Web Comic / Sabrina Online


Sabrina Online is a Furry Webcomic created by Eric W. Schwartz and which has consistently managed to put out its monthly batches of strips since its start in late 1996.

The comic revolves around the Slice of Life tales of Sabrina, a quiet skunk who works as a web designer. Unable to find another job after she was replaced at work by a clip-art library, she finds work as webmaster for a porn studio, run by the flirtatious Zig Zag. However, the tone is gently restrained, with an uncomfortable heroine only now growing used to this bizarre job, while her friends (including her living Transformers toys!) around her have their own antics. Updates once a month.

Not to be confused with that Sabrina or that Sabrina, or even the 1954 film called Sabrina.