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Awesome: Ravenloft
  • Lord Soth, in the Ravenloft tie-in novel Knight of the Black Rose, is highly displeased to find himself taken from Krynn and dumped in a strange, misty land. He expresses his displeasure violently, to the point where Ravenloft starts to resemble Tokyo with Lord Soth playing the title role in a Godzilla movie.
    • Not to mention the part where a portal guardian in service to the Dark Powers demands Lord Soth's soul, and he insultingly informs her that if she wants his soul, she'll first have to 1) Go to Krynn 2) Go to Hell (well, the Abyss) and 3) Convince Chemosh, the Krynnish god of the undead, to fork it over(which still wouldn't get her the soul because his soul is bound to the armor he wears). The guardian thinks that one over a bit and just lets Soth go on his way.
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