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Film: Not Another Teen Movie

A 2001 Affectionate Parody that attempted to do for High School movies what Scary Movie did for horror. It shared some of the same creators (none of whom were Seltzer and Friedberg).

The basic plot was taken from She's All That, but it also parodied American Pie, Can't Hardly Wait, The Breakfast Club and dozens of others. Including a parody of the Heath Ledger singing scene from 10 Things I Hate About You that leads to the Pretty Ugly Girl being tasered.

Opinion is more than a little divided on Not Another Teen Movie. The critics absolutely hated it, but a lot of fans think it is the funniest and cleverest spoof since The Naked Gun.

This film provides examples of:

  • Accidental Murder: Jake does not have the best luck when it comes to football.
  • Affectionate Parody
  • Alpha Bitch: Priscilla
  • Anything That Moves: Katherine! Also a big-time fetishist, given that she does finally fall in love with Ox... because he can't believe no one's ever taken a dump on her chest.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: in the IMDB parental guide, stuck in the middle of descriptions of nudity, fetishes, masturbation, etc. there's a line "contains sexual innuendo."
  • Bait-and-Switch Comment: Occurs near the end of Prom.
    Katherine: And for once... I wish a guy would take a dump on my chest.
    Ox: That is appalling! That really upsets me! I can't believe nobody's ever taken a dump on your chest!
  • Big Game: Parodied, of course.
  • Big Man on Campus: Jake
  • Big "NO!"
  • Big Screwed-Up Family: Jake's family: his dad wants him to go to the same college as him and have the same job as he, his mom is willing to sleep with him to complete the illusion, and his sister is endlessly trying to have sex with him. At first, it seems as though they are spoofing Cruel Intentions and that they are Not Blood Siblings until she affirms "only [related] by blood".
  • Billing Displacement: On the original poster and the video box, only Mia Kirshner (Jake's sister), Jamie Pressley (Priscilla), and Randy Quaid (Janey's dad) received billing.
  • Bowdlerise: The network TV version turns the "fuck my brother" line from "Prom Tonight" into "find a lover."
  • Black Best Friend: Malik, who lampshades the trope.
  • Blatant Lies: Priscilla denies it when she is accused of stealing the cheers of the all-black North Compton Wildcats squad, why do I have to mention they are an all black squad? Because the cheer lyrics not only mention they are the North Compton Wildcats but that they "Definitely ain't white." Which is unusual for an all caucasian cheer squad to be singing.
  • Brick Joke:
    • The conjoined twins really do make up one decent chick... they wind up becoming Prom Queens.
    • The albino hippy at the start of the movie appears during the closing credits, this time mentioning that her retinas have burned out and she needs help... in song.
    • During the film The Breakfast Club, a piece of pimento loaf is tossed onto a statue. This movie's parody of that movie is filmed in the same library, and starts with said piece of pimento loaf finally falling off of the statue.
  • Bring It: "Oh, it's already been brought-en!"
  • Brother-Sister Incest: Parodying the Flirty Stepsiblings from Cruel Intentions, Katherine makes a determined effort to try to sleep with her biological brother ("Only by blood." is her rationalization when he points out the consanguinity). The brother is appropriately grossed out, and never goes along with her intentions.
    Katherine: So what if we have the same mother?/Tonight I'm gonna fuck my brother!
  • Butt Monkey: Poor, sweet Ricky. He tells Janey that he's in love with her to her face, only for her to completely ignore him. Ends up broken and battered trying to beat the Big Man on Campus to the Airport, as he gets hit by a couple dozen cars. Ends up starting the Slow Clap... which gets him beaten up again.
  • The Cameo: Molly Ringwald, Melissa Joan Hart, Sean Patrick Thomas. Joan Hart's can be seen as a parody of Sarah Michelle Gellar's cameo in She's All That.
  • Catch Phrase. The Token Minority lampshades this: "I'm just supposed to smile, and stay out of the conversation, and say things like 'Damn!', 'Shit!' and 'That is whack!'" Later, there is this brilliant exchange:
    Token Black Guy: *clears throat*
    Other Black Guy: what?
    TBG: I'm supposed to be the only black guy at this party.
    OBG: Damn!
    TBG: Yeah...
    OBG: Shit!
    TBG: I know—
    Both: It's whack!
    OBG: *leaves*
  • Caught with Your Pants Down: Parodied: the teenage girl tries to have some "alone time" with a dildo on her eighteenth birthday, when her parents, grandparents, siblings, family pets, pastor, and the girl scout troop she mentors enter in quick succession.
  • The Cheerleader: Priscilla
  • Chekhov's Gunman: A pair of twins conjoined at the temple. They become prom queen at the end.
  • The Chew Toy: Ricky.
  • Composite Character: Most of the characters are basically the characters from She's All That combined with another teen film character. (ex. Janey's dad is both the dad from She's All That and Pretty in Pink, Jake's sister is Mac Silar combined with Kathryn from Cruel Intentions, Ricky is Jesse from She's All That with Ducky from Pretty in Pink etc.)
    • Not to mention that Ox pretty much plays an exaggerated version of his character from Detroit Rock City.
