Awesome / Sabrina Online

  • After finding out about the internet trolls and all that makes them so terrible, Zig Zag gets sweet motherfucking revenge...Literally!
  • Eudora can't stand the fact that Sabrina is marrying a raccoon and tries everything she can think of to talk her daughter out of it, not even stopping the day of the ceremony. Finally, Sabrina's last nerve snaps and she proceeds to spill every single detail about her job. As Eudora has a Freak Out! against the door, Sabrina glares at her coolly and remarks:
    Suddenly marrying a sweet nerdy raccoon doesn't seem so bad now, does it?
  • One for Sabrina—when Zig Zag becomes a little too assertive trying to get Sabrina in the sack, Sabrina slaps her keister over kettle.