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Creator: Monica Gilbey Bieber
"Hi, I'm Monica. I'm 14 years old, and as you can see, I am, like, SO TOTALLY in love with JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!! Ahh! Oh, and One Direction too."
Monica, the alter-ego

"Name's James, and don't wear it out. I'm 20 years old, and as you can see, I am, like, SO NOT TOTALLY in love with JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!! Ahh! (My leg!) Okay, now that was just wrong. But the point is, I'm not really that crazy about Justin Bieber."
James, the actual person

Monica Gilbey-Bieber, also known as James, Jimmy, Le JiMSTer, Jmbld, or el-Jimmeister, is a retired internet Troll who is the author of the Fan Fics One Less Lonely Gurl, Plankton's Eye View, and My Metal. He is also working on 360, an original fic about human trafficking which he has plans to publish as a real book.

He can be found in Fanfiction Dot Net (link), deviantART (link), Blogger (link.), and Twitter (link), although he only actively uses his deviantArt. His artworks can also be found in the pages for Jo Bekke At Hugwrts, One Less Lonely Gurl, and Da Ivy Cuvrd Wals Uv Higwsrts.


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