  • Contrived Clumsiness: Parodied. The heroine who already wet from jumping the pool, and the villainous Alpha Bitch, sarcastically feigning clumsiness, spills a bottle of WATER on her. The heroine reacts with humiliated tears.
    • Made even sillier by someone in the background shouting "That's gonna stain!"
  • Crowd Song: The one before prom. Lampshaded immediately afterwards: the participants look at each other and leave awkwardly.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Janey's opening scene, in a genderswapped parody of American Pie. Becomes a Chekhov's Gag at the finale.
  • Deconstructive Parody: While the entire movie serves as this to some degree, the scenes with Molly Ringwald take the cake.
    Molly Ringwald: Let me give you a little piece of advice here, Jake. Why don't you lose the "I'm the cute and sensitive popular boy with the big sideburns" routine? It's just too pathetic. And for once tell Janey what's true in your heart. Stop being such a little bitch! ...Oh, and you, Janey, little miss "other side of the tracks awkward rebel-girl with the pseudo-intellectual glasses." Why don't you wise up to Jake's bullshit, and stop being such a dumbass?
  • Depraved Bisexual: Catherine, ranging from May-December Romance to Brother-Sister Incest.
  • Disney Creatures of the Farce: During the "Prom Tonight" sequence, a nude Areola sings out her window while Disney-style cartoon birds appear and sing with her.
    Look at me, my breasts are perky, yes?
    • The birds are, of course, blue tits.
    • May count as a Shout-Out to Grease, the birds are nearly identical to the ones Sandy interacts with during the cartoon opening credits.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: Ricky.
  • Expy: Aside from the Stock Characters already mentioned, Ox is a blatant expy of Oz, what with only being a single letter off on the name, and having the same attitude towards sex and love that Oz ended the first movie with.
  • Europeans Are Kinky: Parodied with Areola, the foreign exchange student who is constantly nude.
  • Fan Disservice:
    • Lampshaded with the "Dainty Girl", in a Shout-Out to the bathroom scene in Detroit Rock City (except with an unending stream of poo). As an added bonus, an English professor is heard berating today's youth for their crude taste in humor, right before the ceiling collapses and showers him in the girl's excrement.
    "That made me sad in pants."
    • The scene of Jake's sister, Catherine, frenching with an old woman.
  • Foreign Exchange Student: Areola is a parodic example.
  • Foreign Fanservice: Parodied with Areola, who spends most of her scenes completely naked.
  • Fun with Subtitles: Whenever Areola is naked and speaking, the subtitles avoid covering her 'assets'.
  • Funny Foreigner: Areola - Who has her accent change every line, and who dodges the question of what country she's from in a deleted scene.
  • Girl on Girl Is Hot: Subverted in the scene where Catherine frenches an old woman, which is made repulsive.
  • The Glasses Gotta Go: This plus taking her hair out of a ponytail is all Janey needs to be revealed as Beautiful All Along.
  • High School: The schools' bulletin board reads: "Monday - Introduction", "Wednesday - Preston's Party", "Friday - Homecoming Game", "Saturday - Prom".
  • High School Sweethearts: Lampshaded.
  • Hollywood Homely: Parodied In-Universe. Jake, the popular jock, has to make Janey beautiful because... you know, she's hideous! Just look at the glasses! And her ponytail! And the paint-covered overalls! And this in comparison to an albino hippy, a hunchback, and conjoined twins.
  • Informed Ability: Parodied. Janey's "artistic talent" is essentially just drawing kindergarden-level stick figures. It's a bit strange how she draws them with wild, violent Jackson Pollack-like techniques, though.
  • Informed Flaw: Janey's case of Hollywood Homely.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl/Foreign Fanservice: Areola. Lampshaded, of course.
    "I am here to be object of lust for poor nerds who can't get American pussy!"
  • Jerk Jock
  • Just Friends: Janey doesn't even bother to tell Ricky she just likes him as a friend.
  • Lampshade Hanging: Especially in the advertising. They told you what kind of movie this was going to be and exactly which Stock Characters they were going to be using.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: All over the place again. For example, Janey and Ricky are both shown reading books on how to be their generic character types.
  • Magical Negro: Played by Mr. T. Naturally.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Marty. At least he got to go out a hero.
  • Meaningful Background Event: The wise janitor can be seen in the background during some scenes in the football field before his appearance in the big football game.
  • Meaningful Name: Areola.
  • Meta Guy: Most everyone, but the two most consistently aware of the genre conventions are Malik and the unnamed tour guide played by a pre-How I Met Your Mother Josh Radnor "Who would have guessed this school was filled with professional dancers?"
  • Naked People Are Funny: Areola. Made funnier in that Cerina Vincent used to play a Ms. Fanservice on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy just two years prior.
  • Non-Specifically Foreign: "European" is about as close as you're gonna get with Areola. While saying "grazie" when Janey complimented her backpack might lead you to Italian, her accent changes with every scene.
