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Sex Comedy
...or don't look. It's more polite, and keeps things SFW.
A wacky romp, usually full of fanservice, blunt innuendos, and simple plans all to one purpose — to get laid! Expect tons of Gag Boobs, humorous dating or hook up scenarios, and maybe a large dollop of A Man Is Not a Virgin, or Sex as Rite-of-Passage if he still is. These can be explicit or nonexplicit. The hijinks don't have to end after our hero or heroine gets laid.

Note that the proportion of sexual material can vary; jokes on other subjects are permitted. A comedy series can have episodes of sex comedy while completely avoiding the subject at other times. Many of the examples below actually use variants of the trope, or deconstruct it in some way. Conversely, when Porn with Plot tries to be funny, the result is obviously some kind of sex comedy, if not usually a very good one.

Compare Ecchi. Subgenre: Awful British Sex Comedy


Comics and Manga
  • Robert Crumb's comic strips surely are full of this.
  • Milo Manara's work is, too.
  • Happy Mania: A young woman sleeps her way into true love, with many semen jokes along the way.
  • Red Ears: This enormously succesful Belgian comic book series is nothing more than an erotic gag comic strip series.
  • Sex Criminals is a series about two people who can freeze time when they have orgasms. They use this ability to rob banks so that they can use the money to save a library.


Live-Action Television
  • Most long-running sitcoms (outside of children's television) will have an episode of sex comedy sooner or later, sometimes featuring an attractive visiting character or guest star who catches the attention of one or more of the primary cast.
  • Brass: Most of the lead characters were highly lecherous, leading to a lot of sexual plots and sub-plots.

  • The Ancient Greek play Lysistrata demonstrates that the sex comedy is Older Than Feudalism.
  • In the 19th century, Georges Feydeau not only popularised farce in the modern form, but was quite risqué about it by the standards of the time; many of his stories have elements of sex comedy, and the combination has remained popular in theatrical farce to the present.

Video Games

  • Among (non-porn) webcomics, Menage A 3 is perhaps the purest example, alhough it's relatively subtle and even deconstructive about it — some of the time, anyway. Of its two spinoffs, Sticky Dilly Buns is more or less as much of a sex comedy but dials back on the explicitness, while Sandra on the Rocks is less about sex and substantially less explicit, but still approaches the trope at times.

Western Animation
  • The infamous 1929 cartoon Everready Harton In Buried Treasure is a sex comedy.
  • Ralph Bakshi 's Fritz the Cat also falls in this category.
  • Tarzoon The Shame Of The Jungle

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