Headscratchers / Sabrina Online

  • Are we seriously supposed to buy that, in this day and age, a porn star as big as Zig Zag - one who runs her own studio, yet - doesn't know how to work e-mail, and doesn't know about the internet? Really?
    • Zig Zag didn't have a public education or a home computer - the two big ways people become acclimatized to them. If she hadn't learned about them as a child, why would she spend time "catching up" as an adult when she could pass off all that "hard stuff" to a co-worker and spend her work time generating new material to sell? (Makes me wonder if we're heading for a copyright arc when she discovers the sheer number of sites ripping her off, but.)
      • Why would she spend the time? Because her business is porn and nowadays much, if not most, of her profits are going to be coming from digital media, that's why. I'm not saying she should be a wizard at Dreamweaver or Adobe Premier, but that "Grandma's first PC"-level ignorance stretches credulity. If she were just a porn star, that'd be one thing (still stretching things, but not too far). But she's the boss of her own studio.
        • Admittedly, when the strip first started (1996), Porn was still primarily a shoot-on-film-or-videotape industry, not primarily digital.
        • And in universe time it has only been at most 5 years since the start of the comic to the end, even though technology and references keep up with our time.
  • For that matter, once Zig Zag let Sabrina bring a pair of children to the studio for the day (don't worry, it was child-proofed). Yeah, I know, it's only a webcomic but there's no way that wouldn't get Zig and Sabrina in seriously hot water.
    • It would have done, if someone complained. Luckily they didn't. Zig Zag reminds me of one of my bosses, who though he could use a computer palmed most of the actual e-mail over to his personal assistant as he never finished school and couldn't spell to save his life. What he got his job for was his ability to network, sell his services face to face and develop coherent mission statements, something Zig Zag also seems to be good at. We've already seen she's got an excellent and loyal team behind her.
  • Is producing porn even legal in Cincinnati?
    • Is it illegal anywhere in the states? It's not like it's prostitution.
      • It's explicitly illegal in several states (I know for sure it's illegal in Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi). The only states where I know it's explicitly legal are California and Florida. (I think New York might allow it, but I'm not sure).
        • It is indeed illegal in Ohio. That said, there aren't a whole lot of anthropomorphic skunks or sentient Transformer toys running around either, so some suspension of disbelief may be warranted.
    • And they had to drive an hour to get to Cincinnati.
    • Actually, you can make porn here (Ohio), through via loopholes and so long as it's not child porn, as stated here