Western Animation: Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

Alright meatmaggots, LET'S GET STUPID LOUD!


Urhm, sorry... I mean, describe Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.

The brainchild of cartoonist & animator Pete Browngardt (whose previous credits include Futurama, Chowder and Adventure Time) and broadcast on Cartoon Network, this short-lived toon covers the misadventures of five monsters - known collectively as Disgustoids - who live in an underground mountain (the titular fort of the series) and generally cause mischief either among themselves or with the people on the surface world while trying to fit in with them. To put it lightly, HILARITY ENSUES!

Said monsters are:
  • Festro: The de facto leader of the bunch, a purple monster with giant fangs who only wears underwear.
  • Fart: The only sensible monster of the bunch. He also happens to be made entirely out of butts.
  • Dingle: The blue monster who acts mostly like a dog and speaks in gibberish.
  • Slog: The hairy monster with a big nose.
  • and Gweelok: A monster who looks like a giant puss ball.

The show takes it's humour and art style from Pete Browngardt's Uncle Grandpa pilot for Cartoonstitute. Unfortunately, its' rowdy, over-the-top humour struggled to find an audience and plans for a second season (which was already in production) were scrapped, with only half of the first series actually broadcast. Browngardt has since admitted the show was the result of Executive Meddling: following the network's plan to age up their programming from TV-Y7 to TV-PG, the bigwigs at CN saw potential in the monster characters - some of them early prototypes of the Disgustoids - from Uncle Grandpa and approached Browngardt to develop a series about them. Needless to say, they were baffled with the finished product and immediately declared it a flop.

For all the collective venom being spewed at this show, it's worth pointing out that it went on to pick up several awards (more so in its short run than the network's flagship shows Adventure Time and Regular Show ever achieved), and eventually led to Browngardt getting his original Uncle Grandpa concept off the ground and onto our TV screens. Whether you think that's impressive or a sign of Cartoon Network's descent into mediocrity is up for debate.

The show was seen in the 2012 reboot of Cartoon Planet.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome contains the following tropes: