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Slice-of-Life Webcomics
For the webcomic/blog about Pinkie Pie and The Cakes, click here.

A subcategory of Webcomics. These are just normal linear stories told in webcomic form without any unusual elements to speak of — no sci-fi, no fantasy, no embellishments, nothing that couldn't happen in Real Life. That said, Mundane Fantastic and Embellished elements are fairly common. Informed Poverty is more common than not - few if any if the characters have any meaningful employment - working retail is common, or in a coffee shop or library - employment basically serves as a framing device. Homosexuals of various descriptions are statistically hugely over-represented and there tends to be a fair amount of "identity politics" agenda-pushing.

Ironically, these "normal" stories are far from the norm for the webcomic medium.

Feel free to add comics to the list in alphabetical order. All links should be Wiki Words, even if we don't have a page for the comic yet, or you'll break the new indexing system. If a page is added for a work, please remove the external link.

  • 2Gamerz: A comic about a high-school club of four guys who discuss anime and gaming as well as deal with highschool.
  • The 503: A webcomic about Phil Stone's journey to Portland, Oregon, and the various people he meets on the way. The comic's plot is based mainly on the author's own experiences.
  • 1977: The Comic "Slice of life" for a given value of Real Life: about the adventures of a struggling rock band. Although embellished with elements such as a fire-breathing pet dragon-lizard and the lead character being cursed with the ability to change sex at inconvenient moments.
  • Abby And Norma: Two college students with puns and palindromes.
  • Academia: Series about the lives of a high-strung science student and an amiable music/philosophy double major who live together in what is ambiguously Toronto. Naturally, has a high Genius Bonus content.
  • Alex: Satirical and topical comic about Alex, a merchant banker maneuvering his way through the world of high finance, whether that be working the office politics, trying to talk a larger bonus out of his boss, or just trying to avoid the latest round of redundancies.
  • Aki-chan's Life: A Fan Webcomic based on the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion that follows the amazingly normal adventures of cast after the series is over. It avoids being an Embellished Webcomic by being a sequel to The Second Try, a story wherein nearly all the conflicts of the show are resolved, while at the same time creating a bunch of new problems.
  • All New Issues: a story about a man who runs a comic shop and his friends, along with their wacky hijinks and relationship issues.
  • Alternate: A comedy webcomic about a self-proclaimed genius called Skye McGregor who handles the pressures of making friends for the first time. The plot is strung together with pure what-the-fuckery, and situations involving various people you're apparently not supposed to mess with but you do anyway.
  • Always Raining Here: A BL webcomic about Carter, who recently discovered his gayness, and Adrian, who is pursued by Carter. The comic's events are played for laughs for the first part.
  • American Elf: "The sketchbook diary of James Kochalka", Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Recently often like early The Family Circus without the '60s attitude toward kids and with a dad who's part of the local music/arts scene, Archive Binge far enough and the main character's single and hasn't reproduced yet.
  • Anders Loves Maria: Drama/comedy/tragedy about the life of Anders and Maria after they decide to have a baby.
  • The Anime Club: Ensemble comedy about the weirdos that make up a small town's anime sub-culture. Actually a sub-comic of KC Green's Gunshow.
  • Antics: "Following the lives and mistakes of Fletcher and Copernicus"
  • Aquarium Drinking: A comedy about life's tragedies featuring a group of friends in their late twenties who have begun to question everything they have ever learned about life and love.
  • Around The Block: A comedy about the antics of the residents of the apartment complex on 115 Green Lane.
  • Avalon: Ceilidh MacFarlane moves from Ottawa to the small town of Avalon, and wastes no time getting involved in a Love Dodecahedron. Notable for the author petering out a few months before the planned ending (graduation), ultimately giving up and writing the ending in summary form.
  • Average Joe: A strip-style cartoon following the everyday life of an average Australian actor...with Super Powers.
  • Badly Drawn Kitties: A somewhat NSFW furry comic.
  • Backstage [1]: Featured several real life friends trying to break into various art and media careers. Also, backyard wrestling.
  • The Bare Pit: Husband and wife Loxie and Zoot run a nudist resort in Australia. Despite the nudity, is actually fairly wholesome.
