Video Game / Aggressors of Dark Kombat
Hey, you don't look like Hanzou. Who are you?
Developed for the Neo Geo by ADK, Aggressors of Dark Kombat (often abbreviated as AODK) is a fighting game set in a semi-isometric view, a la a Beat 'em Up, allowing players to move in eight directions as well as picking up weapons and using them. The game offers 8 playable characters, being one of them Kotaro Fuuma from World Heroes series, also made by ADK. The game counts of 3 buttons: punch, kick and jump (in a similar way than Beat 'em Up).

This game only appeared on arcade and home consoles for SNK's own Neo-Geo AES & Neo-Geo CD only. But many years after SNK Playmore bought ADK properties after its bankruptcy in 2003, this game came back to the consoles insert in the 5-game compilation ADK Tamashii for PlayStation 2 in 2008 and later in PlayStation Network in 2015. Also, their characters appears in various post-2003 SNKP games, especially Kisarah Westfield in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and in Days of Memories series.

This game provides examples of: