.
    • He knocks his opponent to the ground, tip toes over to them, then SLAMS his heel into their groin. Then claps his hands and giggles maniacally. He is an equal opportunity offender though, as he does this to the four women as well.
  • Never actually seen, but this is the community-held standard attack area of a Gnomish Warrior or Death Knight in Blizzard's World of Warcraft MMORPG.
  • In Another World, at one point when you walk off the right side of the screen (it is a screen-at-a-time platform game rather than a scrolling one), an enemy punches you, causing you to drop your gun. The enemy then lifts you by your shoulders. If you press the action key/button, your character knees the enemy in the groin, which gives you time to retrieve the gun before the enemy can shoot you.
  • Faith's slide kick in Mirror's Edge is, in essence, a blow to the nuts. It even stuns the enemy for a few seconds as he stands there doubled over in agony.
  • Bully has Jimmy abuse the ... well, jimmies of some of his assailants. Got that bully in your grasp? Shove him up against the wall and KNEE. Thrown him to the ground? Rear back up and drop that knee between the posts. This is learned in gym class. And trying to evade the grapple of local law enforcement? One method is the testicular vise. Add onto that the fun phenomenon that when shot by the spudgun, enemies sell it as a groin hit if hit in the front (usually). The game does discourage you from kneeing (or even grappling) the girls in the game (they instantly escape) so you can't test that particular move out on them. You can, however, use precise aim on the slingshot to effect a groin attack on a girl; simply enter aim mode, zoom in on a girl's groin and shoot her. The girl will scream and grab her crotch, collapsing to the ground, where she will writhe in pain with her hands in between her legs.
    • It's also pretty funny early in the game if you choose to fight Russel in the junkyard there is a conveniently placed soccer ball, you kick the ball to him and it nails him in the groin and he shouts in a higher voice "You hit Russel's special place!".
  • Fight Night Round 3: Low blows are unblockable, but often it takes several of them before the ref disqualifies you from the fight. So it becomes a valid (if unbelievably cheap) strategy to knock out the tougher fighters by punching them in the sack. The slow-motion shot replay (and crunching sounds) are either horrific or a Funny Moment, depending on your maturity level. To make it worse, it is possible to grind the achievements of the game by turning off Illegal Blow Disqualifications, which allows you to fight your way all the way to the international championship by throwing nothing but haymakers into your opponents' crotch.
  • There is a fan-made (Japanese) game that consists entirely of Yuffie of Final Fantasy VII fame going around kicking guys in the crotch. It is called "Yuffie the Hunting: Testis Crush!!"
  • In Destroy All Humans!! Path of the Furon, One of the bosses is a giant creature that resembles a Tripod from The War of the Worlds. Pox suggests attacking it in its External DNA Collection Recepticles, or "Those big hanging things between its hind legs!", After which Crypto replies "You mean get him in the family jewels? Euah, That's just wrong!"
  • Also applies in Battlefield 2142, where player-drivable gigantic walkers are normally as heavily armored as a tank. Except in one vital area, where they are vulnerable to almost anything more powerful than a knife.
  • In GHOST Squad, successfully completing Mission 3's first Hand-to-Hand Combat scene yields a cutscene of your character beating up his opponents, one of which he punches in the groin.
  • Fighter Maker 2 on the PS2 allows you to design your own movesets from scratch for the characters. Things like this are possible with it. And they say user-created content has no innate value...
  • In Saints Row 2, when you dual wield and melee-attack someone, you will hilariously kick your target in the crotch. It's a shame there is no "ball-kicking" diversion when this particular attack exists...
    • It's worth noting that this also works on female characters. There's also a "nut shot" skill shot the player can perform with firearms, although this doesn't seem to work on females.
      • You can hit a female enemy in the groin, and she'll do the special animation, but it doesn't count as a skill shot, nor does it count towards the achievement "Aww, Nuts!"
    • Behold: The trailer for Saint's Row 3.
    • On a further note, the player can swing the butt of their sawed-off shotgun into an attacker's crotch enough times to get a kill called "Testicular Homicide."
    • As a matter of fact, you can do this with almost any firearm. Especially gratifying when Dual Wielding pistols or SMGs: the Boss footsweeps the enemy, then drops an elbow right onto their crotch. The crowner, though? Slamming the rocket launcher payload-first into the enemy's balls.
