Quotes / Monica Gilbey Bieber

Just some of the craziest things he has ever posted on the net.

"It's possible to know a lot of stuff you don't major in. (For example, you can ask me stuff about feminist theory, fanfiction writing, or ancient and medieval torture methods [yes, I know I am one creepy weirdo], but I am an architecture student, not a sociologist, a literature major, or an archaeologist/historian.)"
—a comment on a friend's journal entry

"We even copied the positions of the corpses from the cover of the Cannibal Corpse album 'Tomb of the Mutilated', without the gore, mutilation, death, and torture of course."
—My Metal, Chapter 4

"Oh, and the most boring, insipid book ever written is Twilight. Out of curiosity and because I thought the book had a nice cover, being someone who likes dark colors, I tried to read the first ten pages of the accursed tome with an apple on the cover and got lulled to sleep just on the first ten pages. Furthermore, I will never understand why girls would go crazy over a thick pile of misogynistic nonsense sugarcoated with superfluous Purple Prose. As far as I know, a vampire that watches you sleep should be in your fucking nightmares, not your fantasies. I knew about the apparent sexism in the book when I have read several websites about why the book is that despicable, and I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. I thought it was just abhorrent because it's boring, but it turns out that there is a deeper reason why the book must be so resented. At least I've learned to literally not judge a book by its cover."
—his FanFiction.Net profile

"Generally, I don't really bother to fit in. It's in my nature to not conform to ridiculous trends and to bow down to the neon god known as pop culture. I live to pursue my passions and to inspire those who actually believe in me. That means you guys, the ones who flamed my horrible fanfic that I wrote as a challenge."
—his FanFiction.Net profile

"Then, when Darryl and I were getting it on "hawt yaoiz" style in the Forbidden Kelp Forest, Jo Belle walks in on us and says... "WHAT THE HELL ARE Y'ALL DOIN' YOU GAE, DUM NURTHERN MOTHERFUKERS!""
—a comment on a friend's journal entry

"It's always been my lifelong goal to help someone get back on track. Thank you for helping me fulfill that. But remember, in the end, it was you who chose to get your life back on track. Your choices made you into a better person, and I only helped you do that. There's no need to treat me as though I am a knight in shining armor who saved a damsel in distress. Fuck that misogynistic idea about girls needing saving. You were never really a damsel in distress. Rather, you are a warrior who slew the dragon side by side with me. I know that you are a fighter, so stay one."
—the quote that marks his Crowning Moment of Heartwarming

"It's actually more fun to not be popular. At least I don't have to conform to their superficial principles, and I get to see more than what is being shoved down our throats by pop culture."

"It's the freaks like us who often look into the deeper issues of the world, attempt to rectify them, and more often than not, succeed."

"Weirdness makes the world go round! You know, if God didn't want us to be weird, he would make the world a cube."

— My Metal, Chapter 7

It felt good for him that he had such a luxury despite having been sentenced to community service and probation after he beat up his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, who right now is shining bright like a diamond because she turns out to be Edward Cullen's distant relative.
— Gimme That Red Alert!

-"I see stars! I SEE STARS! I SEEEEEEEEE STAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRSSSSSS!" Ronnie screamed in pleasure as he climaxed.
— Gimme That Red Alert!