Awesome / Call of Cthulhu

  • So imagine this: your group of 5 is suspicious of a local resident for the disappearance of his girlfriend, whom he claims not to know anything about. One takes him out to clear his mind, while the other 4 search the house. While searching, they see a clear path in the back of the house leading into the thick woods, and start following the trail. Half a mile in, a scuffling is heard about 30 yards away, and 2 go off to investigate. One of the members who stayed behind remembers that they left clues at the house, so she leaves to clean up, leaving one all alone...The two who went off to investigate hear a gunshot, and run back to where they were to find both their friends missing, and a pool of blood along with a gun where they should be. They decide to keep venturing into the woods, and find a clearing with rune stones. After staying for hours with no events occurring, dusk falls, and one decides he will not stay in the forest at night, while the other stays to see what happens. The one who leaves runs the whole way, while the other hides up in a tree, and eventually succumbs to sleep, never to wake up again. True horror movie fashion. What happened was, the man was possessed (I don't recall how), and had a ghoul guarding the woods. The ghoul does not fight groups of 4 or more, so he threw a huge rock to split them up, and was fortunate that one investigator started backtracking. When attacking the first investigator, he was sloppy and got shot in the shoulder, but still took the character down. Then he ran back towards the house and dispatched the other one. He tracked the other two, and was unable to keep up with the investigator who ran all the way back to town, but waited until the other investigator fell asleep to gnaw on his stupid head. From a GM perspective, it couldn't have gone any better
    • Made even better by the fact that a (not fixed) tarot reading was done at the beginning of the game that specifically said "Do not abandon your 'family' (and made it clear that your 'family' was not blood-related) or you will die".
  • This player, a newbie to Call of Cthulhu, joined a group about to start on a Dark Ages campaign, specifically the premade adventure "The Tomb". Half thinking this would be a bad idea (I'd looked the game up), I rolled up a warrior, my idea being to play a Religious Bruiser, a prototypical Knight. The other players were unimpressed with this, but went with it after I pointed out we needed at least one guy capable of butchering lesser abominations the GM would undoubtedly send at us. The first two sessions, while I didn't help move the plot along, the other guys gradually warmed to the character, partially because he saved our asses when the priest screwed up at the foresters camp, and partially because I was playing the guy really quite well. Then we came to the finale of the module. We'd accidentally opened a gate to a Mi-go world and couldn't close it. The Starfish Aliens began pouring in and we had no way of stopping them beyond running. When we reached a narrow corridor, such that the mi-go could only come two at a time, the proto-knight stopped, drew his sword and began chanting an exorcism rite note . The Mi-go charge up the tunnel, and I expected a Heroic Sacrifice to allow the others to escape. Half an hour later, however, my knight stood, mostly unharmed, while around him were the corpses of 12 Mi-go! The remainder of the aliens took one look at their dead brethren, the bloody knight and his gleaming sword and promptly ran away! He has since been declared the Patron Saint of Those Who Fight The Shadows Beyond.
  • Old Man Henderson, the only character ever to win Call Of Cthulhu. Check also his page.
    • For the record, Old Man Henderson actually managed to kill Hastur permanently in his Dying Moment of Awesome.
    • Note: Anytime you jerk around a bad GM to the point where he finally just flips over the table in anger... you know you've won CoC.
    • For clarity's sake, it should be noted that the game in question was Trail Of Cthulhu. "Trail", a licensed offshoot game from Pelgrane Press, was considerably deadlier than "Call" even without a Killer Dungeon Master. With one... well, it's no wonder Old Man Henderson arose to take it down.