  • Bart And Mark: The everyday antics of a Dutch gay couple named Bart and Mark.
  • Best Friends Forever: Odd Couple Vincent Fawkes, smooth-talking football player, and Teddy Bijapur, ambitious nerd, have to sort out their personal relationships and deal with a varied (and often frustrating) cast in high school.
  • Between Failures: The day-to-day dramas of the staff of a chain bookstore.
  • Between The Lines: About a group of transgender teens. Main characters, Shay and Dani must simultaneously navigate the challenges of adolescence, while also dealing with complicated issues related to gender and identity.
  • Bigger Than Cheeses: Began as a Gag Per Day web comic, which turned into a humorous chronicling of the lives of Duke, Thanatos, Natalie, and various other characters.
  • Blaster Nation: A comedic story of a circle of slackers and low-achievers making their way through life.
  • Blood Splattered Socks: A boy who looks like a girl and a girl who looks like a boy become friends. Except one of them is a time traveller.
  • Blood Stain: Elliot Torres ends up in a job as a lab assistant to a person she expects to be a Mad Scientist; Dr. Stein turns out not to be the case at all, and humor ensues.
  • Bobwhite: Focuses on the college lives of Marlene, Ivy, and Cleo, three girls attending an art school in Rhode Island.
  • Breezy Days: A tech savvy Plucky Girl, a bookworm boy, and their life together.
  • Bricktown: A Slice of Life / Romantic Comedy webcomic about a pair of roommates and their nerdy friends living in Rochester, NY.
  • Bridges: a LGBT high school drama webcomic.
  • The Bright Side: Follows the interactions of best friends/polar opposites Suzie and Stormcloud.
  • Brüno
  • The Bug Pond: The day-to-day adventures of a group of insects living at a pond in the midwest.
  • The Bully's Bully: A textless webcomic about a little girl trying to stop bullies.
  • Bus Stop: A metafictional autobiography of a cartoonist who meets someone he didn't expect at a bus stop and becomes obsessed with finding her again. Finished. Written by Jason Shiga.
  • Camp Calomine: Charles, a camp counselor has become a Deadpan Snarker after the camp was bought and run by tree huggers who have no idea how anything works.
  • Candi: Follows the misadventures and romantic hijinks of a pink-haired college student.
  • Capes And Babes [2]: A strip mall, a comic book shop, and one crazy werewolf.
  • Casey at the Bat [3]: Life, love... and sports!
  • Cats N' Cameras: A Furry Comic starring three life-long friends/lovers who run a camera shop... with a porn studio in the basement.
  • Cereals For Lunch [4]: Maturity is overrated.
  • C'est la Vie: Most of the time this tale of L.A. as seen by a French goth-girl is straightforward Slice of Life with no odd happenings, and so also belongs here as well as Life Embellished.
  • The Chapel Chronicles: The adventures of a stylish young redhead and her hedgehog sidekick.
  • Cheap Thrills: Teen/early adult drama in a small town with a new artistic style in each chapter. Oh and all the characters are animals.
  • Cheese In The Trap
  • Chicken Wings: Comedy about a dumb, but enthusiastic pilot from a small air charter.
  • Clockwork Atrium [5]: A drama following the life of Dietrich Bauer, a sub-par university student who's suddenly thrown into a violent game of human chess. Full of Germans.
  • Cosplay War: A webcomic about a girl named Mary who has to balance high school with her dream of being a cosplay god.
  • Cross Heart: A tear-jerking online manga about a romantic relationship between two girls. There is some focus on lesbianism.
  • Crowbar Benson: Follows the life of the titular ice-hockey crazed Canadian and his two mischievious sons, Benny and Eddie.
  • Damaged Tape: Four guys—Dave, George, Thomas, and Tyler—unhappily work at a video rental store in New York, where they talk about movies and deal with difficult customers.
  • DARA Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary: Journal comic of a lesbian artist who falls in love with, and eventually marries, one of her male readers.
  • Destiny Fails Us
  • The Devil's Panties by Jennie Breeden, a Life Embellished strip with an occasional surrealistic twist posted almost every day since 2001, following Jennie from high school through college beyond to supporting herself as an artist.
  • Doodling Around: A Colombian comic that follows the adventures of twins Rina and Angélica as they go thru junior-high, wanting to be comic artists.
  • Double Happiness: A Chinese-American moves in with his very Chinese relatives in San Francicso, and is frustrated by not fitting in. Finished, with a rather shocking twist ending. Written by Jason Shiga.
  • Dumbing of Age: A comic written by David Willis, who decided he wanted to write a comic not involving aliens and superhumans. It's basically a reboot of his first comic with better art, more characters, and no aliens.
  • Dumm Comics
    • Life In The Analog Age: A semi-autobiography comic about the author's perspective of growing up in the 80's, albeit all the characters as anthropomorphic beings.
  • Evening Coffee: A funny and weird semi slice-of-life webcomic by Devina. The story is about a girl and a cat. Follow their daily lives in Sweden!
  • Extra Ordinary is this most of the time. It's a strip about a quirky Chinese girl, her quirky cat and their quirky antics.
  • Fall On Me is an autobiographical comic based on moments and anecdotes from newlywed life.
  • Fishbones is about a Jewish high school student and his friend in The Mafia.
  • Forever16 is about six teenagers living in Minnesota during the '90s and paying homage to many forms of entertainment and culture in said time period.
  • Fragile: Four friends in their final year of school meet a new girl. All five embark on a journey of self discovery.
  • Friendly Hostility: Follows Collin and Fox, their friends and families. Very funny, good long storylines, regularly updated, and beautifully drawn. Described by the creator as "a comic about family - the one you're born with and the one you make for yourself." Manages to deal with serious issues while still being so funny it hurts, and often includes side jokes amid the art. (Hint: always read any shirt with writing on it, and any signs hanging in the background.) Unlike most Slice-of-Life webcomics, is not entirely free of fantasy/sci-fi elements, though they don't dominate the strip.
  • The Friendly Winter: A 19 year old girl with a physical disorder that makes her look 7 becomes friends with a 17 year old boy with the mental capacity of a small boy.
  • Frivolesque: The slightly random life of five oddball girls whose lives become intertwined one sunny afternoon.
  • Fur-Piled: A gay furry comic following the day-to-day lives of Husky and his friends.
  • Gai Gin: Following the adventures of an American girl named Gin attending college in Japan, hence the title, "gaijin" being a Japanese word for foreigner.
  • Galacticus: A Slice of Life and Boys Love comic about a lad who likes to wear girl's clothing arriving at a boarding school and starting a relationship with his roommate.
  • Gallery Of Freaks: A Slice of Life comic(this is most apparent in the Christmas story
  • Gender Swapped: A gender bender comic that focuses a little too much on the everyday lives of being a teenager.
  • Girls with Slingshots: Two girls, a bar, and a talking cactus. And the talking cactus's talking mustache. A Mundane Fantastic story about city life.
  • Go Get a Roomie!: A comedy strip about a Not-So-Innocent Fanservice Girl and her wacky adventures with her, uh, friends.
  • Greg : Follow the comedic adventures of two best friends, the often unlucky Greg and the very lucky Ted, as they bungle their way through love, life and Ted's murderous ex-girlfriends.
  • Grey is...: Follows Black and Whites friendship as Black deals with his bad memory and anger issues and White learns to let go of the past and stop over thinking things
  • Gronk: The everyday life of a nerdy girl and her adopted monster child.
  • Hamleto [6]: The daily life of a kid and her pet Hamster, Hamleto.
  • Heavenly Days: The story of an eighth grade girl called Michiru.
  • Hedone High: The story of a prefect, his drug dealing friend, and the rest of their strange friends.
  • hello earthling: Ignoring the constant Breaking the Fourth Wall, boils down to being a comic about the two characters and a sheep as they go around the house and talk a bit.
  • Her Majesty No More: A homeschooled and pampered descendant of old royalty gets a taste of reality when attending college for the first time.
  • Hitched [7]: "A gay webcomic about marriage" Hitched follows the life of its two main characters Finn and Charlie.
