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Amy knows the badger that attacked Sabrina.
The look on her face says she knows who he is and where to find him. Of course, going off by yourself to find a guy you know isn't afraid to use lethal force on a woman isn't the smartest of acts...
  • Jossed, it would seem. The most recent comic indicates that none of Sabrina's friends actually knew the guy, but they all knew exactly where to find him, thanks to Sabrina.

Within the year, R.C. is going to ask Sabrina to marry him (or at least bring the possibility up with her).
Despite how cliched a storyline it risks being, Schwartz seems to have been hinting at it rather strongly over the last couple years. The two main pieces of evidence at this point are:
  • His discussion with Sabrina about how good of a mom she'd be, and how good of a family the two of them would make. One usually doesn't bring up such subjects with a significant other unless they've been seriously thinking about (or at least considering) marriage.
  • More interesting was what happened between them at the hospital after Sabrina's stabbing. R.C. was about to talk to her about something, when their discussion was first interrupted by their waiting to see if the Mayan apocalypse would occur, then interrupted by the Nurse announcing the end of visiting hours, upon which R.C. left without telling Sabrina what he meant to tell her (though he says he'll tell her later). Admittedly, it could turn out to be something else entirely, but him wanting to have brought up the idea of marriage wouldn't have been unlikely.
  • Well, I do hope someone picks up that phone...because I CALLED it.
  • ...Oh, come on.
  • Only off by two years.

Zig-Zag and Tina will eventually have a verbal Relationship Upgrade.
Absolutely nothing will change about their actions (Zig will still sleep with whomever she wants aside from Sabrina, Tina will have the same responsibilities at work, no more and no less), but they'll have that mental label of "girlfriend" for each other. It seems to me that Tina's been edging that way for a few (IRL) years, and if Zig Zag chooses to say "yes" (or asks on her own) it'll be a good cap to to put on the closure of her "more than lust" feelings for the attached and heterosexual Sabrina.
the reason Zig-Zag changed her name is...
She was named after her father