Awesome: Tabletop Games

The roll of the die can sometimes create something unexpected. Something awesome. This is the place where all great playthroughs are archived.

Games with Their Own Pages

  • Dark Heresy
    • The Guy Who Cried Grendel: a story about an Adept that initially makes the luckiest die roll ever, and kills a Charnel Demon at level 2 with a knife (he rolled ten consecutive 10s and then a 9). This is not the most awesome thing he does. After many victories against the forces of Chaos, he becomes a Living Saint, armed with a knife that terrifies the followers of Khorne.
      • What's more, it even made it into canon.
  • Promethean: The Created: A throng of Prometheans wanders into Phoenix on their pilgrimage. Whilst there, they accidently attract the attention of a vampire, who has been preying on Redeemed Prometheans (drawn to the location for various reasons), in addition to a substantial chunk of the homeless population. After driving him off once, he returns with an offer - allow him to continue feeding on the Redeemed, and he'll grant them knowledge of how to complete their pilgrimage and be Redeemed themselves. The group debates this for a while, until one, a 120 year old Frankenstein who had almost given up on becoming human, smashed his fist into the table and said:
    I refuse to trade others lives for my own sake. I have wandered this earth in my condition for more than a century, and if I have learned one thing in all that time, it's that gain purchased at the cost of evil is worthless. If this dooms me to this existence forever, then so be it: If I cannot be human, I will be humane. If the comforts of humanity are denied me, then I will use my pain to be a bulwark against darkness to those who have gained and cherish them. I will fight this foul monster. Any who wish to join me are welcome. note