  • Home On The Strange [8]: Grown up geeks living their lives. They hang out, play Dungeons & Dragons, watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and sometimes fantasize about being evil overlords who try to Take Over the World. Good jokes and some excellent character-driven drama. Has effectively ended as the creators parted on amicable terms. One of the creators is now working on a new comic called My Name is Might Have Been.
  • Honeydew Syndrome: A Boys Love story about an emo kid and a jock; later goes into the plot between the former's best friend and a scene kid who Cannot Spit It Out.
  • ICECUBES the comic strip : Witty, well drawn slice of life comic strip often with commentary on identity, social mores, art and culture. Drawn by Leroy Brown.
  • IJDC : A comic about a group of four misfits deemed "The Unclassifiables" by their school. The witty Devin, prone to anger Lindsey, sexually confused Sarah, and nice guy who can't catch a break Jack all try to live their lives the way they like in order to show the other students that they don't care for conforming to something they hate.
  • I'm My Own Mascot: The life and times of artist Kevin Bolk, in a gag-a-day format.
  • Imminent Moose: Follows the life of college student, Kyle Travers, and the friends he's made during his time in Vermont.
  • Inhuman Relations: The adventures of a fellow named Fred, his girlfriend Maureen, and their friends and relatives in South Jersey.
  • Instant Classic: A Mundane Fantastic comic about a pair of independent filmmakers and their increasingly messed up lives.
  • Jenny Haniver: Jordan Davignon has friends, and his friends have friends, who also all have acquaintances.
  • Johnny Wander: Between the storylines, a comic following the adventures of a not-at-all normal apartment.
  • Just Peachy: a comic featuring a small town's college alums especially the Burton/Price Film studio run by The Alcoholic and an Uncle Pennybags.
  • Juvenile Diversion: A group of hormone-addled teenagers try to balance out their relationships while running a local rock band in the 1980s.
  • Khaos Komix: A high school drama, told in a series of storylines, each centering on a specific character, each of whom retells the events so far from his or her own perspective, then continues the overarching plot. Don't be fooled by the Xtreme Kool Letterz; it's actually fairly subdued. (Major future spoilers are par for the course in the LJ feed, but to be fair, they're pretty obvious anyway.)
  • Kimchi Cuddles: Tumblr-based Slice of Life webcomic following the relationships of a community of mostly polyamorous people.
  • Kimonos Townhouse: My Little Pony Odd Couple Slice of Life Photo Comic, with a perfectionist academian and her flighty geek roommate. Pre-My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but you wouldn't know it from the quality of the writing.
  • Korino Bara: A shoujo doujinshi chronicling the story of all american redhead teenage girl Susan Graham who lives in Japan with her grandmother who runs a boarding house at Susan's high school Fukuzawa High. After being publicly embarrassed by so called ladies man Aono Takeshi, she swears she'll stay chaste throughout her high school days...
  • Krakow
  • Late Blooming: An extremely reclusive concert violinist fresh out of college trying to make it on her own.
  • La Valse Des Reves: The story of Chris Freddrick, involves dream jumping.
  • Led By A Mad Man: A laid-back After the End story of a Five-Man Band of survivors
  • Leftover Soup: The story of a geek, her new (male) Supreme Chef roommate, and her Lovable Sex Maniac best friend.
  • The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal: A long-form comic about two guys who drive from Berkeley, California to Providence, Rhode Island. Set in Spring 2008.
  • Lets Ask Violet: A comic about an art student who gives advice and her group of friends.
  • Life: An narrative of a strange young woman named Felicia and her (rather restricted) social circles, beginning in her senior year of high school.
  • Life Less Ordinary: A BL about four guys living under one roof.
  • Living With Hipstergirl And Gamergirl: Three students living together: quiet guy Artur and his two smoking hot but extremely odd roommates Erika and Sophie.
  • Look Straight Ahead: A comic about an introverted teenage boy named Jeremy who suffers a nervous breakdown during his final year of high school, and is sent to a mental hospital.
