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Awesome: Mage: The Ascension
  • "We have another way to bring sunlight to Bangladesh." Say what you will about their ethics, but the Technocracy got one against Zapathasura (aka 'Ravnos') in the Week Of Nightmares. A vampire of godlike power, so mighty that his rise from torpor was felt by every supernatural being on Earth, classified as a potentially world-ending threat... And what do they do? They nuke him and the Boddhisatvas blocking the Bengal sky with clouds from orbit, and shine on him with satellite-sized orbital mirrors, that's what they do. Because man-made sunlight is the best way to deal with vampires!
  • The Euthanatos' destruction of House Janissary.
  • Czar Vargo is a walking Crowning Moment Of Awesome. His greatest, however, is undoubtedly when he managed to conquer the entire worldnote  without taking a single life. In the wake of WW1, he moved his zeppelins over the world and announced he was now in-charge by "Right of Superior Knowledge." The Technocracy didn't manage to defeat him, he voluntarily retreated when he realized he'd have to kill them in order to stop them.
  • Doc Eon is another glorious SOE. He fought Technocrat Nazis in the Hollow Earth. With SCIENCE. Nuff said.
  • The PCs get one in Ascension if they go with the established scenarios. They discover the Technocracy's throne for Control is empty and can take over the Union if they want, simply ordering peace between the Union and Traditions.

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