Headscratchers / Sailor Sun

The catering to the Status Quo.

When readers can predict the outcome of a story long before it is over, then it is time to actually take the risk and make some (big or small) changes to the series to prevent this from happening. Story 7 seemed to be taking a step in this direction (after Story 6's very long 'Will Bay be changed back?' arc, which obviously didn't happen), but was quickly undone at the beginning of Story 8.

In effect, the comic is always going to be about Bay trying to be changed back, and hiding her past from Honey and everyone else. Everything else is second to those two laws, which take precedence. Although Bay seems to have given up on the former for now, expect her to still try again (and fail) sometime in the future. Unlike what Fry in Futurama said about people always wanting to see the same thing over and over again, it's not always true. It's hard to not just sound like a whiner but it's very obvious how Story 8 is going to end, to the point where reading the comic seems to be pointless because nothing is going to happen that isn't really expected.
  • The author did mention at one point that he was probably going to put the comic on hiatus for some time if not end it outright, which would indicate that things are starting to move towards a final conclusion. This is possibly the reason for the latest story arc, which has a very confused Brad in Bay's body, trying to make sense of what happened.