  • Loserz: A Two Guys and a Girl webcomic set in a Michigan high school. The protagonists are described by the comic as "a nerd", "a slut" and "a weirdo". Still, they manage to have a lasting friendship.
  • The Lounge: The mostly humorous, sometimes serious, adventures of Italy Ishida as she takes over the family movie and video game business from her ill father.
  • Love Of Sausage, a short comic by Gina Biggs of Red String.
  • Marry Me: A comic about what happens when a dating-tired pop star spots a guy with a sign in the audience. Plot-heavy romantic comedy.
  • Max Overacts Comic following boy thespian Max Fogherty
  • Ménage ŕ 3: A comic following the life of comics geek Gary as he tries to get used to being roomies with two beautiful ladies. Very NSFW with lots of Fanservice of various descriptions.
  • Mike Bookseller: Mike and his friends survive life working at Booksellers, dealing with angry customers, annoying co-workers, and incredibly stupid management.
  • Monsieur Charlatan: A once great detective in Paris during the Great Depression.
  • Monsterful
  • Multiplex: Set in the fictional Multiplex 10 Cinema, it's a predominantly comedic strip about the goings-on of the theater and its eclectic and varied cast. There's a sprinkling of Teen Drama in it, but it's mostly about movie commentary, wacky hijinks, and the back-and-forth of the employees.
  • Murry Purry Fresh And Furry: A slice of life comedy about furries working retail in a porn store.
  • My Cardboard Life: A webcomic that follows the daily life of Cardboard Colin and his best friend Paper Pauline, (though she may not act like it most of the time) with lots of supporting characters, all made of different hand-made materials.
  • My Life In Blue: High school comedy/dramedy centered around gay teenager Aleksander "Alex" Charbonneau and his circle of artistically-inclined friends. The sequel My Life In Blue 2.0 focuses on his friend Marius' new life in London.
  • My Milk Toof: tiny animate baby-teeth have adventures around a normal-size house.
  • Namir Deiter: a slice-of-life story with an anthropomorphic cast.
  • Natalie Dee
  • Nectar of the Gods: The story of Bacchus Vindread, a bartender, going throughout his day to day life as a bartender. There's a bunch of twists and turns because Bacchus isn't just any bartender, he's one of the best bartenders in the world! The comic teaches about liquor, and may teach you some things you didn't already know about the life of a bartender.
  • Newheimburg: The story of Jack Delitt and Mortimer Jones, in the titular city of Newheimburg.
  • Niklas And Friends: A coming-of-age style webcomic, discontinued since 2006. Has some sci-fi fanfic stories not written by the original author.
  • Nineteen, Twenty-One tells the sweet story of two people trying to find themselves as they face some of life's most difficult transitions. Has lots of cats.
  • No Pink Ponies
  • Not Invented Here: Two minor characters are robots, and one is a sociopathic hamster, but otherwise it's about a software developer and his incompetent program manager, working at a company.
  • Nothing Better: The story of two freshman roommates at a mildly religious collage;Kat, a rebel atheist art student who'll try anything once(and encourage everyone else to), and Jane, whose more conservative religious upbringing often puts her on a different wavelength. Sometimes explores themes of belief, as well as others more comment to college life.
  • Octopus Pie: The daily life of Everest Ning, who works at an organic grocery store in Brooklyn.
  • On The Grind [9]: is a comic about what goes on behind the counter of the coffee shop, The Grind. You know that $4 coffee you bought this morning? Why not get to know the people who made it.
  • One Phone Call: A Cut and Paste Comic about a man explaining to his mother how he ended up in jail.
  • Out There: A hottie bartender's daily struggle to find the happy medium between hedonism and asceticism. Not surprisingly, "happy" tends to veer a lot closer to the former than to the latter.
  • Paradox Space: An Expanded Universe slice of life webcomic for Homestuck.
  • Penny and Aggie: Teen dramedy focusing on the shifting dynamics between the sharply contrasting, yet Not So Different, titular characters, their respective groups of friends, and their enemies.
  • PHD: As in Piled Higher & Deeper. The daily lives of graduate students at Stanford.
  • Pictures Of You: Tells the tale of a circle of friends that form during college and then slowly fall apart.