      • Even more surprising, an achievement can be gained, too, appropriately named: "Ow My Balls!!!"
      • Saints Row IV no longer allows you to do the weapon-specific groin attacks while you have super powers. The tradeoff is that now a single punch or kick to the crotch will send an enemy flying through the air.
  • An esoteric example occurs in "Splinter Cell" Conviction, where the always-lethal melee attack is visually translated as Sam, Archer, or Kestrel grabbing the enemy's weapon hand, holding it safely away from themselves, and deliberately booting the mook in his uprights to incapacitate them.
    • Possibly played less for laughs, considering the immediate after-action is the aforementioned victim being shot in the face. Cold-blooded, or merciful?
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, depending on how close you are to an opponent you have locked onto, Niko will either kick or knee them in the crotch. However, the enemies can also do this back, and some do it a lot faster than the player can.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V, during a torture scene in one of the missions. Sometimes, when using the massive wrench, Trevor will exclaim "Nut shot!" and delver a painful blow to the victim's groin. To make the scene look even more painful, the crotch of the victim's pants starts absorbing blood shortly after.
  • Medal of Honor: Frontline (and possibly its sequels) counted the number of hits in various areas at the end of each mission - head, body, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and groin. Strangely, enemies could take 2 shots to the groin before dying. (The best level for groin shots is the submarine one - no distant snipers that are hard to aim at.)
  • In Clive Barker's Jericho, the Cultists (the regular, Flying, and Exploding variants) tend to have huge, gaping holes where their genitals should be (to name just a few of their horrific mutilations). Also, there is an implied groin attack when Lichthammer threatens to "tear (Rawlings') manhood from (him)".
  • Rubi in Wet is rather inordinately fond of these. If you kill an enemy by shooting or slashing him in the balls, not only do you get bonus points, but you also get a "BALL-BREAKER!" notification next to your score multiplier. In addition, Rubi usually finishes off Elite Mooks with a short series of Action Commands that ends with Rubi's katana slicing up from between the poor bastard's legs. And she seems to have quite the Psychotic Smirk whenever she does this too, which doubles the creepy factor.
  • Persona 4 has Yosuke on the receiving end of one of Chie's kicks. "Critical hit to the nads."
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman has a few take-down combos that involve a rather brutal strike to the jewels. In the downloadable Joker maps, one of Joker's stealth takedowns is a kick to the pills from behind.
    • Somewhat subverted by the fact that, while there's no contesting the impact to the nuts, Bats actually seems to be looking to break or fracture the pelvis... which will force the mooks to stay down for considerably longer by making it practically impossible for them to stand. Then again, this subversion could simply be playing it straight with more dakka.
    • Batman: Arkham City brings back all of Batman's groin attacks from the first game and adds a few more. Perhaps the most brutal is, if timed correctly, Batman will do a ground takedown by leaping into the air and coming down with both fists on his prone opponent. Bad enough when he does that to their face, but if the model is flipped...
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, one attack a rogue gets is called "Below the Belt," and at least comes close to invoking this trope if it doesn't do so outright. Using this on a frozen opponent will sometimes shatter and kill them outright.
    • Probably unintentional, but dwarves who are dual-wielding blades can do this as a random finishing move. Anyone dual-wielding has a chance of finishing a humanoid opponent by stabbing them in the gut with one blade and then decapitating them with the other. Bioware, however, used the same finishing animations for dwarves as for taller races, so their first stab tends to be a little bit... lower.
  • In Assassin's Creed I, Altaďr can use this as part of his many bastardly counter attacks. However, the guards are also well versed in groin-fu.
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood adds a kick attack as a way to stun guards who constantly deflect Ezio's sword strikes. The developers probably intended this as a gut-kick but it sure does look like a bona-fide groin attack. And it does do a small amount of damage in addition to stunning so it can be used to kill a guard. That's right, people. You can potentially go through the entire game crotch-kicking everyone to death.
    • Considering Ezio's way of fighting, it was probably entirely intentional.
    • A particularly painful example occurs in some of Ezio's axe counters. After parrying a guard's sword, Ezio swings downward and drives it through the groin, leaving the axe embedded somewhere near the kidneys. What's worse is that the guard is lifted a foot into the air, and Ezio just leaves the axe stuck in there.
