Nausea Fuel / Tabletop Games

  • For the love of the Emperor, how did we miss nasty, pus-filled, disease-carrying, bowel-voiding Nurgle?
    • Nurgle also makes an appearance in Warhammer. Also, Ogre and Beastman eating habits, and practically everything involving the Skaven, depending on your tolerance for rats; let's not get started on Clan Moulder's horrifying, painful and usually pointless "experiments" on living things.
  • In The Book of Vile Darkness, there is a feat that allows you to better work with the undead. How do you get this feat? NECROPHILIA!
  • Exalted: The Phylactery Womb. It's a little girl that stores Infernal exaltation spark inside her body... turning her into a bloated thing that oozes disgusting liquid from every orifice of her body. And this is one of the tamer description.
  • FATAL has a lot of game mechanics focusing on particular body parts. It can get rather disgusting and frightening rather quickly.