  • PK Comic: Tells the story of a group of friends living, working and screwing up in London.
  • PreTeena: life with the Keene family of New England: parenting and family dynamics.
  • Prince Of Cats: A gay high school romance set in Pennsylvania in 2003, it tells the story of a boy who can incidentally talk to cats.
  • Promises Promises [10]: A glib look at diet, fitness, the struggles and successes that come with achieving a healthy lifestyle.
  • Punch an' Pie
  • Prozaic: In both engish and spanish.
  • Queen of Wands
  • Questionable Content: (Although it does have personal robot computers and a character who grew up on a space station.)
  • The Quick And Dirty Life Of Fritz Fargo: A comic about the close but fraught relationship between two part-time musicians.
  • QUILTBAG: A Penny and Aggie Spin-Off which follows two of its supporting characters to college and explores themes of alternative sexualities.
  • Rage Comics: It's about as slice-of-life as it could possibly get.
  • Rain: Described as "A story for boys, girls, and everyone in-between", Rain is the story of a young Transsexual girl, named Rain, who is just starting out her senior year of high school and hoping to fit in and find her way as a woman. Primarily comedic in tone, but also occasionally deals with more serious and dramatic events in Rain's life as well.
  • The Red Fruit Popped: After a mysterious illness kept Michey from school for a year, she's ready for a fresh start. That fresh start didn't involve a guy in a Playboy Bunny suit...
  • Red String: Miharu Ogawa is just an ordinary teen with a slightly quirky family. One day she is told to come straight home from school and is informed that she's engaged.
  • Ret Conned: Daily lives of two comic book nerds, Al and Kyle.
  • Rip And Teri: The adventures of a James Bond-like super-spy and his English teacher girlfriend.
  • Rival Angels: Reality TV meets women's wrestling! Sabrina 'Ultra Girl' Mancini and her three rookie roommates battle against the best wrestlers in the world in the top wrestling federation, Rival Angels. The girls must also contend with professional and personal rivalries along the way and navigate the backstage politics.
  • Rhapsodies: A comicstrip about life, love, accounting, progressive bookstores and the divine power of jazz.
  • The Roomies: A cat guy moves to a city and bumps into two cat girls who happen to need a roommate.
  • Sabrina Online: basically a slice-of-life furry comic. Like a lot of these comics it includes quite a lot of NSFW elements and a fair amount of Leaning on the Fourth Wall. No overtly gay characters, although just about anything might be going on between the various oddballs and losers employed at ZZ Films, and some quite touching romcom elements involving Sabrina and her room-mate, the various men in their lives and various apparently happy marriages in the background.
  • Sakana: A hilarious webcomic about two brothers working at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan, whereas the older brother is a Nice Guy with a Dark and Troubled Past who is overprotective of his younger brother, who is afraid of girls.
  • Sandra on the Rocks: A Ménage ŕ 3 Spin-Off set in the world of international fashion photography.
  • Scooter And Ferret
  • Selkie: Chronicles the tales of an orphaned fish girl and her adoption by an architect. It's surprisingly heart-warming for such a young comic, and it definitely Needs More Love.
  • Shotgun Shuffle: A lazy girl enters the workforce, and deals with her much more professional roommate.
  • Sunstone: takes a long look at the daily lives of people involved in the BDSM scene and all its features and complications.
  • Shinny A Hockey Comic: A comic about a young female hockey fan, her idiotic boyfriend, and her purist father.
  • Simply Sarah: A lesbian romance and slice of life webcomic. Set in England and dealing with the events and circumstances that slowly change her life as she grows up, from coming-out to her friends and parents to finding romance and dealing with the everyday relationship problems that arise. The story becomes more involved when a school bully who leaves school at the same time along with several other characters become interwoven into her life and put pressure on her relationships.
  • Slice of Life, a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Ask A Pony blog and webcomic. It time-shifts the series several years ahead, and focuses on the Cake family (Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and the twins Pumpkin and Pound) and their live-in friend Pinkie Pie. Refreshingly charming and funny for readers of all ages.
  • Snowflakes: The story of seven orphans based on the Seven Deadly Sins and their daily lives as they wait around an orphanage to be adopted.