  • One of the random thoughts one could read in The World Ends with You is the following: "Man, I really screwed up that trick. Glad you only need one of them to have kids."
  • In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, the villainous character Doronjo has a special attack called "Punching Bag Fiesta." Her two lackies grab hold of the opponent and beat them senseless until Doronjo delivers the final blow, a swift vertical kick. While it may not be the intentions of the attack to directly be a groin attack or a cunt punt, most often the positioning of the characters results in her knee landing right where it hurts the most.
  • In Psychonauts, the second channel on the TV shows some sort of ninja or martial arts practitioner repetitively punching another in the groin. Also, using the clairvoyance power on Bobby Zilch shows that he sees Raz on a punching bag...with a target over that particular area.
  • This is actually how you damage Bonus Boss Phantom in Kingdom Hearts.
  • Daxter unintentionally does this to Jak in the intro of Jak II: Renegade. And in Jak X, Ashelin suggests this as a way of dealing with Mizo.
  • In Target Terror, you earn a "Nut Cracker" medal for shooting a certain percentage of mooks in the junk.
  • In Battle Fantasia, if Marco uses his grabbing move on Face, it results in this, complete with a bell sound.
  • In the web game "Pico's School" on Newgrounds, you have to do this to Casandra's monster form in the final battle in order to damage it.
  • Groin shots in Command & Conquer: Renegade are tracked, and groin shots that kill will cause the afflicted to double over in pain. This goes even if that final shot was delivered by a flamethrower, chem sprayer, or a tank shell.
  • Hilariously recreated in this Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire parody.
  • At the end of the music video for the DJMAX song "NB Rangers: Returns (sic)", NB Red gets kicked in the groin. By all four of his teammates.
  • Similar to the Battletoads example above, the difference in height between Mega Man X and Flame Mammoth in Maverick Hunter X puts Mammoth's crotch about level with X's Buster. The game doesn't pay any attention to this fact at all, but when you down the giant elephant with a Hadouken to the jewels...
  • This boss from Donkey Kong Country Returns. It's a robot, but still...
  • The Pokémon Attack "Low Sweep" hits several Pokémon including Fraxure squarely in the crotch. Extra points when it's Super Effective.
  • In Anarchy Reigns, playing as Mathilda, you can kick boys and girls between their legs.
  • In Way of the Samurai 4, you can learn a grab skill which is a ball grab, it hurts to see, but it works even against females, also, if you fail when trying to pair with a girl(or a guy) and fail, she will punch you in the crotch.
  • In Alpha Protocol, if Michael does well enough on Mina's shooting range, she gives him the opportunity to participate in an "Advanced" Shooting Range in which he must shoot Sean Darcy, who's busy trying to beat Mike's score, with a tranquilizer pistol. Mina will award Mike extra if he really makes it count...
  • No mention of the kick in the nads Remy (of Professor Layton) gives someone-but-I-forgot-who in Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva ?
  • At the end of "Shadow of the Colossal Donut" in The Simpsons Game, when Bart and Homer take down the Lard Lad Donuts mascot statue, Homer continually pounds the fallen statue in the crotch, with Bart telling him to show some dignity in victory.
  • X-Men: Next Dimension: This can result from a minor programming oversight. Mystique's grab move and level one super both involve her grabbing an opponent, placing her rifle to their chest, and firing (nonlethally). However, there are several opponents — Juggernaut, Sentinel A, and the Blob — who are at least two feet taller than the average character. They didn't alter these moves at all, meaning that... well, you should be able to guess where the rifle ends up from the page you're on.
  • One of the moves that Rift's Assassin class is able to learn is "Foul Play", which is described as "an unfair maneuver that stuns the enemy", and the skill icon none-too-subtly implies that this is the maneuver they have in mind.
  • In No More Heroes, one of the grunts' taunts includes "I'll kick you in the nuts!".
  • One of the many melee finishing moves in Uncharted 3 involves Nathan Drake sliding between the legs of his enemy and punching up. Hard. Nathan can also hang on a ledge, reach up to punch an enemy above him in the groin, and pull him down by the collar as he grabs his crotch.
  • In Brain Dead 13, after Lance jumps from the tower when Moose becomes blown up by becoming overloaded by lightning, he lands on a statue by the groin.
    • This will also occur if you press left twice to run away from Moose after Fritz pulls you and him both up to the top of the lightning tower.
  • In the indie brawler BANZAI PECAN: The Last Hope for the Young Century, the game's titular heroine can perform a Stylish Finisher where she knees a Playboy Bunny-girl in her crotch, accompanied with a broken taco displayed on screen as she falls over in pain, and at the same time, the audience in the background are laughing.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic: An ability picked up from level progression for the Smuggler class if appropriately named, "Dirty Kick", dealing a significant amount of damage and stunning the target for about 4 seconds. Usually, the animation of a smuggler kicking an enemy's nads apply to sentient targets, but there have been times the animation is shown to be the same one of the ability used on mechanical enemies, which is similar to a trip.
  • In the Dating Sim National Lampoon's Blind Date, making a sexist comment to your date while she's holding a pool cue will make her stab you in the crotch with it.
  • Whenever you interact with something in McPixel, McPixel's default animation is a kick to the grown. Though this usually leads into something different if there's an interaction available.
  • In Yakuza 3, the main character Kazuma observes a boy in a batting cage trying to show off to a girl. The automatic pitching machine launches the ball, it glances off his bat, rebounds off the floor and hits him firmly in the crotch. He collapses and the girl cracks up laughing. "While any guy can understand how painful it is, it's just a hilarious scene to girls," comments Kazuma.
  • In the intro to The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, the Nerd gets dragged into TV Land by the balls, a reference to his Action 52 review.
  • BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma descends to this level of humor in CP Ep9. After their encounter with Tsubaki, Kagura and Makoto shoot the breeze on what's happening to her, with Kagura making a few comments about Makoto herself (though he really does like her when she's calm). Since Makoto's arms and chest are bound (which Kagura actually jokes about), she uses the limbs available to her to get the point across three separate times.
    Kagura (on third acorn shot): Still... worth it... *collapses*
  • Most of the time, defeating bosses in Duke Nukem Forever means more than just shooting them up. Often, you have to perform some gruesome finishing move on them as well. There are these fifteen-foot-tall brutes called Battlelords. Once you take one of them to the brink, you're encouraged to get up close and use their sacks as speed bags. The end result is most satisfying.
    Duke Nukem: Right in the jewels...

Played for Drama

  • One of Altair's counter-attacks in Assassin's Creed I involves a kick to the groin before stabbing his opponent in the neck. His descendant Ezio has a similar move, but unfortunately for him, Elite Mooks use it as a melee counter as well.
  • In Scarface: The World is Yours you can score hits on enemies' nuts.
  • In Dragon Age: Origins the Below the Belt attack has the ingame description: "The rogue delivers a swift and unsportsmanlike kick to the target."
    • Cassandra Pentaghast comes close to doing this to Varric Tethras in Dragon Age II during the introduction when she shoves a sword through his book to make him start talking about the Champion of Kirkwall.
  • In Fable II, subtargeting allows for headshots and groin shots. Depending on your weapon, you don't usually need more than one or two groin shots to kill an enemy.
  • Blood Omen 2
    • The Enemies will occasionally, when weakened, crawl away from Kain on the ground. Kain can then attack them to finish them off, and if he is fighting unarmed, this will be done as a kick. Very frequently, because the enemies crawl directly away from you, it will look like Kain is finishing his enemies by very gleefully kicking them in the groin. With a vampire's strength the lethality is actually believable.
    • Kain has an attack where he picks someone up by the neck and beats them with a weapon. His target is between the legs when he's wielding a mace.
  • One of the achievements in Dead to Rights: Retribution is obtained by performing a "groin takedown" as Shadow. The achievements name? Scrotality.
  • In No More Heroes, if Bad Girl overwhelms Travis at close range (with her bat and his saber crossed), she'll kick him in the balls. Given that she uses spiked stilettos, he takes a moment to recover.
  • In the original Soldier of Fortune, a shot to the crotch is instant death.
  • Geralt of Rivia can deliver these during quicktime brawls in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.
  • The trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw has the protagonist take a chainsaw to a zombie's groin and cuts them in half.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one of the finishers you can do to a Dwarven Centurion is this.
  • Link, of all people, seems to do this in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess whenever he uses a finishing stab on a Bokoblin.
