Awesome / Raptor Red

  • The title character pretty much singlehandedly rescues her pack from a murderous Acrocanthosaur by luring her into the ocean where she is eaten by a giant Kronosaurus which was previously stalking Raptor Red's niece.
  • Raptor Red's consort gets one when towards the end, he shows up in a Big Damn Heroes moment to rescue Raptor Red from a pack of Deinonychus.
  • And Aegi (see Most Writers Are Human on the main page) first running into a scorpion and destroying it, and then eating an entire swarm of diseased parasites that would otherwise have killed one of Raptor Red's pack. Pretty good for a mammal that's small enough for a frog to nearly swallow him whole.
  • It leads to a Tear Jerker later on, but the whip tail Curb Stomping the Utahraptor was quite awesome, especially as the first chapter in the book showed that two Utahraptor could kill another sauropod, an Astrodon, with relative ease.
  • Let's face it, everything the old white dactyl does.