  • So Damn Bright: Notable for its interesting (and quickly evolving) art style. It follows the lives of Never and his roommate Anxiety, as well as friends Jill and Flikker. The comic focuses on the characters' relationships with one another.
  • Sodium Eyes: The life and times of four young women. Plenty of Warm And Fuzzy Feeling, and drawn in an animesque style.
  • Something Positive: Real-life based satirical comic that focuses on the life of a 30-something cynical Texan living in Boston with his two female Asian friends. The number of lifestyles, opinions, and minorities that haven't been stung by the comic's biting humor can be counted on one hand.
  • Sordid City Blues: A webcomic graphic novel by Charles Schneeflock Snow. It centers around the lives of four characters: Charlie, a grouchy and perverted cartoonist, Brandi, a snarky philosophy grad student, Edna, a feckless but good-hearted good-time girl, and Luther, a devoutly Christian local musician. It is is a dominantly black and white (or, more recently, blue and white) comic, although spot color is used to identify and accentuate the key players. Each key character has one item or clothing detail colored a specific color. Sordid City Blues deals with complex issues of religion, sex, body image, relationships, and sometimes, skeeball.
  • The Space Between: A relatively new comic about a group of young adult roommates and their partying lifestyle. Set up via a How We Got Here with the main character homeless.
  • Spinnerette: Deconstruction and affectionate parody of Spiderman. Various running gags about the actual day-to-day details of being a superhero, main protagonist has an unsuccessful crush sub-plot much like the Peter Parker / Mary Jane subplot. Increasing lesbian elements
  • Split Screen: Romance comic about two once-childhood best friends who reunite after a decade apart. Buried emotions, mixed messages and revelations ensue.
  • Squid Row: the life of a starving artist in a seaside resort.
  • Sticky Dilly Buns: A spin-off from Ménage ŕ 3, following the lives of aspiring actors Dillon (gay and very camp) and Amber (ex-porn star), with complications such as Dillon's romantic life and rivalries, and Amber's prudish job-seeking younger sister Ruby coming to stay. Sometimes at least borderline NSFW.
  • Strawberry Syrup: About a half-vampire half-human having to attend a local high school.
  • Stripy Six: A comic strip about pets and humans talking about religion and say being a Japanese word for foreigner.
  • Sturgeon's Law: A dysfunctional group of Bond-style supervillains scheme to take over the world. It's like a cross between Archer and Pinky and the Brain.
  • Subculture: Gamers and nerds of various descriptions stroll through their day. Usual casual minimum-wage employment with the comic shop owners and Arthur the self-employed computer programmer working from home as the main earners. Shows rare sidelights on the world of comic book art in that two of the characters ( Noele and Skip ) are moving into what seems a plausible, if not necessarily realistic phase of casual, low-paying comic book art jobs.
  • The Suburban Jungle
  • Sueńos del Sur: The daily life, friends, adventures and dreams of four sibling children from central-southern Chile.
  • Taiki The Webcomic
  • Tales of a Gay Asian: It may show a over the top gay korean guy Batuo who could pass for a kpop star or his kungfu bad ass boss Mr bakmei surviving 2 wars and still kicking. The bottom line it isn't fantasy no one has powers or goes to fantastical places unless you consider Russia or the jersey shore. Another gay asian does has a Luke Skywalker moment and has a oddly pleasurable new — appendage.
  • The Boy In Pink Earmuffs: A fluffy comic about a ten year old boy who wears pink earmuffs and his boyfriend.
  • The Princess: A story about an elementary school girl who is transgender and her life's issues.
  • Think Before You Think: Despite the existence of a mind reader, is all about relationships and secrets.
  • This Is Not Fiction: A teenage boy teams up with his best friend and a high-school Godfather to discover the identity of his favourite romance novelist, with the intention of marrying her.
  • 3-Chord Dorks: A character-driven webcomic mainly about rock and metal music, but includes plenty of references to things like anime, Western comics, and video games. It has story arcs once in a while.
  • Too Much Information: A CGI comic about a young straight geek, Ace, sharing a house with a transvestite and a lesbian roommate, and the occasional colorful guy.
  • Treading Ground: What happens when a loser meets a hot chick who is way too young.
  • The Trenches: What's being a games tester really like?
  • Tripping Over You: A story about a hesitantly budding romance between two boys, Milo and Liam, and how awkward it makes their life despite how awkward they were already.
  • Tsunami Channel: unlike other sites, this groups several comics in the same place, almost all from the same artist. The most emblematic (and longer) of the works there is Experimental comic Kotone, a parody of The Unwanted Harem and its related tropes, with some serious moments. Other works are Magical Mina, a outlandish take in Magical Girls; and Love Situations, short histories who play in romantic stereotypes like the Unlucky Childhood Friend and the Tsundere.
    • Experimental Comic Kotone and Magical Mina don't really fit in with "couldn't happen in real life."
  • TVCIRCUIT: The story centers on the host of a tabloid style news show in Japan. When the show crosses her moral boundaries, she leaves to find something she can do with a clear conscience.
  • Tweep: Follows a circle of college-graduate friends living their lives. Remarkably low-key, even among the entries on this list: the first storyline is Milton (one of the main protagonists) getting a job as a barista as a way to meet a young lady working at the record shop two doors down.
  • TypicalStrange: Six Friends and their sketchy adventures.
  • Unshelved: THE webcomic that those of us who work in libraries read. That's right, all of us. Sometimes gag-a-day, more often arc-based, the strip focuses exclusively on the staff and operation of the fictional Mallville Public Library. The main character is the sci-fi & fantasy-loving, "determinedly ironic," lazy, Young Adult Librarian, Dewey, who always has a snarky rejoinder for every clueless patron. Strips are posted daily; on Sundays, the strip becomes The Unshelved Book Club, wherein one of the characters reviews a (real) book; readers are invited to suggest books for review.
  • Venus Envy: A transgender webcomic starring a 16 year old male to female transsexual.
  • Virtual Pet Planet: A comic parody of online virtual pet games, starring a cast of pets and their owners.
  • Wasted Talent: Journal Comic of the everyday life of Angela Melick (aka Jam), first as an engineering student and now as a full-fledged engineer.
  • The Way To Your Heart
  • Welcome To Room 305: A Korean Webtoon about college student trying to live with and understand his excentric gay roommate.
  • Welcome To The Convenience Store: A gag Korean Webtoon about a convenience store.
  • Were All In This Together [11]: A webcomic about "three average guys in a series of outrageous situations that most of us might have previously experienced had it not been for the lack of guts or fear of consequences."
  • What the Fu: An "only slightly deranged webcomic" that was born when the author watched Kung Fu Hustle and four seasons of How I Met Your Mother while blasted on cold meds.
  • Whatever Whenever Wherever
  • Whomp!
  • Woodson: A comic about five friends and their weird adventures in the city of Woodson. Anything from buying a van from Dave Grohl to hunting down evil Were-Ravers. Yeah, that kind of stuff.
  • Woo Hoo: A vividly colourful, absurd adventure-comedy about a group of misfit young people in a surreal Pacific Northwest city. Parkour, explosions, cave monsters, and... friendship?
  • The Word Weary: A comic self-described as four human train wrecks in the early stages of mental illness. Acerbic, sarcastic and usually pretty funny.
  • Worsted For Wear: A Slice of Life comic about a "stitch 'n' bitch" group.
  • Wyliman: An arc-based comic, depicting the lives of Wyliman, Mackenn & Natalia.
  • Yehuda Moon And The Kickstand Cyclery: A webcomic about the owners of a bicycle shop and their local cycling community.
  • Yellow Peril
  • You Say It First: Describes itself as "a slice-of-life comedy with dramatic elements. It's a love story about what happens after you get the girl. It's a business adventure/romance webcomic." All of those things are true at various times in the strip's run.
  • YU+ME: dream : A Schoolgirl Lesbian Coming-Out Story, at least for the first half.
  • Zodiac Blues: A Fish out of Water story, following poor Elin, as she discovers fandom in a crash course as she starts working at a comic book store.

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