  • Possible in Sniper Elite V2, complete with slo-mo cam of testicles exploding. Dooley! With the DLC mission, you can do this to none other than Adolf Hitler himself — although that might be a body double since Hitler lost a testicle in a WWI gas attack and the x-ray kill cam clearly shows two.
  • Probably unintentionally hilarious, but one of the attacks Asura from Asura's Wrath uses in the DLC lost episode chapter against Evil Ryu is a grapple move that looks like the Kinniku Buster that ends with Asura's Knee in Evil Ryu's groin.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution: one of the lethal takedowns looks like it really hurts. Well, actually, they all hurt, but this is the worst.
  • In Syndicate (2012), a groin attack is one of the possible melee attacks.
  • Self-Defense Training Camp (Xbox 360)
  • The Ties That Bind, the anime film that shipped with the collectors edition of Street Fighter IV, had a rare female version that is not exactly Played for Laughs during the very brutal brawl between Crimson Viper and Cammy. After parrying an attack from Cammy, Viper charges her knuckle weapon with electricity, then punches Cammy directly in the crotch. Given that all Cammy wears is a leotard, there would have been only a single layer of fabric in between Viper's electrically charged fist and Cammy's underparts, meaning that Cammy most likely suffered massive damage to her genitals. Needless to say, the fight ends rather quickly after this.
  • Heavy Rain has Madison squeezing a man's testicles for nearly a minute as a means of torture. What comes around goes around, however, as in one of her scenes with the Doc, failing a quicktime sequence will cause him to pin her down, pull her legs open, rev up a power drill and plunge the drill bit into her crotch, undoubtedly ripping her genitalia apart. This attack kills Madison quickly, but not before she screeches like a gutted monkey and writhes pretty violently, the blood from her private parts spraying all over.
  • Fallout plays it both for comedy and drama. Groin attacks have a lower penalty to aim than headshots, so if you are moderately skilled in your weapon, you will aim there to waste less shots, and still get more chances to score a Critical Hit than a standard attack. Said critical hits have effects ranging from doubled damage to unconsciousness. Though the game has Bloody Hilarious comments for every critical hit in the game adds a comical effect to the whole tactical decision of where to shoot.
  • Golden Axe: Barn's grapple. Not to mention she can do this up to THREE TIMES in one grapple attack!
    • Also chicken-leg's attack from the first game is seemingly this. Especially if it's done on Ax Battler and Tyris Flare, the attack looks like whipping their lower body, close to their sensitive area. It's perhaps slightly easier to be seen in PS2 remake. And that attack even knock down your character despite the damage is quite weaker than any Mook's normal combo attack, the attack took about 7 hits to lose your life bar by one.
    • In second game, lizardmen's tail whip may also counts, considering their tail's location is in the same height as the groin of Ax Battler and Tyris Flare. And it's actually strong enough to make you lose one life bar in two attacks!
    • Skeletons in third game are quite short compared to the heroes. So their low attack may also counts (and considering their low attack is also one-hit knock down despite the damage is slightly weaker than their combo attack).
  • The Last of Us: In the final chapter, Joel takes this trope Up to Eleven by actually shooting a Firefly soldier in the testes. Twice.
  • Digimon World 3: There are two variants of Numemon, purple and icy blue, whose only attack is biting your Digimon right in that spot, especially if you fight them as Angemon, HolyAngemon, or Angewomon. The purple ones' attack will also reduce your Digimon's defense, so it's pretty dangerous.
  • Outlast: Whistleblower has Eddie Gluskin, aka the Groom, a misogynistic serial killer made even more Ax-Crazy by Mind Rape, has this as his MO. He thinks his (male) victims are women he wants to marry, but given certain dimorphism-related issues, he can't consummate his marriage. So he... solves that issue via crude impromptu operations, including this. Waylon Park comes very dangerously close to being on the receiving end of such an operation until he's saved at the last possible second.
  • Far Cry 3 does not use this for comedy. One of Jason's many brutal takedown options involves leaping out of the water and stabbing an unaware guard squarely in the balls—the animation actually shows the guard reaching down in slow-motion reflex for his groin before collapsing.
  • The Matrix Path Of Neo has this as both a regular attack of both Neo/Enemies and for just Neo as a Recovery Attack.

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