  • Oblivious to Love: Ricky has no problem with Can't Spit It Out - he writes a 10 Things I Hate About You-esque poem (entitled "Ten Things I Love About Janey Briggs") flat-out confessing his love for Janey and reads it aloud in class, while other students are heard groaning, "Not again." She still doesn't pick up on it.
  • Only Sane Man: Considering that Katherine wants to sleep with him, and his dad wanted his wife to sleep with him, Jake is the only person who sees this as beyond messed up.
  • A Party Also Known as an Orgy: Spoofed.
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy: Bruce, a white kid who thinks he is Asian. A parody of (or possibly simply Homage to) Seth Green's character in Can't Hardly Wait, who was white but thought he was black. At one point a couple of white boys who mocked Bruce for this, even though they themselves thought they were black. It's also probable he's a race-flipped parody of Long Duk Dong from Sixteen Candles - i.e. an Asian and Nerdy Immigrant who is trying way too hard to be American.
  • Really Gets Around: Despite wanting to have sex with her brother, Katherine had sex with nearly every guy (and girl) she takes an interest to. Even twice.
    • Which is probably a big factor as to why she wants to have sex with Jake - because what else is left?
  • Red-and-White Comedy Poster
  • Road Trip Across The Street
  • Scenery Censor: Done with Areola's vagina, although not with any other part of her body.
  • Serenade Your Lover: In a parody of 10 Things I Hate About You. Jake realizes that singing "Janie's Got a Gun" while at school was probably not the smartest thing to do.
  • Sex as Rite-of-Passage
  • Shaking the Rump: A portion of the parody of Bring It On has the (white) cheerleaders doing this:
    We're black, we know it, we shake our big booties and show it, we ain't white, we ain't white, we definitely ain't white. Break it down niggas!
  • Shout-Out: John Hughes High School
  • Silent Whisper: Austin whispers into Janey's ear, causing Jake to launch into a hysterical confession. Austin then explains to Jake that what he actually whispered into Janie's ear was that Jake was about to launch into a hysterical confession, thus reaffirming everything he just whispered into her ear.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: The coach, albeit in a PG-13 fashion.
  • Slow Clap: An extra exists whose sole purpose is to learn how to do this properly.
    • He finally spots the right moment after the Race for Your Love sequence... and gets beaten to the punch by Ricky, earning the latter a(nother) beating.
  • Smurfing: The Alpha Bitch wants you to remember the following.
    Priscilla: Let's get one thing straight - this is not a cheer-ocracy. I am the cheer-tator, I make the cheer-cisions around here, and I will deal with the cheer-onsequences.
  • The Song Before The Storm: "Prom Tonight".
  • Sophisticated as Hell: The Token Black Guy is revealed to be this, delivering a very deep and insightful speech to Jake near the end. When Jake pauses to thank him, then dashes out abruptly before he can reply, he says only one word: Motherfucker.
  • Spit-Trail Kiss: Between Jake's sister and an elderly woman pretending to be a teenager at the Wild Teen Party. Probably one of the grossest ones ever recorded on film.
  • Stock Character: This movie goes out of its way to include as many as possible, usually directly referencing the more famous examples from this genre. Lots of Lampshading too.
  • Token Minority: Hilariously and endlessly Lampshaded.
    Malik: I am the token black guy. I'm just supposed to smile and stay out of the conversation and say things like: "Damn," "Shit," and "That is WACK!"''
  • Tomboyish Ponytail: Spoofed over how it was supposed to make her unattractive.
  • Tourettes Shitcock Syndrome: "Give me a 'W'. Give me a 'Y'. Give me a - lick-my-pussy, ass cock shit." Beat, and then the audience at the football game actually shouts it back.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Areola again — outside of her introduction, and the other naked girl at the party who complains that she copied her outfit, no one notices her walking around in the buff.
  • Video Credits
  • What the Hell Is That Accent?: Played for laughs. Areola's accent changes throughout the movie.
  • The Wildcats
  • Wild Teen Party: Parodied. They begin setting up the party as the parents are leaving.
    Preston's Mother: [Preston's parents are just heading out for the weekend] Now Preston, I left some money on the kitchen counter. Oh and the emergency numbers are by the phone.
    Preston's Father: And remember son, no parties.
    Keg Guy: [Two guys walk by carring a beer keg] Keg comin' through! Hey Preston.
    Preston: Whats up, man?
    Preston's Father: We're really trusting you here, Preston.
    Roadie: [Behind them two more guys roll in a huge set of speakers] Where do you want these speakers set up, Preston?
    Preston: Yeah, just move all the shit in the dining room.
    [to his parents]
    Preston: Well, you guys really should hit the road, huh? Because I'm about to take your antique Ferrari to the inner-city to buy some hookers.
    Preston's Mother: Well, alright, sweetie. We'll call you later to check in.
    Preston: Oh, mom. By that point I'll be so high I won't even know where the phone is.
    Preston's Mother: Haha! That's my boy.

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